April 23, 2017

MESSAGE "Natural Cannot Understand"

"The natural man cannot comprehend the spiritual.
  He cannot know it, see it, hear it, feel it ... it is impossible.


For the ways of the Spirit are unattainable to the natural man, the carnal man, the un-spiritual one(s).
They cannot know it, for they are not of the Spirit...they only live in the natural man.

So, do not lose heart.  
Do not become annoyed, or frustrated ... for you were once as them, as they are.

Pray for their eyes to be opened ... for their ears to hear ... for their spirits to be awakened.

They are in the *dark* ... they are not aware ... they cannot know of what you speak.

For you wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers...against things that are not of the natural.

Forgive them ... for they 'know not what they do'.


In time, you will be defended ... you will be vindicated ... your life, your words --  will have meaning and purpose.

Until then, have patience.  
Endure the hardship(s), the ignorant ones, the life you are so unfit to live in.

You do NOT belong here, as you have known for quite some time.  
You are (a) called out one --- you are 'not as they are'.

You have known (of) the spirit for quite a long time ... (even) since your childhood.

You have felt My power(s) ... My love  ... My physical presence .. you have known (that) I am real.

I am Real.  
I am here.  
I am among you.  
I walk among you.

Many (most) refuse to accept Me, accept My reality.  
Many ignore Me, disregard Me, reject Me.  
Many will never accept Me -- will never believe Me. 
Yet, I am still here.


I come to you as a Friend, a confidante --once again.  
I am your *all-in- all*...your safety net ... your
protection ... (and) your defender.  
I am in the *shadows* ...yet also in the light.

I am among you, even as you continue to go on without Me.  
I am silent, unless given (a) voice.  
I am invisible, unless given an audience ... and I am 'not here' ... unless (you) give Me recognition and authority.

I am that I am.

I am the great *I am*. 
Those that have 'ears'  -- let them hear what I am saying to the churches  ... (to) all believers:  past, present, future.


I alone hold the keys to life and death, to *heaven and to hell* .... I am in charge of all of it  ... ALL of it!

It is in your best interest(s) to seek Me ... to heed Me ... to find Me ... to always look for Me  ... wherever I may show myself.

...For where I am, there is great liberty and great peace.

I am the *healer of the broken hearts* --despite all beliefs to the contrary.

I STILL am in the 'business' of healing (up) broken hearts ...  broken lives  ... broken dreams.

I live among you.  
I am with you, always;  even unto the end.

Worship ... find Me again  ... I am here."

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