April 24, 2017

April 23, 2017

MESSAGE "Natural Cannot Understand"

"The natural man cannot comprehend the spiritual.
  He cannot know it, see it, hear it, feel it ... it is impossible.


For the ways of the Spirit are unattainable to the natural man, the carnal man, the un-spiritual one(s).
They cannot know it, for they are not of the Spirit...they only live in the natural man.

So, do not lose heart.  
Do not become annoyed, or frustrated ... for you were once as them, as they are.

Pray for their eyes to be opened ... for their ears to hear ... for their spirits to be awakened.

They are in the *dark* ... they are not aware ... they cannot know of what you speak.

For you wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers...against things that are not of the natural.

Forgive them ... for they 'know not what they do'.


In time, you will be defended ... you will be vindicated ... your life, your words --  will have meaning and purpose.

Until then, have patience.  
Endure the hardship(s), the ignorant ones, the life you are so unfit to live in.

You do NOT belong here, as you have known for quite some time.  
You are (a) called out one --- you are 'not as they are'.

You have known (of) the spirit for quite a long time ... (even) since your childhood.

You have felt My power(s) ... My love  ... My physical presence .. you have known (that) I am real.

I am Real.  
I am here.  
I am among you.  
I walk among you.

Many (most) refuse to accept Me, accept My reality.  
Many ignore Me, disregard Me, reject Me.  
Many will never accept Me -- will never believe Me. 
Yet, I am still here.


I come to you as a Friend, a confidante --once again.  
I am your *all-in- all*...your safety net ... your
protection ... (and) your defender.  
I am in the *shadows* ...yet also in the light.

I am among you, even as you continue to go on without Me.  
I am silent, unless given (a) voice.  
I am invisible, unless given an audience ... and I am 'not here' ... unless (you) give Me recognition and authority.

I am that I am.

I am the great *I am*. 
Those that have 'ears'  -- let them hear what I am saying to the churches  ... (to) all believers:  past, present, future.


I alone hold the keys to life and death, to *heaven and to hell* .... I am in charge of all of it  ... ALL of it!

It is in your best interest(s) to seek Me ... to heed Me ... to find Me ... to always look for Me  ... wherever I may show myself.

...For where I am, there is great liberty and great peace.

I am the *healer of the broken hearts* --despite all beliefs to the contrary.

I STILL am in the 'business' of healing (up) broken hearts ...  broken lives  ... broken dreams.

I live among you.  
I am with you, always;  even unto the end.

Worship ... find Me again  ... I am here."

The Conjuring True Story - What Really Happened

The Choir - 1 - Speckled Bird - Speckled Bird (1994)

and i'm already flying...i'm already dying...i feel so dead when you don't love me

The Choir - 1 - Consider - Chase The Kangaroo (1988)

The Choir - 1 - Flap Your Wings - Flap Your Wings (2000)

When you find yourself lying
In a ditch on the side of the road
You might get ready to die
When the sun comes up over the mountain
Flap your wings and fly

The Freezing Homeless Abandoned Dogs! (Social Experiment)

Young Guns - I Want Out

April 17, 2017

Red - Ordinary World

Andy Hunter - Stars (feat. Mark Underdown)

MESSAGE "Joy Is Free"

Nehemiah 8:10b  ... the joy of the Lord is your strength."


"How does one obtain joy?
It is a free gift from the Father, who gives many gifts to His children.  
Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of lights.  
The joy of the Lord is pure and unadulterated. 
It is a  refreshing, cleansing, and peaceful experience.

It is real.

It is not a 'pie - in - the - sky' theory or religious saying.  
It is a reality.  
You need this supernatural  joy to survive.  
If there is no joy, then there is no strength.  
(Only futility of man's works, on their own weak effort.)

You need the Holy power from above to live victoriously.

With the joy, comes clarity and purpose.  
It may unfold gradually, but it will become clearer.  
Seek My presence, for in My presence is fullness of joy.

It is joy unspeakable (beyond human comprehension or description) ... and full of glory.  

Don't allow men and religion and vain tradition to steal or suppress your joy.

It is your gift ... don't let the enemy's influence destroy your joy.  
Joy is more than laughter, although that is part of it. 
Joy is more than peace, and it is more than a feeling.

It is an overwhelming sense of being close to Me, and being in My will ...  and knowing (that) you are very special, accepted, and precious to Me.

It is being near Me.  I am joy.  Let's be joyful together!"


vain = empty, useless
unadulterated = not mingled or diluted with extraneous matter; pure


Peter 1:8   "Whom having not seen, you love; in whom, though now you see Him not, yet believing, you rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory."

Romans 14:17  "For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink;  but righteousness, and peace, and joy, in the Holy Ghost."

St. Mark 1:8  "I have indeed baptized with water:  but He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost."

St. James 1:17  "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."

Redlight King - Something For The Pain

April 16, 2017

Terry Scott Taylor - Mama's in the Desert, Daddy's in the Sky

Trump... to surpass 8 years of Obama's travel spending in 1 year

>hell awaits the rich man

Tree63 "Treasure"

MESSAGE "From Death To Life"

"The people are not ready. 


Go forth ... go forth with My power, with My blessing. 
I will be your confidence;  your inner strength.  
I am strong in your (apparent) weakness.

I will stabilize your testimony. 
I will enforce My word.  
I will protect what I provide. 
My means are your means.  
I provide a way, a means;  of communication ..... a way of comfort AND of conviction.

Let Me into your life as your Father.  
I am your Dad,  I love you.  
I protect you.  
I care tenderly for you.

You need not be afraid- nor (be) in dread of Me- as your loving Father.  
You can come to Me as you are, as you were, and as you will be.  
I love you in ALL phases.

I see you through your growth AND your stumbles. (your stumbling)  
I pick you up and hold you close to My heart, My dear one.


These words are for you - AND- for My other children.  
They are meant to encourage, comfort, challenge, and change you.  
They are life to you.  
(I AM life.)


What are YOUR treasures?  
What do you seek?  
Pray for?  
What do you want?  
What do you need?

Tell Me your deepest needs, wants, desires.  
I want to hear what you seek.

-pause again-



Don't be satisfied with what the world offers.  
Go on to the things of God:  to ways of the Spirit.  Walk in the Spirit.  
Be free in the Spirit. 
Trust the Spirit.


Resist the devil -- and he must flee.  
He WILL  flee.  
Close the door to his advances.  
Shut him out.  
Drown out his taunts with My praise.

Silence the voice of the oppressor with praise.  
Sing to Me:  sing of love, sing of peace, sing of mercy, sing of justice.  
GRACE makes a good song.

Let the high praises be in your mouth. 
Bind up the demon princes with high praise.  
Let My two-edged Sword cut oppression into slivers.  I will "slice-n-dice" evil.  
I will bathe My Sword in My Son's Blood ... so shall the enemy be trounced. 
It is a "win : win" situation!

 (Writer's note:  This is symbolic...it refers to the death and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah...and His Living, Powerful Anointing/Power/His word(s)....used by His order and authority.  
The "sword" is the activated Word of God)


Harbor NO hatred.  
Be free, be released, be let loose from bondage.  
Be set free of all burdens, weights, hindrances, sinful encumbrances.  
Let them fall away.  
Let them dissolve.  
Let them be a distant memory.

Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, envy, jealousy, pride, covetousness, lust for wrong things, arguments, and the like ... be put away.  
Be done with malice.

(Writer's note:  'wrong' things = hurtful things)


Vengeance belongs to me, says the Lord.  
*I* will repay, in MY time, in MY way, in MY season.  
This is NOT up to you, My dear one(s).  
Leave retribution to Me.

Your job, as it were, is to love Me ... and, in loving Me, you will be serving Me. 
Let My love rule your lives.  
Love conquers all.

Yes, My love covers a multitude of sins. 
(And who among you has not many sins?)  
I am come to  set the sinner free;  to free all from the stranglehold of sin ... and the residue of sinful, evil practices(s).


Love wins over sin any day.  
Love is how (My) faith works.  
So, be rooted and grounded in My love. 
Without My love, you are nothing. 
You are empty. 
(so to speak)


BUT, with My love, you are all-in-all.  
You are being completed, perfected, made whole;  by My love.  
I am love.  
You cannot separate Me from love.

My love turns your cold heart(s) of stone, into warm heart(s) of flesh.

From death to life.

From darkness to light.

From hatred to love.


From fear to security.

From anger to forgiveness.

From unbridled lust ... to self-control, self-respect and love for self.   
(loving acceptance, NOT arrogance)

From turmoil and vexation ...to peace and trust.

From rage to stillness.

From greed to contentment.

From loss to gain.

From despair to hope.

From oppression to freedom.

From enslavement and addiction ... to liberty and cleansing.


From bondage to release.

From disease to healing.

From destruction to RE-construction.

From old to new.

From cold to warm.

From dead to alive.

From Satan to Jesus.

From fatherless ... to Father.

From loneliness to friendship.

From abandonment ... to security and safety.


From rejection to acceptance.

From spite to empathy.

From malice to sympathy.

From confusion to understanding.

From foolishness to wisdom.

From wantonness ... 
(i.e. whoredoms/ lewdness/porn & sex addiction)  ... to purity and self-respect.

From apathy to passion!

From dearth ... to harvest.

From drought to rainfall.

From disaster ... to rebuilding.


From chaos to order.

From confusion ... to discipline (and sanity).

From panic ... to steadiness and calmness.

From terror to peace.

From storm to tranquility.

From bereavement ... to inner calm (and soothing.)

From grief to comfort.

From mourning to dancing.

From depression to joy.

From hopelessness to hopefulness.


From gloom to brightness!

From emptiness to fullness (so to speak).

From faithless to faithful.

From fruitless to fruitful.

From insecure to inner peace.

From lies to truth.


From religion to reality.

From ritual ... to relationship with our Father (God).

From ignorance to knowledge.

From futility ... to understanding.


From frustration  ... to advancement (in many ways).

From barrenness to productivity.

From criticism(s) ... to compliments and encouragement.

From sarcasm to good humor.

From sadness to joy.

From fretfulness and worry and anxiety ... to REST."


*from a message heard on 11/27/2007 @ 4:00am

The Elms - Speaking In Tongues

April 14, 2017

Hope For Paws - Epic CAT rescue down a 60ft. long pipe! Please share.

Petra - In the Likeness of You

MESSAGE "His Time"

{I got the idea of God/Jesus with a huge clock or watch .... and He was standing near it ... and, looking down at all of us humans ... each of us frantically running about, looking often at our tiny watches, cell phones clocks, etc.}


"There is a time for Me ... and a time for you.
You have your own times, schedules, appointments, etc; ... and I have My own. 
My times are NOT your times. 
I am beyond your comprehension of times.

Look away. 
Look away, unto the horizon.
That is indicative of ME and My times.
It is infinite, ever-reaching, ever-expanding.

It is glorious ... it is Heavenly.

My time is NO time ... in My kingdom, there is no essential, no necessary time. 
I live beyond the outskirts of time ... far over the earthly ... past the limitations of space ... and of time


Step into My presence ... you will see ... you will feel .... you will sense.... you will know.....that there is NO TIME in My presence, in My kingdom...

Time is a man-made necessity ... a way to measure the hours, a way to control, to regulate, to be master of the day. 
My times, My seasons are for dividing dark from light, day from night, season from season, and minute by minute. 
Yet, My methods vary from yours.

I offer limitless time ... as you are in My proximity. 
I allow your earthly time to be absorbed into My celestial time!
I let you feel the freedom, the exhilaration, the repose (rest) ... of My presence upon you. 
Come and be as one with Me, My people, My children, My creation.

Come and rest awhile ... come and be added into My glory ... added into My anointed world ... into My pleasure for evermore!


I, the Lord, offer you peace ...when there is NO PEACE.

I, your Lord, offer you joy, when there is no joy ... and I offer all My fruits,

My gifts, My peace ... My love
... My provision
... My grace 
... mercy, self-control, etc 
... I offer them freely to WHOSOEVER.


(So) let your 'yes' be yes, and let your 'no' be no!
Don't waver ... just take a bold step! 
Take a big leap towards Me ...  fall right into Me ... jump into My glory! 
Jump, run, leap, fall, go, keep going .... head toward me ... (for) I am waiting for you ... I've been waiting all along.

I am your *ABBA*... your Father ...your friend ... your Forever Friend ... who is also your Saviour ... the One who has come, who has been created ... to come and to save you.  

Yes, YOU.

I have come to save that which was lost ... and to destroy the works of the evil one(s). 
I offer up My salvation. 
Yes, salvation. (It is not spoken of, not as much as is needful.)

I offer My sweet salvation ...  My good, good news ... to ALL ...to  every person who has ever lived, who has EVER lived ... and those yet to come (yet to be born).


I see the world's events.
I am aware. 
I am watching, My moves will be apparent at the designated times.

(For) you see, My times  are My own .... I have purpose(s) unknown to earthly governments.
I see the beginning .... to the end.

I will speak to My servants.
I will speak to the 'heathen'. 
I will speak to the winds. 
I will speak to the waves, the thunders.  
I will speak  --- and it will be.

My word IS powerful ... yes, sharper than ANY two-edge sword. My Word, sharpened in My mouth, will be (as) FIRE ... it will run swiftly, rapid-fire.
It will accomplish the THING that I have divinely purposed ... what I have secretly planned.

-pause- 5:58am

When you are in trouble, call out.

When you are in the midst of chaos, destruction, misery, war, terror, bombings
hell-fire (upon earth / fires), wars, uprisings, tumults,

storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, famines, diseases, 

plagues, assassins, riotings, gangs, pillaging, sexual attacks, near-death, frail, elderly, weakened, worn-out, frustrated, in chronic pain, in mental anquish, 

in the throes of a broken heart, in confusion, in shock, in piling debts, in tornadoes,

 in destruction and complete and UTTER RUIN;  ... then ... STILL CALL OUT TO ME.

I am there.
I will be there.

I will not leave you comfortless.
I am a very present help, in time of trouble.

Call upon Me and I WILL answer you.

I will rescue, I will send My angel armies.
I will stand close by the grieving widow ... the abandoned baby, the lost child on the street. 
I will comfort the attacked woman, the brutalized man, the bleeding war soldier. 
I will attend to them. 
I will be as one of them, walking with the ranks ... I will be among you, says the Lord.



Send forth the banner ... the banner of love, of truth of mercy. Love, Mercy, Truth! 
Love! Mercy! Truth! 
These are strong, strong words! 
Their power is unmatchable.

When My power is united with your power ...  it is to be admired, respected, honored! 
We will build an army among the humble.

This is (of) My doing ... it is My time table.
I am arranging the ranks, the troops, the leaders (servants). 
The first shall now be last ... and the last shall be first. 
The humble ones will be exalted :   into  My places, set aside for them.

They will feel the *fit*... (for) they will be in the proper place, of My design.



Consider it all joy, when you are afflicted. 
It is to be used for My glory ... later on down-the-road. 
My road is (also) different from your road (s).


I sing a different tune ... I walk a different walk. 
I run a a different race.  
(For) you see, My ways are not (as) your ways.

You must seek out My WAYS to be successful in My plan, in My kingdom, in My purpose(s). 

It is My will for each of you to discover, to find out ---what My specific plans are for you, for your particular life. 
I see this in My own sight, whereas you see only from limits. 
I see the possible, you (often ) see the impossible.


Walk with Me.

Listen for Me ... yes, I am speaking louder now, above the din (the noise) ... I will speak, I will speak. 
Will any listen? 
Will they hear Me? 
Will YOU hear Me?"


2-20-2014 @ 5:39am EST/USA
....words ended @ 6:11am

Jeremiah 33:3  "Call unto me, and I will answer 

you, and show you great and mighty things, 

which you know not."

St. Luke 19:10   "For the Son of man is come to 

seek and to save that which was lost."

I John 3:8b  "...For this purpose the Son of God 

was manifested, that he might destroy the works

of the devil."

Down In Flames-Relient K

Tommy Gunn - Arms In The Stockpile


April 9, 2017

MESSAGE "Feels The Wounds"

{I 'heard':  "You have neglected the physical."}


"You have neglected the physical.  
Yes, you have developed the spiritual, even the mental;  but not the physical.

Attend to the needs of the body.  
Change your ways.  
Nourish your heart.  
Flex your muscles.  
*Air out* your lungs.  
Detox if necessary.  
I will help you to do this.

Do not worry. 
Do not worry.
Do not worry.

Rid your soul of anxious thoughts and burdensome heaviness.  
Be free of yokes, entanglements and hindrances. 
{As much as you are able...as much as is under your control and within decisionary limits.}


I will help you with the *unfixable* (things). 
The *impossible* and the *improbable*.

I am the master of solutions.   
I find ways to work things out.  
I shall help you and all who call upon Me.

I am near to the brokenhearted, the sick and dying, the frail, the weak, the rejected, the prisoner.

I feel the wounds of the soldier.  
I weep for all the fallen heroes.

Yes, my eyes are wet with tears. 
I see the intense, grueling pain so many have endured.

I see the result(s) of sin.  
Of war.  
Of selfish ambition.  
Of controlling forces.
I see and I hear. 
I see the hurts of My wounded.

I am with you, (oh) wounded and weary warrior. 
I will heal your heart, your shattered persona, your twisted limbs, your broken dreams.  
I will restore.  
I will heal.  
I will have My way in the earth.

I am sending My power and My Spirit.


Prepare the way(s) for MY SPIRIT! 
How? (you ask)

By humility.

By praying simply to Me.

By fasting as I enable ...  and (as) you seek to obey/serve Me.

I see those in desperation;  in desperate situation(s).

I see those without hope .... without emotion .... without faith.  
I see the dark clouds over you.  
I see the darkness of the enemy.

I see the forces (that are) arrayed against you.  
(For you ARE in a battle:  it is a REAL (spirit world) struggle.)


So, cast (give over) your cares to Me.  
Let Me into your world.  
Let Me be part of your life equation.

I will perfect (complete, bring to fruition) those things that concern and worry you.  
I will be a *bridge builder*.

There is a time for doctors ... and a time for (the) supernatural.  
My times will be (fully) apparent:  will be well-known.

I shall have the last word."

~from message heard 11/3/2008 @ 6:16 to 6:30am

April 6, 2017

MESSAGE "Marked Ones"

(Keep hearing the first sentence, over and over ... for 2 days.  This message -as most- are meant for many people.)

"You have attracted heavenly attention."


"You have attracted heavenly attention. 
 You have been noticed.
 Your faith has shined.

(But) you have also attracted devilish attention.  You are a marked woman. (or man.) 
You are a target, in the enemy's cross hairs.

So it is with My people, as they shine bright like a *supernova*. 
They are reflecting My shining glory.

The brighter My *stars* become, the more evident is their trail throughout the darkness. 

The light shines brightest in the darkest atmospheres.

Granted, My light always exceeds even the seemingly *bright* false stars. 
They are merely a cheap imitation of Me;  a *paste* instead of true diamond.

The devil ... (notice his name? (*d-evil*).
So is My name.  
I am God.  
I am g(o)od.


Forever so shall My stars shine beside Me.   
We will never burn out.  
We will not be black stars.  
Our position is fixed.  
You are in Divine position with Me.


Send forth the trumpets.  
Bring in the loud cymbals, the mighty drums. the strings, the percussion and the winds. 
 (wind instruments)

Play forth a melody unto your LORD.  
Play forth a song, a melody:  fitting for a King.  
Play the most simple, honest tribute.

Play to Me as to a lover ... to a lost love ...and to a found love.  
Sing forth your best efforts of love to Me.  
I desire more and more praise.


Praise the Almighty King of kings.  
Praise My Son.  
Praise, for My Spirit enables this unto Me.  
My Spirit offers up praise through open vessels ... through (willing) channels of My Spirit.

Let My Spirit sing through you. 
Sing in the Spirit.  
And, pray in the Spirit.)  
But, also pray with your understanding, and sing with your understanding.

Understand, and know, that I am a loving God and an adoring Father ... and My Son is your gate to Me.

He is your Holy Gatekeeper, and He is singing a song to draw in His lost sheep.


The song of the LORD is grand.  
The song of Jesus is lovely.  
The Song of My Spirit is HOLY.  
My song is sweet, and it is high.

It is high above the earth;  it reaches into the heavens.

My song is excellent and it is produced in its fullest by the young.  
The young (children, infants) perfect My praise.  
They still (quiet, silence) the sound of the enemy.

As the little ones lift their tiny voices unto Me,  I raise up standards of My grace.  
I send mercy.  
I send truth.  
I send justice.  
I send salvation.  
And I send repentance.


Before any battle, the battle cry is heard.  
It echoes over the land.  
It brings forth My Divine guard.  
The song of the LORD emits a signal to My Heavenly host.  
They stand at attention. 
They listen with rapt, attentive hearing.  
They await orders from Me.  
They go as sent.

Praise Me."

> from 9/29/2008 @ 3:16am /ended message 4:34am

Heavenly host = angelic armies

in Him was life

in Him was life