March 29, 2017

Red - Start Again (lyrics)

Biden Angered Over Treatment of Rape Survivors

MESSAGE "Many Will Stumble"

"Many will stumble.
Many will fall.
You will stumble and you will fall.
Do you stay down or do you get back up? 
Do you rest and recover or do you 'jump the gun' before you are ready?

All must be done in My timing. 
I have seasons for everything. 
Not all is as you expect or predict.
My ways, My times ... are not are not (as) your ways or your times. Let Me be God.

If you follow Me, you will be shown the way.
If you resist My leadings, then you will go astray ... you will go off the path.
When you refuse to obey Me (and My laws) ... ( then) you are 'out on your own'. 
Yes, I am watching you, but I wait for you to acknowledge Me and My place in your life.

Many 'sheep' have gotten lost, hurt, even killed; when they 'went their own way'.


I call my sheep!
Listen for Me!
Become quiet, and in silence you will hear Me. 
I will call you. 
I am your Shepherd. 
You know My voice.

I care for My sheep.
I will lead you to where I am ... to My pastures. 
I love My sheep and (have) laid down My life for them (My sheep).

(The) sheep follow their shepherd. 
He leads them in to a safe place. 
He guides them by night and feeds them by day. 
He is at watch in the night and on alert for any danger. 
He 'runs off' the wolves: the enemies and predators.

The Good Shepherd can recognize His sheep ...  and a false sheep He will expose and eject from His fold.
(For many wolves wear sheep's clothing and try to 'get in' to the fold to destroy.)


Yes, I lead My flocks to higher ground ... to walled fortresses ... to strong towers.
I defend them and I care for them.
They are Mine."


"I nurse them back to health when they are sick. 
I stay near the ones who are suffering and are weak. 
I feed the starving sheep. 
I direct the steps of My flock.
I show them the safe routes and the places of hiding.

If needed ... I hide them ... until the danger has passed. 
They are under My protection.

Yes, the sheep (may) cost Me My life ... but I willingly lay down My body for the flock. 
This is the life of a true shepherd.

A hireling will run in sight of danger.
He will leave the sheep defenseless ... without a leader. 
Sheep with no shepherd. 
This is not good.

Once left vulnerable, the sheep becomes easy prey for (the) ravening wolves and beasts.
The ones first attacked are the weak ones ... (and) the older ones ... the sickly ones ... the young, fragile ones. 
With no strong shepherd to cover (protect) them, they are 'open targets'. 

The shepherds leave their flocks defenseless, open to attack, trembling with anxiety ... alone.

Neglected, abandoned flocks are all over. 
Shepherds are (mere) 'figure heads'. 
Many have the title (of shepherd) ... but lack the heart. 
To be a true shepherd, a man needs My heart  ... My love ... My mercy ... My strength ... My wisdom ... My discerning eye ... My power ... My compassion.

The false shepherds (pastors, prophets, teachers) will leave the flocks. 
They are only there for a paycheck; for the money ... and the 'prestige'. 
Most false shepherds are controlling, liars, sinful; full of lusts - greedy lusts; empty words, flashy (and/or condemning) personas (appearances).

Their idea of 'church' is a show. 
They put on a show every week and collect 'ticket' money.

The false shepherds fear the enemy. 
They have no power over the enemy. 
They cower in fear when real danger approaches. 
These frauds will be exposed for what they are.


The negligent, evil, false shepherds will receive (the) greater condemnation. 
They are liars, frauds, angels of darkness disguised as ministers ... they are most evil.

They will receive according to their evil deeds. 
Unless repentance is evidenced, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for the false shepherds among you. 



Donnie Swaggart rebukes Assembly of God

March 28, 2017

sexual bondage of USA church people

>SEX is king w/all american "christians"
1) "A" outspoken 'christian' rock musician... who regularly posts christian items on facebook--many with the cross prominently displayed--today had a post about oral the couple was going to 'eat' each other how is this anything good or christian at all....??

2) "B"...wife of a famous healing celebrity evangelist ...loves to watch the 'batchelor'.....BUT...that show features couples having SEX in hotel rooms...the 'batchelor' guy has open sex with several young women... then he decides WHO will be the 'lucky' one--- (and--i must note that many, many church women LOVE  this show...and have no concept of how wrong it is..little girls in church think this is perfectly go have sex with some guy to hope he will pick them to "marry"...after he has had sex with several OTHER girls..on national television....WHAT???

 3) "C"..... a girl promoting a christian rock radio station...does a video on you tube..... while showing her CLEAVAGE...she is proudly showing her win people to christ...wait...WHAT---???

>> so HOW is all that 'ok' in the christian world?????...i don't get it...i am not 'judging...i have my own sins i am dealing general..the american church is in a big huge included....i only hope in God's mercy

March 26, 2017

Lady Gaga - Til It Happens To You

Amy Louisa8 months ago "I witnessed an assault at a party once. It haunts me to this day. At my friends house for a party. There was a girl there who was passed out drunk upstairs. I didn't know what was happening at the time but kept seeing guys going up and down. I finally went up there and there were 4 guys surrounding her as she lay on the floor. Naked. Eyes closed. We got her out of there, the guys were so gross saying she was a slut and would fuck anybody.....Zero moral compass. They genuinely saw nothing wrong with what they were doing. They just came downstairs and continued drinking like nothing happened. I don't even know everything they did to her. I was younger then and these were 'my friends' so I was in denial myself. As an adult I wish I had called the police. I will always regret what I didn't do."

Thousand Foot Krutch: War of Change (Official Music Video)

March 19, 2017

Never Be The Same - Red


"El Shaddai & Thy Word" Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith Pt. 1 (Carey's Demo)


Newsboys - We Believe

Aaron Shust - To God Alone

Paralysed man with football broken neck injury in wheelchair walks again...

MESSAGE "Cutting Edge"

"No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against you in judgement .... you shall condemn.  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me ... says the Lord."  -- Isaiah 54:17


"Great is Thy faithfulness ... Thy mercies fail not ... Thy compassions are new every morning ....You daily load us with benefits ...Great, yes great; is Your faithfulness!


What is faith? 
Faith is believing, yes. 
Faith is seeing, yes. 
Faith is believing and seeing.  
Seeing what? Believing what?

Faith is believing and seeing the unseen, the yet-to-come, the future, the result of prayers spoken in faithfulness. 
Yes, faith is a work of unseen hands.
Faith is belief in change, in hope, in expectation, in anticipation, in trust ... trusting the One who is the completer of your faith.

Faith is action, as well as belief.
Faith is taking some action, as conducive to what was prayed and believed for. 
Immediate action is best. especially concerning healing.
If one has been prayed for, in respect to a healing or a miracle, oftentimes the *action* is immediate, visible and dramatic. 
These are the *easy-to-believe* spectacles ... demonstrations of faith. 
These are the *crowd-pleasers* ... !

These are the *signs*... the *wonders*... the *spectacles*... the *shows of power*... the *glory*... the *anointing*. 
These events -- these happenings -- are the things that draw in the crowds.
Many multitudes followed Me ... Messiah ... as I healed and I drew quite a following! It is to be expected.

(Spirit sigh)


Many times My works, My powers, My ministry acts .... are cause of controversy. of debate, of jealousies unleashed, of power, and control trips by zealous leaders and performers.


Genuine faith does not need, does not require; a grand show. 
I am not a carnival. 
I am not a traveling medicine show, nor am I a circus.
I am not a concert, nor am I a magic act. 
I am not an illusionist, nor am I an actor on a stage.

My will be done.
My will is My Father's will. 
My will be done, as it IS in Heaven; as it is in My eternal Kingdom.

I will show you My ways, My methodry, My Ministry, My modes of wisdom, My secrets, My hidden wisdom , My dark knowledge, My glory, My glorious way(s)  


To whom much is given, much is to be expected!
Do not covet a gift, a ministry work ... if you are not generous in giving it ALL back! 
As you give (of yourself, your wealth, your gifts, your servant-hood. ... it will be given back to you, albeit not in the form or shape as you may have expected!)

I desire a people who will follow Me at all costs ... at ANY cost .... ....this is where the adventures begin! ... My Holy adventures...!

For you see, I am not a dull 'god' ... {Spirit laugh} ...  and I am not a 'dull boy' ... .
I am not a 'dull man' ... nor am I a 'dull God'.  
No, I am quite the opposite.
I see danger, I see the edge, I see the future unfolding, I see the skies turning, I see mountains falling, I see clouds billowing into form, I see rain clouds LONG before they are near, I see genuine, child-like faith 
... I see YOU.

Yes, I see you.
 I see your struggles, your doubts, your weaknesses, your overt sins, your hateful rebellions(s),  your rage against Me, your futile attempts, your failures, your successes, your lying down and your arising(s).  
Yes, I am ever present.



Few understand Me. 
They claim to "know" all about Me, but they are deceived! 
They cannot know Me, for I am *past finding out*!
I higher than the earth, for I am from above.
I am not as one of you. 
I am from Above, you are from beneath. 
I am of Heavenly  nature, you (humans) are of mortal flesh.

You are but mud, dirt, sand. I give you life.


Consider this: without Me, you would wither away and die. 
I give you the very breath you inhale. 
I provide the water to keep your bodies  alive--
... I ultimately control the beating of your heart(s).

I am the Life-Giver.

I am Life.


Give unto Me the honor due My name. 
Call unto Me, and I will show your great and mighty things, which you know not.
I will make a way, where there seems to be *no way*.
I will make rivers in the desert ... for you. 
I will provide, as needed.
I will show you My delights, My pleasures, My joys, My freedoms.

I am your Life.
I am your Breath. 
I am your God. 
I am the object of your faith, I hope. 
I hope (that) I am also the object of your love.

I created you (all) to love Me ... you were made to love Me. 
I want to walk among you as your Loving Savior ... walk and ~whoosh past~ you, as the Wind ... as a Loving Wind .... as a LOVING SPIRITUAL WIND.


All it takes ... is a little faith. "

where did russia go?

>i noticed that all my readers from Russia are not on here anymore...since this past week...what has happened to them?? Russia being censored now?

Please say a prayer for Russia♥

Delirious - History Maker (subtitulado español) [History Maker]

The Best Thing


one of my favourates....when music used to be much better than now

Arrows to Athens - City of Angels (español)

The Records - Starry Eyes

March 18, 2017

Track 11 "Morning Star" - Album "Tales Of Wonder" - Artist "White Heart"

my favourate whiteheart song

Track 03 "Unchain" - Album "Tales Of Wonder" - Artist "White Heart"

Track 08 "The Cry" - Album "Highlands" - Artist "White Heart"

Track 10 Let It Go" - Album "Freedom" - Artist "White Heart"

WHITEHEART 04 Fly Eagle Fly

Wolves running on the highway

MESSAGE "They Will Still Tremble"

*Heard upon awakening: "You were never meant to be confined to a church."
 Meant for ALL... and for the writer.


"You were never meant to be confined to a church.
A church is not prison.
Nor is it a cell in a jail. 
It is not My plan to confine you.
I gave you freedom, not bondage.
Some pastors suffocate their sheep. 
They are suffocating pastors. 
{suffocating = harshly controlling, inhibiting, oppressing} 
They are preaching to a dead flock. 
The life has gone out of them.


Other (shepherds) go too far in the opposite extreme.
They allow their sheep to run free ... often into the clutches of devouring wolves. 
These are the careless, heartless pastors.
They do not care for their charges. {their congregants} 
They are hirelings with personal agendas. 
So, what then? 
What is the healthy balance of liberty? 
To have the very life choked out, or to allow (to be) running blindly about:
 ....neither is desirable to Me.


I am seeking leaders.
Leaders with My love.
My protective instincts.
My awareness. 
My followers. 
Ones with My Spirit guiding (their) every step. 
Ones who really hear My voice ... and try to follow Me. 
They need not be *letter perfect*, but heart perfect. 
They will go where -and when- I send them, and not pre-judge.

These Spirit-shepherds will be My own.
They will truly represent Me.
They will not be *keeping up appearances*.

They will not care about status, prestige, worldly influence, personal vendettas, celebrity, power trips, attention from (the) media, political gain, monetary rewards or fleeting fame.

The shepherds that follow Me wholeheartedly will be a meek, humble lot. 
They will be broken before Me, and will honestly fear Me.
They will still tremble. 
They will quake in My presence.

These contrite, broken ones will lead victoriously.
They will recognize their own utter weakness, and will rely on Me. 
They will honestly admit their human frailty; their obvious sinfulness and their carnal nature. 
They will not feign (not pretend) righteousness.


Those who walk in truth must know Me in My truth. 
Those that strive to walk in My ways, must first know Me. 
They must allow Me to ferret out the religiousness from their souls. They must despise empty platitudes and hollow sayings of mankind. 
You see, I am *above* all the fray.


As you have read, "My ways are not your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts."
For most, if not all, this is a hard saying. 
Admit it.
You (all of you!) want the direct opposite.
You want YOUR ways to be Mine. 
You want YOUR thoughts to be Mine. 
Alas, this is not so. 
This is not how it works! I created YOU. 
YOU did not create Me.
I am the life-giver. 
I designed your minds.
I give you the very breath of air to keep you alive.


Many are called. I call many, many to be My shepherds.
Through the ages, many have heard.
Few have followed. 
My call is NOT man's call.
My call is distinct. 
Cuts to the core: to the very depths of (your) hearts. 
My call is not a weak, flimsy, whim of man.

My calling comes with a price. 
The price is your very lives. 
Your life, for My life. 
To be offered to Me as a living sacrifice. 
This transaction involves *dying to yourself*. 
This requires humility and a free will. 
This is not a thing to be forced. 
I do not coerce. 
I do not force. 
I do not confine.
I call freely and I lead freely. 
My path is a free path. 
It is one of choice, not force.


When MY heart is beating within you, you will know it. 
You will (begin to) feel My stirrings, My whispers, My words. 
You will (then) be able to feel My (unearthly) compassion for those upon the earth
You will sense My leadings.

Sometimes you will be overwhelmed with My presence.

You will be free, yet guided.
You will be in peace, even in the midst of turmoil.
When you are scared, you will feel My security.
When you are sick, you will know I am with you. 
When you are alone, you will be aware of Me beside you... 
You will be learning My truths, My ways, My directions.


For, indeed, My sheep know My voice ... and where I am, they WILL follow."

*from a message heard 1/18/2009 @ 6:15am
....message ended @ 6:47 (approx. 32 minutes long)

vendatta = an often prolonged series of retaliatory, vengeful, or hostile acts or exchange of such acts ;  blood feud

Rescue - Desperation Band (w/lyrics - 2012)

Is Hell Real? This Spirit says IT IS - HEAR THIS Wonder Box Spirit Session

March 4, 2017

Passion - God's Great Dance Floor (feat. Chris Tomlin)

MESSAGE "He Is Weary"

"I am weary by your prognosticators.

Be alert and listen (to Me).
  I will speak, but you must listen (carefully).
  You are often obedient to *dictate* My utterances.
  So I shall speak again.


Yes, I am wearied by the multitude of prognosticators:  (the) stargazers, would-be "prophets", and such .... the mediums, the tarot players, the *predictors*... and the churched charlatans.

Now I pronounce My displeasure.
 I am weary, weary.
 I am no longer able to restrain My wrath against such practices.


Yes, the world, en masse;  flocks and travels to hear *so and so* and *such and such*.  
Yet, they will not pick up a Bible containing scripture.

Worse, My blood-bought church goes on frolicking journeys:  seeking amusement.
(Looking for laughs, giggles, and fun.)

So it is now ... in these darkened days ... In this dark hour.  Many are stumbling in the darkness.


Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty {II Corinthians 3:17} .... 
        --  I AM that Liberty.

I am a free Spirit:  offering freedom.
  I exist in an atmosphere of freedom.
  But My freedom is not (always) the same as man's freedom.

I set captives free.
Free from what? 
Freedom and release from death ... through My Son's (blood) sacrifice.

From sin.
From fear.
From demons.
From the power of darkness. 
Freedom from evil in all (it's)forms.

And ... freedom from false religion.
  (The last is often the most difficult to be free of.)


How to discern false from (the) true? 
 How to know (if) it's the *real thing*?

Ask (of) Me.
  Seek Me. 
 Know Me.
  Be humble. 
 Learn of Me.

 Search the Scriptures.
  Learn (of) My ways ... My thoughts  ...   My heart ...  My attributes.


See how I operated:  how I move(d). 
What did I do in days of old?  
What was My *modus operandi*?

What did I do in previous ages?
  Do I have a set *methodry*? 
 Are My ways predictable?
  Can you totally *research* Me and My movements among men?

Another signal of truth is the *fruit*. 
 "You will know them by their fruits"
 This is for a general reference:  one not always easily discerned/observed.  
(i.e. Some *fruit* may not be *ripe*)


Look at fruit (results) with eyes of wisdom. 
  See the big picture.
   *Mark on a curve*. 
Don't judge for honest mistakes, or over-zealous activities.
  (*He knows that they / we are 'but flesh'*)."

### Message ending about 9:04pm


charlatans = pretenders;  frauds

prognosticators =  prophets  diviners;  soothsayers;  foretellers;  seers

frolicking =  playful;  fun;  merry;  seeking amusements/entertainments

en masse =  in a group;  as a whole

attributes =  characteristics;  qualities;  traits;  distinctions

modus operandi =  manner of working;  habitual method or customary procedure

> Scripture

Psalm 78:39 b  "For He remembered that they were but flesh:  a wind that passes away, and comes not again."

Galatians 5:22 , 23   "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance;  against such is no law."


~ from 3/19/2009 @ about 8:30pm

in Him was life

in Him was life