May 30, 2015

RED - already over (original)

Already Over - Red -part 2

You never go 
Your always here
Beneath my skin
i can not run away
Fading slowly

I give it all to you 
Reaching as i fall 
Its already over, Already over now

My best defense 
Coming to you
I cant resist 
Take all you want from me
Breaking slowly

I give it all to you 
Reaching as i fall 
Its already over now
Loving you again
Its already over, Already over now 

Your what i reach for when i fall 
Its already over(x2)

U2 - I will follow

Blindside - About A Burning Fire

Falling Up - Broken Heart

May 14, 2015

Montell Jordan: His Story

"Shake Heaven" Victory World Music feat. Montell Jordan and Beckah Shae

MESSAGE "Electrifying"

""Open  your mouth and I will fill it ... I will give you My words to speak.

Speak forth the oracles of God. Speak forth the words of life. Let the joy of the Lord flow through you.  Let others see your testimony.  Let My light shine brightly through your earthen vessel.  Don't hide My light, My candle, under a bushel.  Let My power electrify you ... empower you ... anoint you .... comfort you.

Creation is My doing.  I am Creator.  Nothing is too difficult for Me.  I am the great I Am.  My Word is pure.  My Word is true.
I speak, and creation begins.  I perform My Word.  I finish all that I begin.  I am the Author and Finisher.  I am Alpha and Omega:  first and last.


My name is Jesus.  I and the Father are one.  Those who have seen Me have seen the Father.  My Spirit is Me.  My Spirit bears witness with your spirit, that you are My child.  Welcome My Spirit.  Welcome Him!


Answer not a man according to his folly.  In doing so, you fall into the same pit ... the same snare ... he is in. Keep your speech of few words.  Be wise with your conversations.

Edify with your mouth(s).  Let your language build up the hearer.  Refuse to entertain slander, gossip, angry quarreling, and so forth.

Resist the enemy and he will flee.  Submit to Me.  Submit your mouth to Me.  I will make you gentle as young lambs, and other times, bold as lions.

I yearn to hear your praise to Me.  I listen and wait for your praise.  I know it is for your edification, your protection, and mostly ..... to draw you nearer to Me.

Pray, pray.  Speak, speak.  Speak to Me.  Pray to Me.

Let your prayer language flow unhindered by earthly diversions.  Your prayer closet is for you.  It is for you to know Me, to see Me as I am ... to realize I am your Friend.

Begin your life of praise and prayer again.  I will bless your effort.  I will reward you.  I will visit you with My presence,  This is My promise to you ... and to all My children."

#### from a message 'heard in the spiritual realm' ... on 2/15/1998

prayer language =  the Spirit of God, of Jesus...actually prays THROUGH you, as you yield to Him....praying in 'other tongues', as the Holy Spirit enables, as He gives you utterance

Owl City - Galaxies

in Him was life

in Him was life