May 23, 2017

MESSAGE: "Analyze This"

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."  -- John 1:1


"Can you comprehend the *beginning*?
Can you begin to understand the meaning of *creation*?
Do you know what is to be ... what was .... and what is?
Are you not shielded from deep comprehension?
Do you not recognize your own humanity?  your utter weakness?

How was the earth created?  do you know?
How do the stars hang in the sky?
Where exactly does the wind come from?
Can you number the stars?  (I can!)
Do you name the stars?
Do you dare to claim the universe as your own?
What exactly is *beyond space* ... or beyond your knowledge of the galaxies? Do you even pretend to know?

Just as a newly born baby has no knowledge of where it came from, so is your origin.
Human birth is one of My mysteries.
I create ... and I destroy.
I give the breath of life ... and I take it away.
Do you not realize ALL is in My control?
I am omnipotent:  all - powerful!

When man seeks to analyze and dissect My Supremacy, the efforts always leave a degree of dissatisfaction.
I am BEYOND finding out!
I am the holder of the eternal, Holy mysteries.
I am that I am! I AM.

My ways are past finding out, though humanity strives to see how I  do things. My Sovereignty is for you to learn to trust ... not to worry about!
Humanity alone is fragile and hopeless ... but when united in trust with its Creator, becomes strong, victorious, happy, and secure.

Trust in Me, for I have created you."

##### spiritually 'dictated' on 10/31/2002

U2 - Walk On

what you got, they cannot steal it;

they can't even feel it...walk on...

Fly - Jason Upton and an Angel

May 18, 2017

Show Me How to Live -- CHRIS CORNELL

 chris cornell just died....a great singer....may God show him love 

May 6, 2017

MESSAGE "Like Lightning"


"Like a bolt of lightning, I am. 

My power is electric, electrifying. 

I dazzle, I shine, I send power.

I electrify the sky, the earth, the 

I charge up the atmosphere:  both physically and 



When I hit, you see Me.

You know I have arrived.

No doubt. 

You will wonder no longer.

When I am there, in your midst, all doubts will dissolve. 

Unbelief will melt away.

Faith will arise.

I will be there.

My power is My glory.

It is also known as My anointing.

I am in this glory, this anointing.

The power is Me.

I am the energy, the force, the might, the glory.

I will shake you.

I will touch your body. (bodies) 

I will chill you, thrill you, knock you off your feet (at times.)

I may send My heat, or My trembling upon you.

I am known by many ways.

You cannot predict My movements, nor My words,

nor My motives.

I am the LORD and I will be sovereign.

(I will do as I deem fit and applicable to each event or

 person or situation.) 

I make the final choice(s).

I know the best plan for each event or circumstance.

Trust and learn (of) My ways in your individual lives.

I plan and direct happenings for each specific soul on

the earth.


What may be *correct* for one person, will not

always be suitable for another.

Some may do certain things in

'specifically-prepared methods,

whereas others will not.  

Each of you is special and unique to Me.

I play no favourates...yet I deal differently with each

and every one of you.

-pause-  4:28am

Some are laborers, others are writers.

Some are artists, while others are cooks, or mothers

or fathers.

I have Mlawyers and My animal lovers. 

There are those who sew and design clothing and

others (who sell the apparel.)

Some may not be able to work a *usual* job, so I

(will) fit a life plan for them. 

Do not fret over (your) vocation. (your job/career)


Questions may arise in your hearts. 

Ask of Me.

Ask Me. 

Speak to Me.

I am here. 

I am listening.



Situations may arise where you will feel at a

crossroads....a place of decision.

At those times, please ask Me for wisdom.

Do not hastily jump into a  relationship, or a


Do not rashly say *yes* to every request you get.

It is okay and prudent (wise) to allow a waiting

period, or a simple *no* is sufficient (to many 


Be quick to hear, slow to answer.

Have patience... Wait.

It is ok.

It will be okay.

You will see.

Wait on Me.

Wait on the Lord, YOUR Lord!

 (*If* I be Lord...)  

My times are not (as) the world's.

I see it all from a *higher* perspective.

Too many rush into choices. 

This is (often) detrimental."


 {Writer's note:

 If God/Jesus/Holy Spirit wants to do something, He 

will provide a way to do it.  He doesn't say to do a 

thing, and then make it impossible to carry out.  

If he wants us to comply - to obey- 

He will make us ABLE to do so.}

*from January 2, 2013

Killswitch Engage - Always

death is horrible

Gifts of the Holy Spirit-- Faith a gift of power

Natalie Grant- Held

Play "Held"
on Amazon Music

Two months is too little
They let him go
They had no sudden healing
To think that providence
Would take a child from his mother
While she prays, is appalling
Who told us we'd be rescued
What has changed and
Why should we be saved from nightmares
Were asking why this happens to us
Who have died to live, it's unfair
This is what it means to be held
How it feels, when the sacred is torn from your life
And you survive
This is what it is to be loved and to know
That the promise was that when everything fell
We'd be held
This hand is bitterness
We want to taste it and
Let the hatred numb our sorrows
The wise hand opens slowly
To lilies of the valley and tomorrow
This is what it means to be held
How it feels, when the sacred is torn from your life
And you survive
This is what it is to be loved and to know
That the promise was that when everything fell
We'd be held
If hope if born of suffering
If this is only the beginning
Can we not wait, for one hour
Watching for our savior
This is what it means to be held
How it feels, when the sacred is torn from your life
And you survive
This is what it is to be loved and to know
That the promise was that when everything fell
We'd be held
[Repeat Chorus]

May 1, 2017

Jeff Deyo-More Love, More Power w/lyrics

Michael W Smith - "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

Michael W. Smith - Here I Am

Michael W. Smith - Here I Am

MESSAGE "My Broken Family"

{I keep hearing, through out the day
 ..."My family is broken up ..."}


"My family is gone ... My family is broken up ... split up ... scattered ... dispersed ... strewn-about.

A family should be together...  (it) should work together ... play together together. 

I am sad, I am sad ... My family is gone. 
I am lonely. 
I need My children, My family, about Me, around Me.


Where are they? where is My family, My loved ones, My people ... ?

I see them ... I see them, scattered, broken, bruised, hurt.
I see My blood, My flesh, My body... 
(They) are all over the world ... but they are apart.

My family is hurting ... they are cold ... they are sick ... they are lonely ...they are in need. 
They suffer ...they cry ... they silently endure.

My little ones suffer the most;   for they do not understand their lives.  
Let them come to Me ... let them know of Me, of My love, of My love, of My love.

As a gentle shepherd lovingly cares for his flock of worn sheep, so do I care for My sheep, My lambs, My infant lambs.

I grieve to see the condition of My flocks upon this earth. 
I grieve, I grieve.


Surely I did not intend this to be.
My intent was for peace, for security, for gladness and joy.
I never wanted this misery upon the earth, upon My creation.

I do not ever want such suffering ... for any creature: human or animal.
I planned a world, a place, a paradise .... for My family... My human family. 
I love you all so much ... I never intended such chaos for you. 
Hear My heart, hear My heart.


So why do you rebel and turn from My love? 
Why do you run? why do you resist Me? 

Why do you turn to other 'loves' ... other 'lovers' ... other gods and idols of your fancy? 
Why turn from the One who loves you so?

I see (that) you are all deceived, to some degree ... that is the way of the world. 
It is a world of deception, of falsity, of mirages, or illusion, of delusion, of thwarted imaginations.

I seek to save you ... I came to 'seek and to save that which was lost'... that would be YOU!
I  am the saver ...  you are the ones needing Me ... I came to 
rescue you, to give you a better life...



{new subject?}

The fire is in the furnace.
What does that mean, you ask?
It implies a refining ... a purification. 
Yes, many of you are laden with sins, with excesses, with fleshly desires, with unabated hungers and appetites ...all to satisfy the flesh, the mortal man, the natural man.

That is to be expected ... I see the ways of the body, of the flesh, of the sexual excess, of the gluttony, the greed, the anger, the hatred.
I see ALL the many, many, varied *works of the flesh*  .... there are MANY!

Yes, I am well acquainted with ALL your weaknesses, oh man, oh woman ... oh child. 
I see it all. 
I see it all.
I know all about it ... about ALL of it.
I see, I see.


So how can such an unholy, vile, sordid, evil generation ever expect any goodness--any help--from Me?

I will show mercy on who I choose. 
My rain, My mercy... falls on the just as well as the unjust ...on the innocent, as well as the guilty. 

I am no *respecter of persons*... that means I  am not partial, I am not biased ... I do not show favoritism as humans do.

I offer (My) love, My mercy ... to all ...  I will rain upon the whole earth ... I will send My floods of love to all all ... to all!!

I assure you, people of the earth ... I will visit you ... in your time.
I will meet with you ... I will let you into My covering of glory and grace.
You will experience it ... you will (then) KNOW that I am who I said I am!


It is so easy to judge others, from the outer appearance, or from their 'sin life'. 


I am the only judge ... I will mete out any judgement, in My way, on My day.

I am a fair, merciful judge.

I love justice ... I love defense ... I love meting out good, fair judgement.

Judging can be good, can be fair, can be beneficial. 
I am your defense, whether you know it or not. 
I am your defender in this life.

I am your mediator ... between you and My Father. 
I am the law giver. 
I show you, by My Spirit, what the 'laws of My Spirit are' ...
how they are 'written upon your hearts'...yes.

I supernaturally engraft(ed) My laws upon your hearts, as you offer yourselves to Me;   as you give Me access into your hearts and souls and spirits. 

I take your hard, darkened, jaded hearts of stone ... and turn them into soft, bright, pliable, spiritual hearts of flesh, of My flesh!

You then become flesh of My flesh!
We are then true spiritual family, as I always intended!


If you see (or sense) a brother or sister is in trouble ... then pray for them.
Ask Me to help them ... do not presume to know all the details.
The details are My business ... I will help them privately.

Send My love to all.
Send practical help, if possible! 
Ask of Me, ask of Me ... what should I do, Lord? what can I do?

A simple gesture of honest kindness can be very life-giving!

If it in your ability to help someone, please do it!
Do things in secret, if you can. 
Let no one boast of their giving.
Let Me reward you, at the opportune time of My choice.  
The humble will be lifted up.


I am free.
I am free to all
I am a free God .... Where My spirit is, there is liberty.... .there is real freedom!

I am free as the wind!
I rush through the skies! 
I am unhindered, at My supreme place. 
I am the Most High, yes, but I am with you, here, now. I am the God who sees, who feels, who empathizes.

Turn your words of hatred into words of reconciliation.
Let your anger be turned to meek agreement ... and into newly-forged alliances.
Let there be new unity! 
Let  there be a coming together of peoples, of individuals, of My lost ones, of My lost and battered sheep.

Let the unity be (as) a foundation for the beginning of My out-pourings ... My fresh flow of Heavenly manna ... coming down upon My beloved family ... My creation, for indeed, I have come for all ... I am come for all of you.
I love all of you.  
Wait ... and seek ...  and wait again ... for Me. 
I will visit.
Do not miss the time of YOUR visitation!"


3:40pm   3/2/14

The Alarm - The Stand

come on downand meet your maker

April 24, 2017

April 23, 2017

MESSAGE "Natural Cannot Understand"

"The natural man cannot comprehend the spiritual.
  He cannot know it, see it, hear it, feel it ... it is impossible.


For the ways of the Spirit are unattainable to the natural man, the carnal man, the un-spiritual one(s).
They cannot know it, for they are not of the Spirit...they only live in the natural man.

So, do not lose heart.  
Do not become annoyed, or frustrated ... for you were once as them, as they are.

Pray for their eyes to be opened ... for their ears to hear ... for their spirits to be awakened.

They are in the *dark* ... they are not aware ... they cannot know of what you speak.

For you wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers...against things that are not of the natural.

Forgive them ... for they 'know not what they do'.


In time, you will be defended ... you will be vindicated ... your life, your words --  will have meaning and purpose.

Until then, have patience.  
Endure the hardship(s), the ignorant ones, the life you are so unfit to live in.

You do NOT belong here, as you have known for quite some time.  
You are (a) called out one --- you are 'not as they are'.

You have known (of) the spirit for quite a long time ... (even) since your childhood.

You have felt My power(s) ... My love  ... My physical presence .. you have known (that) I am real.

I am Real.  
I am here.  
I am among you.  
I walk among you.

Many (most) refuse to accept Me, accept My reality.  
Many ignore Me, disregard Me, reject Me.  
Many will never accept Me -- will never believe Me. 
Yet, I am still here.


I come to you as a Friend, a confidante --once again.  
I am your *all-in- all*...your safety net ... your
protection ... (and) your defender.  
I am in the *shadows* ...yet also in the light.

I am among you, even as you continue to go on without Me.  
I am silent, unless given (a) voice.  
I am invisible, unless given an audience ... and I am 'not here' ... unless (you) give Me recognition and authority.

I am that I am.

I am the great *I am*. 
Those that have 'ears'  -- let them hear what I am saying to the churches  ... (to) all believers:  past, present, future.


I alone hold the keys to life and death, to *heaven and to hell* .... I am in charge of all of it  ... ALL of it!

It is in your best interest(s) to seek Me ... to heed Me ... to find Me ... to always look for Me  ... wherever I may show myself.

...For where I am, there is great liberty and great peace.

I am the *healer of the broken hearts* --despite all beliefs to the contrary.

I STILL am in the 'business' of healing (up) broken hearts ...  broken lives  ... broken dreams.

I live among you.  
I am with you, always;  even unto the end.

Worship ... find Me again  ... I am here."

The Conjuring True Story - What Really Happened

The Choir - 1 - Speckled Bird - Speckled Bird (1994)

and i'm already flying...i'm already dying...i feel so dead when you don't love me

The Choir - 1 - Consider - Chase The Kangaroo (1988)

The Choir - 1 - Flap Your Wings - Flap Your Wings (2000)

When you find yourself lying
In a ditch on the side of the road
You might get ready to die
When the sun comes up over the mountain
Flap your wings and fly

The Freezing Homeless Abandoned Dogs! (Social Experiment)

Young Guns - I Want Out

April 17, 2017

Red - Ordinary World

Andy Hunter - Stars (feat. Mark Underdown)

MESSAGE "Joy Is Free"

Nehemiah 8:10b  ... the joy of the Lord is your strength."


"How does one obtain joy?
It is a free gift from the Father, who gives many gifts to His children.  
Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of lights.  
The joy of the Lord is pure and unadulterated. 
It is a  refreshing, cleansing, and peaceful experience.

It is real.

It is not a 'pie - in - the - sky' theory or religious saying.  
It is a reality.  
You need this supernatural  joy to survive.  
If there is no joy, then there is no strength.  
(Only futility of man's works, on their own weak effort.)

You need the Holy power from above to live victoriously.

With the joy, comes clarity and purpose.  
It may unfold gradually, but it will become clearer.  
Seek My presence, for in My presence is fullness of joy.

It is joy unspeakable (beyond human comprehension or description) ... and full of glory.  

Don't allow men and religion and vain tradition to steal or suppress your joy.

It is your gift ... don't let the enemy's influence destroy your joy.  
Joy is more than laughter, although that is part of it. 
Joy is more than peace, and it is more than a feeling.

It is an overwhelming sense of being close to Me, and being in My will ...  and knowing (that) you are very special, accepted, and precious to Me.

It is being near Me.  I am joy.  Let's be joyful together!"


vain = empty, useless
unadulterated = not mingled or diluted with extraneous matter; pure


Peter 1:8   "Whom having not seen, you love; in whom, though now you see Him not, yet believing, you rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory."

Romans 14:17  "For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink;  but righteousness, and peace, and joy, in the Holy Ghost."

St. Mark 1:8  "I have indeed baptized with water:  but He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost."

St. James 1:17  "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."

Redlight King - Something For The Pain

April 16, 2017

Terry Scott Taylor - Mama's in the Desert, Daddy's in the Sky

Trump... to surpass 8 years of Obama's travel spending in 1 year

>hell awaits the rich man

Tree63 "Treasure"

MESSAGE "From Death To Life"

"The people are not ready. 


Go forth ... go forth with My power, with My blessing. 
I will be your confidence;  your inner strength.  
I am strong in your (apparent) weakness.

I will stabilize your testimony. 
I will enforce My word.  
I will protect what I provide. 
My means are your means.  
I provide a way, a means;  of communication ..... a way of comfort AND of conviction.

Let Me into your life as your Father.  
I am your Dad,  I love you.  
I protect you.  
I care tenderly for you.

You need not be afraid- nor (be) in dread of Me- as your loving Father.  
You can come to Me as you are, as you were, and as you will be.  
I love you in ALL phases.

I see you through your growth AND your stumbles. (your stumbling)  
I pick you up and hold you close to My heart, My dear one.


These words are for you - AND- for My other children.  
They are meant to encourage, comfort, challenge, and change you.  
They are life to you.  
(I AM life.)


What are YOUR treasures?  
What do you seek?  
Pray for?  
What do you want?  
What do you need?

Tell Me your deepest needs, wants, desires.  
I want to hear what you seek.

-pause again-



Don't be satisfied with what the world offers.  
Go on to the things of God:  to ways of the Spirit.  Walk in the Spirit.  
Be free in the Spirit. 
Trust the Spirit.


Resist the devil -- and he must flee.  
He WILL  flee.  
Close the door to his advances.  
Shut him out.  
Drown out his taunts with My praise.

Silence the voice of the oppressor with praise.  
Sing to Me:  sing of love, sing of peace, sing of mercy, sing of justice.  
GRACE makes a good song.

Let the high praises be in your mouth. 
Bind up the demon princes with high praise.  
Let My two-edged Sword cut oppression into slivers.  I will "slice-n-dice" evil.  
I will bathe My Sword in My Son's Blood ... so shall the enemy be trounced. 
It is a "win : win" situation!

 (Writer's note:  This is refers to the death and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah...and His Living, Powerful Anointing/Power/His word(s)....used by His order and authority.  
The "sword" is the activated Word of God)


Harbor NO hatred.  
Be free, be released, be let loose from bondage.  
Be set free of all burdens, weights, hindrances, sinful encumbrances.  
Let them fall away.  
Let them dissolve.  
Let them be a distant memory.

Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, envy, jealousy, pride, covetousness, lust for wrong things, arguments, and the like ... be put away.  
Be done with malice.

(Writer's note:  'wrong' things = hurtful things)


Vengeance belongs to me, says the Lord.  
*I* will repay, in MY time, in MY way, in MY season.  
This is NOT up to you, My dear one(s).  
Leave retribution to Me.

Your job, as it were, is to love Me ... and, in loving Me, you will be serving Me. 
Let My love rule your lives.  
Love conquers all.

Yes, My love covers a multitude of sins. 
(And who among you has not many sins?)  
I am come to  set the sinner free;  to free all from the stranglehold of sin ... and the residue of sinful, evil practices(s).


Love wins over sin any day.  
Love is how (My) faith works.  
So, be rooted and grounded in My love. 
Without My love, you are nothing. 
You are empty. 
(so to speak)


BUT, with My love, you are all-in-all.  
You are being completed, perfected, made whole;  by My love.  
I am love.  
You cannot separate Me from love.

My love turns your cold heart(s) of stone, into warm heart(s) of flesh.

From death to life.

From darkness to light.

From hatred to love.


From fear to security.

From anger to forgiveness.

From unbridled lust ... to self-control, self-respect and love for self.   
(loving acceptance, NOT arrogance)

From turmoil and vexation peace and trust.

From rage to stillness.

From greed to contentment.

From loss to gain.

From despair to hope.

From oppression to freedom.

From enslavement and addiction ... to liberty and cleansing.


From bondage to release.

From disease to healing.

From destruction to RE-construction.

From old to new.

From cold to warm.

From dead to alive.

From Satan to Jesus.

From fatherless ... to Father.

From loneliness to friendship.

From abandonment ... to security and safety.


From rejection to acceptance.

From spite to empathy.

From malice to sympathy.

From confusion to understanding.

From foolishness to wisdom.

From wantonness ... 
(i.e. whoredoms/ lewdness/porn & sex addiction)  ... to purity and self-respect.

From apathy to passion!

From dearth ... to harvest.

From drought to rainfall.

From disaster ... to rebuilding.


From chaos to order.

From confusion ... to discipline (and sanity).

From panic ... to steadiness and calmness.

From terror to peace.

From storm to tranquility.

From bereavement ... to inner calm (and soothing.)

From grief to comfort.

From mourning to dancing.

From depression to joy.

From hopelessness to hopefulness.


From gloom to brightness!

From emptiness to fullness (so to speak).

From faithless to faithful.

From fruitless to fruitful.

From insecure to inner peace.

From lies to truth.


From religion to reality.

From ritual ... to relationship with our Father (God).

From ignorance to knowledge.

From futility ... to understanding.


From frustration  ... to advancement (in many ways).

From barrenness to productivity.

From criticism(s) ... to compliments and encouragement.

From sarcasm to good humor.

From sadness to joy.

From fretfulness and worry and anxiety ... to REST."


*from a message heard on 11/27/2007 @ 4:00am

in Him was life

in Him was life