October 29, 2015

U2 - Three Sunrises

Spirit of the rising sun, lift me up

Hold me there and never let me fall

Love me 'til I die, my heart won't wait

Soon I will be done

from me

whether i live or whether i die, he is still my lord...he is my all in all...he is the lord who heals me...he is the lord who allows me to suffer...it is he, who made heaven & earth...it is he, the most high one, the most glorious lord--i call him my saviour, yes--but i also can all him my friend--my best friend--he is there when no one else is--he is beside me, always with me, no matter what--those that don't know him, mock him...and mock me...when i feel alone and in despair, sometimes i even mock him...and mock myself--but, years later, days later, whatever--i always come back to him--i cannot ever forget him...i cannot forget how he touched me...lifted me up out of such horrible places in my mind...i cannot deny him...i may mock him, hate him, get tired of waiting for him, but i still believe --i still believe, deep down, that he is indeed real---and that he loved me before... and will love me again--i cannot just leave him...he is there--he is a part of me--my soul has been awakened--i am aware now--i may forget him for long periods of time, but he is always there...far back there--in the back of my mind...he says...i'm still here...and i still love you.

The Who - Love reign over me

god is love

TobyMac - Lose My Soul

"Made New" from Lincoln Brewster (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

"Oxygen" from Lincoln Brewster (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

October 27, 2015

MESSAGE "Twinkle, Twinkle"



"Enter not into temptation.  How can this be possible/ you ask  Is it an impossible thing? Can it even happen? in this life? this world?

The answers are 'yes' and 'sometimes'.  One can avoid falling into temptation, but cannot escape being tempted, being lured, being teased, being attracted.

When a person is humbling themselves, the war is easier. The challenges are able to overcome, and often detoured. 

A big weapon against temptation is denial. To deny something flat-out is strong. To resist is powerful. When a destructive temptation surfaces,it is able to be tuned down ... to be resisted ... to be ignored... to be denied.

Deny it, if you must! if something is hurting you, it is not good for you. Sounds elementary, yet so many cannot (or will not) end their degrading, destroying habits .

To deny a evil is a strong tactic against the unseen forces that try to bring you down.

Seek Me, says the Lord.  I will help you.  Simple. No, not simple, but a simple command, or suggestion.  it is wise to go to One greater, to seek help in time of need.

I am your strong tower... you can run to Me and be safe ... be free ... be cleansed ... be washed ... be made new again. As many times as it takes, come to Me ... Run to Me!! ...I am here ... I AM HERE ... I am waiting for YOU ... I have My arms out-stretched ... just for YOU.

My son, My daughter ... let go ... let go of the weights that so easily beset you ... the hard things that drag you down, over and over again.

Let go of the dark spirits, the dark habits, the things that are killing you, the raunchy, the rebellious things, the strong elements, the intoxicants that choke you, the evil things that have a distinct stranglehold on you.  Be free of them! let them go! let them be a thing of the past!

Start again! start again! 

Just as you are, right NOW... is a new day for you ... a new, new, new time ... it is YOUR time! It is your day, your time to SHINE!!!

Shine for ME, says the Lord ... says YOUR Lord.  Shine on, shine bright! You are  My stars, shining in the dark skies.  

Twinkle, twinkle ... My little stars.  I LOVE YOU, I do !!"


a very cool (!) message, 'heard' in the Spirit on February3rd, 2014 @ about 6:20am

October 21, 2015

While I'm Waiting - John Waller

"Crazy Faith" by John Waller

MESSAGE "Your Mystery Unleashed"

"Rest in peace.   You don't have to follow the crowd ... you don't have to be part of any crowds, any movement, any 'revival' ... just be yourself ... with Me ..."I" am what you are needing, what you are looking for, searching for ... I alone am your peace, your rest ... your eternal mystery unleashed.

I am that rest ... that elusive love,  that *One* that knows you 'inside and out'.... I am deeply close and wlll associate with you ... I am more 'familiar' than any familiar spirit or any human spirit.

I dwell between the high and Holy angels ... the cherubim ...  I walk among the seraphim  ... I ride upon the wings of My Holy wind(s) ... I open My mouth, winds move, dance, hush ... I sweep My arm, My hand ... the storm is stilled.

I ...  yes, I (do) go to 'prepare a place for you' ... a place that 'only you & I know'... our secret place of union,  of love,  of secrets told, of mourning together, of fears discussed, of tears flowing together as one ... I am that one ... YOUR one, the one that you love.

I am the One that you seek ... I am your heartbeat;   I indeed give you the 'air that you breathe'.

I offer (My) peace, the 'other worldly' kind ...  that peace that 'passes/surpasses all other understanding'... I am your peace ... My peace I give to you.

Don't let your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid ... .press in, press on - to the mark of the high calling in Me ...
in your Lord, your friend ...  (yes, it is 'I' ... I am 'here').

I want every reader, every seeker, every lost heart ... to seek Me once again ... to those who have no might, no power, no strength ...  I say:  go again, try it again, look for Me once more ... sit in the stillness ... sit, listen,  inquire.  Cry, be at peace, be in turmoil ... whatever your situation, you will find Me there ...if you look for Me ... I will be there.

I come to you ALL ... as a friend, as a friend that knows you very well ... I know the thoughts of your mind, your soul, your heart's desires ... I know your needs, your prayers, your cries ... (even) before they are uttered, before you even THINK them...

I know the number of hairs upon your heads ... I know the exact time and rhythm of your heart beat ... I know the day you were born, conceived ... and I know the precise time of your death.

I am that I am .. I am the 'great I Am' ... I was, I am, and I will be .... I am 'ever present' and I know the beginnings as well as the endings ....

That is all for now... I  hope to hear from some of you tonight, today, this morning, this week ... I will be waiting.  Shalom, peace to you, good night ... love to all."

(Writer's note:    As I was typing this out, there were tiny specks of color, of sparkles on my hands ... awesome ... I've had these supernatural glittery specks appear numerous times before, but never so clearly on my hands when I was typing ... cool!)

Message heard, as typed, this morning, ending @ 3:07am 12/17/13

Born of God by Justin Jarvis

Spontaneous Worship with Justin Jarvis, Suzy Yaraei, and David Vallier

Manic Drive - "Halo" OFFICIAL Music Video (@manicdrive)

Manic Drive - Money (Lyric Video)

Manic Drive - King of Mercy

October 20, 2015

U2 - Song For Someone (Directed by Matt Mahurin)

You've got a face not spoiled by beauty
I have some scars from where I've been
You've got eyes that can see right through me
You're not afraid of anything they've seen

I was told that I would feel
Nothing the first time
I don't know how these cuts heal
But in you I found a right

If there is a light
You can always see
And there is a world
We can always be
If there is a dark
That we shouldn't doubt
And there is a light
Don't let it go out

And this is a song
A song for someone
This is a song
A song for someone

You let me into a conversation
A conversation only we could make
You're breaking into my imagination
Whatever's in there is yours to take

I was told I'd feel
Nothing the first time
You were slow to heal
But this could be the night

If there is a light
You can always see
And there is a world
We can always be
If there is a dark
Within and without
And there is a light
Don't let it go out

And this is a song
A song for someone
This is a song
A song for someone

And I'm a long way
From your hill on Calvary
And I'm a long way
From where I was, where I need to be

If there is a light
You can always see
And there is a world
We can always be
If there is a kiss
I stole from your mouth
And there is a light,
Don't let it go out

October 13, 2015

Amy Grant-Saved by love

John Kilpatrick-Encouragement for the Attack

Mercy Part 1

MESSAGE "He Is Your Knight"

"The time has come for war. War in the spirit. War between good and evil, between God and Satan. This is real. This is real life.

Get ready. Get your armor ready. Polish it up. Put it on.

Let Me be your Leader...your General...your Commander. I will give you strategy. I will lead, if you will follow. I know all the secrets...all the inside information....I know it before it happens. Come to Me...listen....breathe Me in...let My power envelope you...let Me *be* you...let Me transform your weakness into strength. Arm yourselves with My arsenal...My battery...My fuselage...My powerful weaponry. I am stronger, smarter, wiser, more capable and more able than your enemies.


So, who are your foes, your opponents? Do you know who your enemy is?

Satan, or the Devil, is real. He is your mortal enemy. He is also your supernatural, spiritual enemy. But he makes his mark on the physical, too. He is well able to hurt your bodies. He is an expert at destroying minds. He hates all humans, as he hates Me. He is NOT your friend, no matter how alluring he is.

He works by deceit, by lies. He appears as an "angel of light"...or a "good angel". He says all the right things at the right time. He is a master of coincidence. He is smooth, slick, handsome (if need be), clever, ultra-intelligent and a winner-it-seems.

The devil is not a myth, not a cute story. He has made the world laugh... and to think of him as a harmless cartoon. This is a grave mistake; to believe he is harmless and funny. He is no comedien...he in pure evil, total degradation and filth.
He will drag you through the mud, through the slime and putrid alleys of his manure and stench. He thrives on lies, fantasy, errors, half-truths, apathy, cruelty, apprehension, fright, panic, etc. He is no one to pal around with. Better to be alone than to have him as your friend.


Other enemies of your soul are ego, pride, greed, sloth, laziness, apathy, gluttony, hate, etc;....the things that bear heavy burdens upon you. They may start out as "neutral" things in your lives, but (they) end up as controlling and shackling. No on wants to be in slavery, in bondage, held captive.
No one wants to be captured by something or someone. Sins, destructive habits, addictions, etc;...all control and enslave your every waking moment. Fear is the worst offender. Fear paralyzes. Lies. Destroys. Cripples. Fear is one of the very worst of the human being's opponents in life.


I, your Lord and your Rescue ...will help. I will help. I am here to help you....all of you...anyone who asks...I will help.

Call upon Me and I will answer you...I will be your help in time of need...I will be your strong and high tower...your shield...your Armor. I will be your Knight, your prince, your strong Saviour, your ally, your war lord...I am He."

####### Heard on August 21st, 2012


fuselage = the main body of an aircraft, excluding the wings, tailplane, and fin

arsenal = a store for arms, ammunition, and other military items;
a workshop or factory that produces munitions;
a store of anything regarded as weapons

battery = ( military) two or more pieces of artillery used for combined action; a tactical unit of artillery

knight = a man, usually of noble birth, who -after an apprenticeship as page and squire- was raised to honorable military rank and bound to chivalrous conduct

October 10, 2015

Kutless - Strong Tower

Kutless - Sea Of Faces

Danny Gokey - Hope in Front of Me (Official Lyric Video)

We walk on water | Shonlock | Lyrics

MESSAGE "The False Church"

"Listen.  listen .. .those with a listening ear ... those seeking My truth(s) ... those with an ability to hear (Me) ...(for) I am speaking.

I am speaking.


The church you see may not be.  It may not be from Me.  It may not be a real church.
 It many not be true ... it may be false.

For you see, there are many, many who call upon Me. They worship Me with their mouths, yet deny Me.

They are all about 'putting on a good show'... or pretending .. .or play-acting.
 They don their robes, their suits, their 'sunday best' each time, as they congregate.  They boldly use My Name to cover their activity.  They are none of mine. They are NOT Mine.  I refuse them.


Those who 'say' they represent Me ... must be questioned ... must be investigated ... must be put to a spiritual testing.  Do not blindly accept all who say they are *of Me*... for they are not!

Many will say in that day, 'Lord, Lord ... and I will say, I NEVER KNEW YOU'.

Do I know you?  Do you know Me?


And, they will be allowed to continue, since few will question (them). They are given 'free reign '... freedom to deceive, to confuse, to scatter, to destroy.  They take My name in vain, in uselessness, in futility.

If you dare to ask questions (of them) ... you will be immediately stifled ... shut down ...  ostracized ... silenced.  They do not want anyone to 'rock their boat'.  They love their own status quo ... their own little 'slice of heaven'.  They love their lives.


From such, turn away.  Leave these places. Go forth from their midst, with My blessing.
I am NOT involved in there charades each week. I have none of it .... I am not in any of it. {Jesus has left the building ... Ichabod.}


Listen for Me ... you will know Me ... my sheep, My true sheep, will hear Me...

I am not there, but I am other places. I am among the meek, the humble, the kind, the peace-lovers, the generous, the happy, the sad, the honest heart.

I am found wherever true freedom & liberty are  ...  I am among the least and also among the most powerful. I set down My Spirit where He wants to settle. I leave, I disrupt, I shatter, I build up.

I am , yes;   I am like the wind ... the mighty, Heavenly gales ... I spin, I whirl ...I rush mightily past the false ones.  I do  not visit those  living in their own agendas. I  pass by. I pass them by ... My mighty gales go forth and they are too deaf, too blind, too satiated with their own lusts ... to (even) hear Me.

They never see Me...they never think of Me.

Their minds, their lives ... are filled up with their own ways ... so, they will be filled with those ways. I will not bless them, I will not visit them .. .they are 'on their own' ... as they love (it).


Generations have dwelt in these false churches ... false denominations ... false cults ....false fellowships... false assemblies ... false groups .  They are solidly deceived.  They love to have it so.

And so it shall be.


I will NOT be among them ... I will NOT walk among them.  I will NOT be their god .. and they will Not be my people.

Look around you, oh believer ... look for My evidence, My infallible proofs ... do you see any such thing? Do you sense My impeccable design upon your life?  Do you feel My power surging through your body? in your midst?  in your spirit?  in your mind?


I am the great 'I AM' ...  I will not be mocked, nor shall I be copied.  I am not able to be duplicated. I am Me ... I am powerful beyond imagination. I am stronger than the beast. I am mightier than the world ...(and)I
am yours ... if you want Me.

Go forth, look around, take your time ... decide for yourself.  I WILL be found.  "


ending of message @ 4:42pm // 3-15-2014........and, outside, the wind is roaring

October 8, 2015

Benny Hester - When God Ran

MESSAGE "A Vanguard"

"I am raising it up ... a vanguard ... a frontline .. .a forerunner group. It will consist of seasoned - and brand new - soldiers of My Cross. My saints-in-training have been put through their steps, have gone through extensive preparation for this work.
They will be *advance* troops...a pre-cursor to what will ensue....what will follow (them).

This vanguard (frontline ) will be heard before they are seen. They will move stealthily in advance of Me. They will be attuned to My very whisper(s)... and they will hearken (listen attentively) to My orders. We will work as a team...as a common unit....as an anointed , moving vessel.


This newly-established grouping will be a powerful one...one made strong by (their) weaknesses. For, you see, I use those whom the world (and the church) has rejected. I will work through broken, torn, maimed vessels. These are My potter's jewels ... My most valued fragments of life-force. My very tears have dropped upon them.
They bear the scars of My healings, coming through devastating circumstances. These fragile - yet- strong disciples have indeed *paid the price* of following the Saviour.
They have not followed the crowd(s) ... they have chosen the hard way, the difficult path(s).

They did not relax and bask in luxury,  or fanciful comfort. These have suffered long and wide  ... over decades (sometimes) and years upon years of hurt, pain, loneliness, sicknesses never-ending, losses, merciless abuses, and  many dangerous routes.
Their lives have been ripped apart, torn wide open, shredded to bits and pieces. They have been dragged through the mire, nearly drowned in despair (many-a-time)... and have had their security pulled right out from under them, time and again.

These are my star warriors...and my fledgling scouts. I know their hearts,,..I've tried them...tested them consistantly...took them through their *paces* many times...I see how they respond.

I know those who are Mine...many say they are of Me...yet I never knew them.. These are confident (that) I am in their midst...yet I do not know them.  {Do I *know* you...dear reader? }


Yes, many, many will say *Lord, Lord!*...and will presume to be with Me in the eternal...YET I never *met* them in their lifetimes. They  are strangers to Me, as it were. I know those humble ones -- those shattered souls...those empty shells of humans...THESE I know!

The proud I turn away(from)...My eyes pass over the arrogant...I am not concerned with pride, selfish hearts, nor vanity. I look to the contrite, broken ones...those who indeed suffered...in raw emotion and in cutting, brutal, physical affliction...many for endless hours, months, years, decades.
Yes, many still suffer and cry to Me every second of your day.

Their cries do not go unnoticed. I will make things right in due time. The pain, the sorrow, the turmoil, the vexation, the evil...will one day be no more. It will be in the far past...away, gone, banished for ever.

There will be a day of vindication, of defense ...for those who suffer. I AM YOUR DEFENSE...  Man's help is limited...I...I.alone...am your rescue...your redeemer...your Friend.


My vanguard will be free...it will be blanketed by My presence, My love, My power. I will be in the very midst...the *eye* of this Holy storm troopers. We will forge our way...gathering in places of My choosing....areas not (always) known to man...and not conducive tho travel...etc. It will be as I see fit in My decisions.



Don't let your heart be troubled...neither let it be afraid. I am with you, even unto the end. I am in charge of time...of history as you know it. It will be a mighty work...as a machine...as a generator of power. We will know one another  in the spiritual sense...we will know how the others have (also) suffered and lived by patience.
The waiting will be well worth every tear, every pain, every insult....every rejection (or) abandonment.

Those who are first now, shall one day be the last...the ones in the back. Have I not told you (that) if you "humble yourself in My sight, I will lift you up'? That is what is happening. I see those with true mercy and compassion....they are dear to My heart. I will reward...I will lead them to green pastures....I will be in their midst. My presence will be apparent.

Keep a watch, and a listening ear - for My signs, My cues, My signals...My *hints*. I will lead you. Great is our journey."

~~ from 1/29/13  @ about 6:56am

Benny Hester - When God Ran

in Him was life

in Him was life