October 10, 2015

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MESSAGE "The False Church"

"Listen.  listen .. .those with a listening ear ... those seeking My truth(s) ... those with an ability to hear (Me) ...(for) I am speaking.

I am speaking.


The church you see may not be.  It may not be from Me.  It may not be a real church.
 It many not be true ... it may be false.

For you see, there are many, many who call upon Me. They worship Me with their mouths, yet deny Me.

They are all about 'putting on a good show'... or pretending .. .or play-acting.
 They don their robes, their suits, their 'sunday best' each time, as they congregate.  They boldly use My Name to cover their activity.  They are none of mine. They are NOT Mine.  I refuse them.


Those who 'say' they represent Me ... must be questioned ... must be investigated ... must be put to a spiritual testing.  Do not blindly accept all who say they are *of Me*... for they are not!

Many will say in that day, 'Lord, Lord ... and I will say, I NEVER KNEW YOU'.

Do I know you?  Do you know Me?


And, they will be allowed to continue, since few will question (them). They are given 'free reign '... freedom to deceive, to confuse, to scatter, to destroy.  They take My name in vain, in uselessness, in futility.

If you dare to ask questions (of them) ... you will be immediately stifled ... shut down ...  ostracized ... silenced.  They do not want anyone to 'rock their boat'.  They love their own status quo ... their own little 'slice of heaven'.  They love their lives.


From such, turn away.  Leave these places. Go forth from their midst, with My blessing.
I am NOT involved in there charades each week. I have none of it .... I am not in any of it. {Jesus has left the building ... Ichabod.}


Listen for Me ... you will know Me ... my sheep, My true sheep, will hear Me...

I am not there, but I am other places. I am among the meek, the humble, the kind, the peace-lovers, the generous, the happy, the sad, the honest heart.

I am found wherever true freedom & liberty are  ...  I am among the least and also among the most powerful. I set down My Spirit where He wants to settle. I leave, I disrupt, I shatter, I build up.

I am , yes;   I am like the wind ... the mighty, Heavenly gales ... I spin, I whirl ...I rush mightily past the false ones.  I do  not visit those  living in their own agendas. I  pass by. I pass them by ... My mighty gales go forth and they are too deaf, too blind, too satiated with their own lusts ... to (even) hear Me.

They never see Me...they never think of Me.

Their minds, their lives ... are filled up with their own ways ... so, they will be filled with those ways. I will not bless them, I will not visit them .. .they are 'on their own' ... as they love (it).


Generations have dwelt in these false churches ... false denominations ... false cults ....false fellowships... false assemblies ... false groups .  They are solidly deceived.  They love to have it so.

And so it shall be.


I will NOT be among them ... I will NOT walk among them.  I will NOT be their god .. and they will Not be my people.

Look around you, oh believer ... look for My evidence, My infallible proofs ... do you see any such thing? Do you sense My impeccable design upon your life?  Do you feel My power surging through your body? in your midst?  in your spirit?  in your mind?


I am the great 'I AM' ...  I will not be mocked, nor shall I be copied.  I am not able to be duplicated. I am Me ... I am powerful beyond imagination. I am stronger than the beast. I am mightier than the world ...(and)I
am yours ... if you want Me.

Go forth, look around, take your time ... decide for yourself.  I WILL be found.  "


ending of message @ 4:42pm // 3-15-2014........and, outside, the wind is roaring

in Him was life

in Him was life