November 23, 2014

Hispanic woman from South America possessed by ancient Viking Demons!

2pac - Dear Mama (Lyrics)

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MESSAGE "Days Of Woe"

  'Yes, these are the days of woe ... the signs are there, do you see them ...?

Yes, it is My appointed time...
the time of My visitation .. and the time of My sorrow and woe.


Just as in the 'days of Noah' ... so it is upon you {now}.

The days *have* been shortened.
The times are coming fast ...look!  it is upon you, you will say.

Come to Me, come now, come freely, come happily, come 'as you are'....for I will in 'no wise'--in no way-- cast you away!

Count your days, count your hours ... see your life --what is your life? is but a passing vapor:  here today, gone tomorrow.

Some say the world will 'never end' and they will continue -- they will  go one--as they wish, as they have always done.

Yet -- they do not know the times they are in ... they do not know the hour they are living in.


Set your sight(s) upon the Rock ...upon Me...upon your Saviour ... upon your Friend.

I will secure you, I will rescue you, I will be your 'strong tower' in times(s) of distress and woe.

Cast your cares upon Me, says the Lord ... for I WILL sustain you ... i will keep you ... I will remember you, when you 'come into My kingdom', at the last.


Cease from strife, from foolish arguments and incessant bickering

Train your tongue ... train it to obey you ... *you* are it's master ... (so) train it well!


Let My peace be upon you, and stand still -- see My salvation ... see my works --- see My peace, exhibited among those who are secure and surrendered unto Me.

My peace = great reward.


I love you and I want you to feel my peace ... experience it!"


end of message, heard in spirit on 11/5/14 @ 3:22-3:31am

in Him was life

in Him was life