January 30, 2014

re URGENT PRAYER NEED /updated / improvement!!

Please would you pray for my neighbor, a young woman named Hailey...was just in a serious car crash in Colorado...rollover... is on life support, critical condition, has head trauma, lacerations, damage to spleen, kidneys...ThankYou

{Note::  18-yr-old Hailey  is now in a hospital closer to her home ... she is still unconscious, in a comatose state...but has shown improvement...moving her arms and legs..eyes blinking....and even being able to sit upright in a wheelchair (with help)...but--- she still has a long way to go!! thank you  for all your for prayers....!!}

January 29, 2014

Good Charlotte - Hold On Lyrics

The River - Good Charlotte (with lyrics)

Good Charlotte - We Believe (Lyrics)

Song of Angels---Celestial Odyssey Part 2 Freddy Hayler

Song of Angels---Celestial Odyssey Part 1 Freddy Hayler

Rich Mullins: Let Mercy Lead

Let mercy lead 
Let love be the strength in your legs 
And in every footprint that you leave 
There'll be a drop of grace 
If we can reach 
Beyond the wisdom of this age 
Into the foolishness of God 
That foolishness will save 
Those who believe 
Although their foolish hearts may break 
They will find peace 
And I'll meet you in that place 
Where mercy leads

MESSAGE "Coming Closer"

about 4:07am

 "The king has brought me into his chambers."  - from the Song of Solomon 1:4b


"You will see light.  You will see His light.

You will advance. You will come near to Him.  You will come into His chambers.

You are near now. You are nearer than you've ever been before.

Come away, He says, come near, draw near, My child ... My dear ones.


I am here, He says.

I am waiting.  I am waiting, expecting you, My children ... My called out ones.


Seek Me. Call for Me. Listen. Listen for Me.

I am speaking. I am talking to you.  I am calling you out further, farther than you've ever gone before.

I am leading. I am leading you out.  Come away, come away.


Be with Me. Be with Me now, says your King, your Bridegroom.

I see you.  I see you. I have seen your tears ... I have seen them ...  I have felt the pain, the pain you've endured ... for many years.  I have felt your pain.


I have heard you. Yes, I have heard. I have heard your prayers, I have heard your anger, I have heard your sighs.


Come away with Me. Come and rest. Let Me give you peace.  My peace.  Not as the world offers, but as I offer. Feel My peace now.


I love you.  I love you. I love you.

I am your lover, your love of all loves.  I am speaking as a lover to you ... to My loved ones.

See Me as I am. See Me as I was. See Me as I will be.

I am ever-changing, yet the same.  I am, I was, I will be.

I came, and I will come again.  I am the great, the almighty, the most high, the highest one.


{words coming so fast/hard to write}

Never let Me go.  I am your one and only... the one with you to the end... and beyond.  I control the sun rise and the sun setting. I control the waves of the sea and the depth of the waters. (?)

I am the creator, the maker of all.


Dare to follow Me and we will have great adventure ... wild times ... freedom as yet unknown ... daring escapes.

I am not a boring, dull, dead god. I am the living God. I am not the god of the dead, but of the living. I am alive.

Life itself exists because of Me... I made all, am in all, control all.

It is by My design you were made.  You are My design, My creation, My art work, as it were.


(?) new subject

Send forth the troops. send forth the warriors. Sound the alarms. Loud! Louder!

Yell it from the roof tops! Scream it out ... !
It is the time of My arrival! It is the time of My outpouring! It is time, it is time! I am rumbling throughout the earth, throughout the cosmos ... I am being heard!

I am the great and mighty King of kings. I am doing great works upon the earth ... As you search for Me, you will see, you will hear, you will know.


Yes, these words are coming forth through a marred vessel, yet she is obedient. She has My blessing, despite her failings. For I see her heart. {tears from me}

{can hardly type}


If you see injustice, do not be afraid to speak against it. If you see violence, do not be fearful to repel and reject it. If you see lying, ill-fated actions, do not hesitate to speak out. I will see your intents and your actions. I hear when My creation has been hurt ... been oppressed ... been abused. I see, and I will repay.

Yes, many are the afflictions of the righteous (the ones trying to do right) ... but I will help them in their fights, in their struggle.

Do not despise small beginning ... for I see  the latter end.   Even though a matter may seem trivial , it still can have exponential results. Do not give up on your small attempts. A little goes far in My economy.


Stand and be counted. Stand your ground. Let mercy lead. Let mercy be your guide.  Mercy and truth work together.

My love opens many, many doors. Let Me open doors for you now.

I am shining upon the earth ... I am shining, growing brighter and brighter. You swill see Me advancing. I will be brighter than the sun. I will be brighter than the lightning. I will shine forth My shekina glory. I am your shining love.

Shine for Me, My little lights of love. I love you dearly, dearly.

I am gentle, like a lamb...yes.

I also am ferocious, as a lion ... yes.  But I can be both, and work in your midst...as I love you into My kingdom and expel all forces contrary to My ways. I will expel the enemy in your midst, as I will, as I plan, as I choose (to do so).

I will set up My kingdom. I will be your eternal King.

I have much more to say to you ... but that is all for now, as many cannot 'chew the tough meat' as yet.

I will blanket you each of you with my best love ... I will show you My love ... one day you will realize it ...you will each see how much I loved you."

####### message 'heard' in spiritual realm on January 29th, 2014

[Lyrics] Gary Allan - Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)

some encouragement

MESSAGE "God Resists The Proud "

******* "The Lord resists the proud. The haughty will be brought down ... the high looks will be cast down.  I, the Lord, desire a people; ... a people who look not to their own interests, but to those around them.

Did I not give up My life and take on the form of a servant? Do not my people -- who call themselves by My name -- do they not seek a servant's heart? I came not to be served, but to serve others.

Remember how I reached out to the man with the withered hand? How I made the blind to see? How the woman with the issue of blood was made whole? Did I not come to seek and to save the ones that are lost?

Am I not the Friend that sticks closer than a brother?

 ***** I see all. I know all. Listen to My voice through My servant. Heed My voice. I desire a broken heart ... a heart broken before Me. I desire weeping...coming to Me alone.

 You sing to Me about things you know not. You say you want a clean heart, but do you really? Confess your true desires to Me. I already know them.

You need not put on falsity and religion for Me. I see through your religion. I want a people that is real...that is willing to be honest before Me.

***** Judge not, and you will not be judged. So many of you assume you are the judge: (that) you make up the rules. There is only one Judge ... do you not fear Him?

Take out the beam that is in your own eye, before you speak of the speck in your brother's eye. Those who say they are without sin: you are deceived.

Remember, your heart is wicked and deceitful above all things ... and *your* righteousness is as filthy rags. Let your hearts be sprinkled with the blood of Christ...the blood that washes you from all sin.

Humble yourselves before Me.

***** Do not fear man ... what can he do to you? Rather, fear the One who is able to cast your soul and body into hell. The fear of man is a snare.

 Have I not chosen the weak, the poor, the foolish...the outcasts of this world, for My purposes? (to confound the world?)

***** My wisdom is foolishness in man's eyes .. (and) man's wisdom is foolishness to Me. A foolish man is wise in his own eyes. Boast not of yourselves, for without Me, you can do nothing!

Trust not in flattery or enticing words, for they are deceitful and will lead you astray. Let the wicked forsake her way. Let the arrogant repent and come forth as a cleansed vessel.

 ***** Some of you forget Me days without end ... yet I wait for you each day.

I am grieved, I am grieved.

 ***** Let your hearts break before Me. As you go (on) with your day's activities, I will be there calling to you, reminding you that you are Mine and I have called you out of darkness.

Can you ignore Me still?? One day I will not speak so clearly ... you will cry to hear My voice, yet I will not answer.

Seek Me *now*, says the Lord."

  ####### (Originally dictated from the Holy Spirit on 11/3/1993)

January 28, 2014

Draw Me Close by Kutless

Draw me close to you

Never let me go
I lay it all down again
To hear you say that I'm your friend
Help me find a way to bring me back to you

You're all I want, You're all I've ever needed

You're all I want,
Help me know you are near

You are my desire

No one else will do
Cause no one else
Can take you place
To feel the warmth of Your embrace
Help me find a way to bring me back to you

Kutless - Promise of a Lifetime


past the crowds of people... past the religious ...into your place, alone with YOUUUU

January 27, 2014

First Time Ever I Heard His Voice

First Words I Heard

When I first began to know that:

1) Jesus is real,

2) His Spirit can be actually felt,
and that;
 3) I had actually felt His love ...{and realized the stunning reality}
.... I still had no idea we could also sometimes "hear" His voice somehow.

So...years later....
after I had been "baptized" in His Spirit...(and also water baptized)...
I began to try it out....listening.

I shut myself into my bedroom, alone, in the quietness.

To be extra sure I didn't hear any outside disturbances,
I plugged my ears with my fingers and shut my eyes really tight....
to concentrate.

I waited a little while.
Then...I heard something! I heard "someone"...
I heard an actual sentence in my mind-spirit.

Here is the very first sentence I ever heard:

>>>>"My sheep know My voice, and where I am, they will follow." <<<<


I looked it up and it was a scripture from the Bible.

This was awesome!!

Our pastor had us read them out loud, if we had actually "heard" anything after praying.
I read mine out loud in front of everyone.

I was nervous, but didn't care.

I doubt anyone cared what I had heard ... but I sure did!

From then on, it has happened many, many hundreds (?) of times.

I have tried to record 99% of all I have ever heard. (Sometimes I am too exhausted to listen.)


The scripture reference comes from:
St. John 10:27  "My sheep know My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me."

R.E.M.- "Losing My Religion"+

NOTE: i am NOT religious!!1 i am NOT a judgemental, mean person ! i try to be a peace maker !

Creed - My Sacrifice (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on iTunes & Spotify


just a FUN video... hope you laugh ... i did!!!

January 26, 2014

11 yr Old Went to Heaven and Back, and Tells What He Saw!

Switchfoot - "Your Love Is A Song"

Switchfoot -- Love Alone Is Worth The Fight [Official Video]

Kutless - Take Me In (A Message to the Youth)


Kutless - "Winds of Change"

It is well with my soul by Kutless with Lyrics

"I Do Not Belong" by Kutless (with lyrics)

Kutless - "Even If" (Official Lyric Video)

Chris Tomlin - Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

God of Brilliant Lights - Aaron Shust - with lyrics

The God of brilliant lights
Is shining down over us
Breaking through the darkness
Covering all the earth
Oooh, His love is like an ocean
Oooh, forever overflowing
The God of Brilliant lights is shining over us.

Aaron Shust- Rushing Waters (Lyric Video)

Aaron Shust - "To God Alone"

Flyleaf - "Again"

All Around Me - Flyleaf (Lyrics)

sometimes we can feel The Spirit... all around us

Flyleaf- I'm So Sick Lyrics

Underoath - Reinventing Your Exit

I chose Jesus - Jake Luhrs von August Burns Red (Interview)

My Goal: Knowing Jesus - Matt Greiner / August Burns Red

August Burns Red - Carpe Diem (Official HD Live Video)

we each have a purpose

So Far Gone - Thousand Foot Krutch (Lyrics)

Write It Down - Nine Lashes (Lyrics)

that's what i do...write it down, record it

January 25, 2014

Whiteheart - The Cry (+playlist)

"†There Will Be A Day†" Jeremy Camp

this one makes me cry

Voice of Truth lyrics - CASTING CROWNS

this song always affects me hard...

Casting Crowns - East to West

Casting Crowns - Slow Fade

Casting Crowns - Does Anybody Hear Her

Brandon Heath - I'm Not Who I Was

Jason Gray - Remind Me Who I Am (Official Music Video)

for KING & COUNTRY - "Busted Heart (Hold On To Me)" (Official Video)

for KING & COUNTRY - "The Proof Of Your Love" (Official Music Video)

Jonathan Thulin - Dead Come To Life (ft. Charmaine) HD

SHONLOCK - We Walk On Water (DON'T LET GO)

this song always gives me great hope...is so cool...so powerful...!!

Lonely Hearts - Aviad Cohen (+playlist)

Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home (With Lyrics)

a brutal hard, cold fact of life:   many people are alone....have no family... no friends (for many reasons)...they live alone...are on streets...in jails...are just alone, always alone..have trouble with socializing... have difficulty dealing with people / world...have emotional traumas... have emotional handicaps... have other problems that keep them alone/ isolated/ feeling rejected..... just thought i'd educate you...THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE>>>>THEY HAVE FEELINGS AND ARE HURTING

The Quakes- I Miss You

it's a lonely world...

Telephone Line

is there someone you should call?  or visit... or send a text / card / gift / money / bring food to / help them with something./ give a hug / just say hello ...????

P.O.D. - This Time

P.O.D - Goodbye For Now [+ LYRICS]

Bring Me The Horizon - Sleepwalking lyrics

Linkin Park - What I've Done (Lyrics + Trad. FR)


"History Maker" - Delirious

Is it true today that when people pray
Cloudless skies will break
Kings and queens will shake
Yes it's true and I believe it
I'm living for you

Is it true today that when people pray
We'll see dead men rise
And the blind set free
Yes it's true and I believe it
I'm living for you

I'm gonna be a history maker in this land
I'm gonna be a speaker of truth to all mankind
I'm gonna stand, I'm gonna run
Into your arms, into your arms again
Into your arms, into your arms again

Well it's true today that when people stand
With the fire of God, and the truth in hand
We'll see miracles, we'll see angels sing
We'll see broken hearts making history
Yes it's true and I believe it
We're living for you

Hall Of Fame - The Script feat. will.i.am (Lyrics)

K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

feel the tears, even from the first sentence sung... this is raw, honest passion for a song, for God

Hallelujah cover - Kari Jobe, Jamie Grace, Dara Maclean, Blanca and Nirva

Kari Jobe: We Are (Acoustic)

her eyes are sparkley, full of light, of the Spirit

Kari Jobe - Yahweh

FM Static - Black Tattoo (with lyrics)

Fm Static - Nice Piece Of Art - with lyrics

January 22, 2014

MESSAGE "Fear Not Little Flock!" (reposted)

"Fear not little flock...for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." - Luke 12:32, New Testament, Bible


"No longer must you live in shame.
No longer shall you live in fear.
Discard worry.
Renounce fear! Ignore the threats of the enemy.
*Still the avenger.*

Come close ... be quiet .... let My Spirit minister to you.
I comfort My children. Let Me bring calm and peace.


Purpose in your hearts to hear Me. Listen.
I am speaking. To you.
To all of you. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord!

Perform only as I lead. 
Test the waters.
Do not be (overly) impulsive.
Do not go ahead of Me. See (hear) what I am doing.
Find Me.
Listen for Me. 
This applies to all who follow Me.

Set yourselves apart for My use.
For My good pleasure.
As I (have) need of you, you will be used.
(Will be put to use.)
I have My ways and My plans.
My plans are not those of man.


Scream from the rooftops My message(s)!
Sound the alarms!
Let My light be shown ... not be hid!
Cause all to hear .... both great and small.
Let My power reign victorious in the earth!
Let the skies be full of My angelic host!
I SHALL arise, says the Lord!
*Let God arise, His enemies be scattered.*


Pursue Me .... pursue your Lord!
Find Me ... in the deepest, farthest reaches of your world(s).
See Me everywhere .... see Me in the smallest matter .... for I am there.
When you look for Me .... you will see Me.
I will make Myself known to those who have (the) eyes to see Me.
Guard your hearts and minds.
Go on ... keep pressing on ... for I AM with you."


(Remember, to those who are starving for hope .... these words are a relief.
But to those who are 'full and have no need', they are ignored.)


Originally transcribed via spirit on 12/7/2010 @12:22am

still = to quiet, to shut up, to silence

MESSAGE "Can't Shut Him Up" (reposted)

"(So) put your trust in Me ...
 ... your God
 ... your Heavenly, spiritual Father.
Begin (or continue) to trust and believe Me.
I AM on your side!
I AM your Friend ... that sticks CLOSER, CLOSER than any relative, friend
 ... (even) closer than a dear brother.


Many of you do not know ...
 ... do not truly realize
 ... how much I really care and love you.

The religious world has deadened My love message.

They have attempted to turn My living words
- and My living Spirit -
into a dry, dead, empty, ugly, hateful, shameful, condemning mess
.... of a religious persuasion.

They have TRIED to quench Me....
 ... tried to SUFFOCATE Me
... TRIED to discredit Me
....TRIED to shut Me up
...TRIED to extinquish My fire
....TRIED to end all of My giftings
....TRIED to stop all miracles
.... and TRIED to ignore Me.


But --
 I am GREATER than all their futile attempts to rid Me out of the world!

Satan's religions are NOTHING in My Book!
They are dead, dead, dead.
They will die out very soon.

But, I, your LIVING GOD, will still be with you!

I will  STILL be on My throne
... I will STILL be the MOST HIGH.

... STILL."

######## from 3/29/2008
 (partial recovery of message/ page 1 is temporarily missing)

suffocate = to smother, suppress, choke, stifle

January 19, 2014

Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon with Lyrics

Manafest Impossible lyrics HD

Manafest - Never Let You Go (Lyrics)

Manafest - Where Are You

Manafest - Supernatural (+playlist)

Falling Up - Islander (+playlist)

Johnny Cash: Man in Black (with One Bad Pig) (+playlist)

HB The Jesus Metal Explosion (Video Oficial) Subtitulado en Español [Met...

praise Him in metal

116 - Man Up Anthem ft. Lecrae, KB, Trip Lee, Tedashii, PRo, Andy Mineo,...

KJ-52 - They Like Me ft. Lecrae (@kj52 @lecrae @becrecordings @rapzilla)

KJ 52 - Dangerous (Lyrics On Screen Video HD) New Christian Hip-hop rele...

Satanist to Christian (INCREDIBLE TESTIMONY)

Sylvester Stallone Testimony accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior. God...

January 18, 2014

*Hi!* to my Russian friend(s)

Just want to say a special *Hi!* and thanks, to the Russian reader(s) on here... I noticed there is >>>ONE<<< viewer from Russia on here, nearly every day, for a very long time (!).....I don't know if it's one person, or several, but just want to say HI!!!!! Hope you are ok and hope God blesses you big -time!!!

Sander van Doorn - Right Here Right Now (Neon) [Lyric Video]

if you can, just love life right now!! love God, love yourself, right here, right now!!!! i send love out to ALLof you...!!!!  (ps.... the 'magic' is nothing, compared to the POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST...so, don't fear any 'magic'...God's people should be 10 times stronger than any magicians, just like Moses, Daniel, etc...!!...Jesus Magic....hahah!!)

Ed Kowalczyk - Heaven (Acoustic) HQ

Deliver Me - David Crowder Band (Video with lyrics)

oh God, deliver me

Obsession - David Crowder Band

my heart burns for You

You are my joy

David Crowder - All Around Me

david crowder band-church music - dance !

Dance if you're wounded 
Dance if you're torn into 
Dance broken open 
Dance with nothing to lose 

Dance when you're wounded 
Dance when you're torn into 
Dance broken open 
Dance with nothing to lose 

(Oh!) Perfectly free 
(Oh!) Dance if you wanna be 
(Oh!) Perfectly free 
(Oh!) Dance if you wanna be 

Change the world 
Change your soul 
Fill it up 
Here we go 
Here we go 

Oh His is a story that saves 
Majestic feel 
Feel it at a steady pace

Family Force 5 - Dance Or Die Official Music Video

Family Force 5 - Cray Button Official Music Video (Feat. Lecrae and Meek...

Family Force 5- Love Addict Official Music Video (High Quality Version)

Owl City - "Galaxies" Lyric Video

Crystal Lewis - People Get Ready (Lyrics)

be as ready as you can,... for you never know when YOUR time will be...♥

Missing Person- Michael W, Smith

There was a boy who had the faith to move a mountain
And like a child he would believe without a reason
Without a trace he disappeared into the void and
I've been searching...

He used to want to try to walk the straight and narrow
He had a fire and he could feel it in the marrow
It's been a long time and I haven't seen him lately, though
I've been searching for that missing person

Kirk Franklin - Revolution

Kirk Franklin - Stomp

(better sound quality)

Stomp - Kirk Franklin

JUMPING in the House of GOD

jump jump

Everything you ever wanted - Hawk Nelson (With lyrics)

i tried to be perfect... tried to be honest.... tried to be everything you ever wanted

FM Static - Dear God

how do I know You love me,..
when no one else, seems to care

FM Static - Take Me As I Am (Official Music Video)

January 17, 2014

Skillet - "American Noise" (Lyric Video)

Bring Me to Life - Evanescence

wake me up!!!!

U2 - I will follow

Beware of Darkness - "All Who Remain"

" i called & i called but you didn't pick up"..."when u leave this life/the world will be a darker place for all who remain"

The Alarm-Presence of love

so beautiful

the alarm - walk forever by my side

The Alarm - The Day The Ravens Left The Tower

fly away, fly away

Skillet - Falling Inside The Black (Lyrics)

Tonight I'm so alone
This sorrow takes a hold
Don't leave me here so cold
(Never want to be so cold)

Ashes Remain - Without You.

Ashes Remain | Right Here

makes me cry

Red - Hold me now + [Lyrics on Screen]

Red - Death Of Me (Lyrics)

"Not Alone" Lyrics - RED - Until We Have Faces

everything's gone / but the pain carries on

Pieces - Red - Lyrics


Falling Up - Fearless [250 and Dark Stars] (Lyrics)

Falling Up- Good Morning Planetarium + Lyrics

August Burns Red - "Meddler"

you won't ever fly fast enough to make time stand still.

August Burns Red - "Meridian"

not for the usual religious

August Burns Red - "Salt & Light"

heavy, intense, powerful...screamo

Oh, Sleeper - "Children Of Fire"

intense (not for all)

Oh, Sleeper - "Means To Believe"

January 16, 2014

DC Talk-Lean On Me

remake of the bill wither's classic song

Phil Keaggy - True Believers

one of the top guitarists in the world

Phil Keaggy - "John the Revelator" (On The Ph'lip Side)

Amy Grant- Carry You.wmv

a total song of comfort...

Sonicflood-Psalm 91 Lyrics

U2 - Two Hearts Beat As One


U2- Gloria

U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name (Live Rattle And Hum)

could be heaven?

EVERYTHING IN SLOW MOTION "Speak" Feat. Christian Lindskog of Blindside

There is something deep inside. A seed of faith that keeps me questioning. If I could see like you do, where would I be? 

Who would I be? Sometimes it isn't enough. But if I linger here for a while, you will only hear me speak. If I could hear you.

Speak into our hearts, a song to shake the earth. Love will light the way that leads us home. There is something buried underneath this concrete floor. From a seed, fragile sprouts are pushing upwards. If I could see like you do, but I can't so I won't pretend. But I feel it. One day those sprouts are going to break through the surface.

There's a question that connects us all. Is there more than life and death? And even though we all take different roads, it burns within our chests. I don't need the signs and wonders, no scientific proof. Speak to me. Speak into my heart, a song to shake the earth. Will I live forever? Or will I disappear? My mind is searching for answers. My heart saying it's never been so clear. 

Speak into our hearts, a song to shake my perfect world. Love will light the way that leads us home

January 15, 2014

Be Somebody Official Lyric Video-TFK

and when I sit alone at night /your thoughts burn through me like a fire.......a strange type of chemistry/how you've become a part of me

"No Flesh Will Glory"

undated message

John 6:44    "No man can come to Me, except the Father which has sent Me draw him ..."


"Vain are the attempts of man.  When will you realize your attempts have failed? (re churches, religions, individuals)

You must humble yourselves before Me.  You must be free of your own plans.  Your ways are NOT My ways.

Behold, I will do a *New Thing*.  It will be exclusively (of) My doing.  No one will be able to claim *it* as their own.


I detest denominations.  I flee from haughty *clergy* ... and Jezebelian *lay -workers*.  I do NOT hear them.  I turn aside from all proud-hearted.  I cannot abide with selfishness.

My glory I will not give to any man ... for no flesh can (or will) glory in My presence.

Any fleshly *achievement* will be consumed by My HOLY FIRE.


Stand back and see yourselves as I see you.  (I am referring  - and speaking to - the proud.)

I will cut off ALL high and lofty looks.  I despise and abhor the arrogance of man.  I will cause vanity and beauty to fade.

I WILL humble the haughty !  Have NO confidence in the flesh! "


abhor = hate
Jezebelian = controlling, manipulating
vain = proud of self, arrogant

Innocent - Our Lady Peace (With Lyrics)

she wishes she was a dancer...but she has cancer... and wishes God would give her some answers

Jars Of Clay - Show You Love


Manafest - Impossible

Crying and hiding this feeling 
Running and fighting for freedom 
Crying and hiding this feeling
Running and fighting for freedom
Crying and hiding this feeling 
Running and fighting for freedom!

This is the last time, I'll cry lullabies 
All night cant sleep I hear the floors creek 
I feel shadows in my room 
My friends find another bruise 
Imma end up on the news 
I just dont know what to do 
God Im calling you 
Send an angel send two 
I want a move but Im trapped in the outer room 
I know you hear me, clearly Im weary 
Come and fill me with your power heal me 

It seems impossible for me to let this go 
Feel like an animal, I'm ready to lose control 
Take everything you need, take every part of me 
Take every part of me give me some room to breathe 
Before I lose control

I got to get away 
Got a break away 
Save Me 
Got to find a way

Manafest - Never Let You Go (Lyrics)

Official War of Change Music Video by Thousand Foot Krutch

Speaking in Tongues Medical Study proves Holy Spirit praying

Speaking in Tongues Medical Study proves Holy Spirit praying


>.do you speak in tongues, as given by the holy spirit?

Whiteheart -- Who Owns You

White Heart - Love Calling


Whiteheart - The Cry

i just love this  (short, terse, powerful)

WHITEHEART 11 How Many Times Seventy Times Seven)

WHITEHEART 04 Fly Eagle Fly

Miley Cyrus - Adore You (Lyrics) [HD]

a really great love song, from a controversial, yet-loveable singer♥

Skillet - Open Wounds lyric music video

Skillet - The Older I Get

Skillet - A Little More (Lyrics)

The Older I Get by SKillet Lyrics

Skillet - Those Nights Lyrics

Relient K Softer to Me w/ Lyrics

January 12, 2014

Comet ISON Debris Trail "7 Days Of Passage Also 7 Days Of Mourning Sharon


Ariel Sharon Meets Dr. Lester Sumrall (Rockets Fired At Israel)

Miraculous Healing in Jesus Stuns Israelis - Israel Today | Israel News

Miraculous Healing in Jesus Stuns Israelis - Israel Today | Israel News

Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri's Deathbed Prophecy ~ Revelation of Jewish Messiah...

Ariel Sharon's Death As Rabbi Kaduri Prophecy Unfolds!

The 108 Year Old Rabbi Kaduri prophesied that at Sharon's death Jesus Christ Will Come Shortly

Former Witch speaks of his powers to do evil using AstroProjection, Spel...

this man knows a lot

Jesus allowed me to see hell, and warn the world, Hepzibah

this is what she saw & experienced... it is your choice to believe any of it or not..it's ok to ask  questions, always!

2014 Drinks With Crowder & Friends

unconventional preacha

January 9, 2014

Of Eyes That See - Empty Shadows (Video Letra) Traducido Español [Lo Más...

Deftones - "Swerve City" (Official Video)

(Not a 'religious/christian' song)...i just like this...sorta like listening to the voice of God i guess....fun, intense song!

U2 - Magnificent (Live from Somerville Theatre)

very invigorating!@

Voice of Truth lyrics - CASTING CROWNS

Casting Crowns - Praise You In This Storm (Lyrics)

Mutemath - "In No Time"

Where's your heart gone.....? and where's your soul?
Where did all of your faith go?
And WHERES that old spark a failure stole!?
Well I bet we find it in no time at all

We'll find it in no time
We'll find it in no time
We'll find it in no time 
We'll find it in no time at all

Wheres your nerve gone and heres your hope
Wheres that Sunrise you've been waiting for
And WHERES that one day you counted on
Well I bet we find it in no time at all

We'll find it in no time
We'll find it in no time
We'll find it in no time 
We'll find it in no time at all

When the walls start falling on the world you have
Just hold tight, in no time, we can get it back

When the skies come crashing on the world you have
Just hold tight, in no time, we can get it back

"Electrify" by MuteMath

a love song, i think!

King of Glory (Interlude) - Live Worship feat. Mutemath

It Can't Rain Everyday-P.O.D.

P.O.D - Goodbye For Now [+ LYRICS]

P.O.D - Youth Of A Nation Lyrics

January 8, 2014


i have a confession to make.

i am evil.

i am still a wretched sinner.
i am not holy,
i am not living as jesus would have me to.
i am a hypocrite.
i am living a lie,.
i am living a double life,.
i have another side to me.
it is not good.
it is selfish.
i am very vain
i have my own 'agenda'.
i am doing detrimental things.
i have 'secret' sins.
i have never been delivered from such things.
i am in addiction.
i have lust.
i have anger,
i have rage.
i have jealousy.
i have malice.
i have unforgiveness.
i have sex addiction , in my mind
i am trying to be honest now.
i do not want to hurt god
i am living a lie
i am not a good person
i am not a role model
i am not worthy to do this
i cannot pretend
my life is chaos
i need a break
i need to get well, be free, be myself

maybe i'll shut this writing thing down for awhile (for ever?)
maybe someone else can take it over
i will see what happens  thank you all for reading
i may put on  a few more messages, songs, etc...but i probably need to stop for a rest


"Say Hello 2 Heaven" - Chris Cornell

not a 'christiansong per se (or is it?)  i just love it, whatever it is!!

Demon Hunter - "My Heartstrings Come Undone" ( lyrics )

Falling up - " Searchlights " (indoor soccer version0

just let me know--

"Treason" - Kutless

i do the things i now i shouldn't

Kutless - 'Troubled Heart"

A screaming man falls to his knees
His broken heart, inflicts the pain
He's withdrawn, no one knows his name
One mistake, now he's lost in shame

Amidst the pain, you're not alone
Though you can't see through the haze
His eyes of love are staring down
And He feels your troubled heart

Yes it's true, that someone cares
Your perfect friend, never leaving you
Strength is gone and you're feeling cold
You will know the truth that He told

Amidst the pain, you're not alone
Though you can't see through the haze
His eyes of love are staring down
And He feels your troubled heart

By Your grace You repair the broken pieces within
Somehow You take a man and make something more out of him

Amidst the pain, you're not alone
Though you can't see through the haze
His eyes of love are staring down
And He feels your troubled heart

Kutless - Perspective *

Fireflight - "For Those Who Wait"