May 23, 2017

MESSAGE: "Analyze This"

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."  -- John 1:1


"Can you comprehend the *beginning*?
Can you begin to understand the meaning of *creation*?
Do you know what is to be ... what was .... and what is?
Are you not shielded from deep comprehension?
Do you not recognize your own humanity?  your utter weakness?

How was the earth created?  do you know?
How do the stars hang in the sky?
Where exactly does the wind come from?
Can you number the stars?  (I can!)
Do you name the stars?
Do you dare to claim the universe as your own?
What exactly is *beyond space* ... or beyond your knowledge of the galaxies? Do you even pretend to know?

Just as a newly born baby has no knowledge of where it came from, so is your origin.
Human birth is one of My mysteries.
I create ... and I destroy.
I give the breath of life ... and I take it away.
Do you not realize ALL is in My control?
I am omnipotent:  all - powerful!

When man seeks to analyze and dissect My Supremacy, the efforts always leave a degree of dissatisfaction.
I am BEYOND finding out!
I am the holder of the eternal, Holy mysteries.
I am that I am! I AM.

My ways are past finding out, though humanity strives to see how I  do things. My Sovereignty is for you to learn to trust ... not to worry about!
Humanity alone is fragile and hopeless ... but when united in trust with its Creator, becomes strong, victorious, happy, and secure.

Trust in Me, for I have created you."

##### spiritually 'dictated' on 10/31/2002

U2 - Walk On

what you got, they cannot steal it;

they can't even feel it...walk on...

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in Him was life

in Him was life