February 6, 2015

MESSAGE "Many Will Stumble" {repost}

"Many will stumble. Many will fall. You will stumble and you will fall. Do you stay down or do you get back up? Do you rest and recover or do you 'jump the gun' before you are ready?

All must be done in My timing. I have seasons for everything. Not all is as you expect or predict. My ways, My times ... are not are not (as) your ways or your times. Let Me be God.

If you follow Me, you will be shown the way. If you resist My leadings, then you will go astray...you will go off the path. When you refuse to obey Me (and My laws) ...( the) you are 'out on your own'. Yes, I am watching you, but I wait for you to acknowledge Me and My place in your life.

Many 'sheep' have gotten lost, hurt, even killed; when they 'went their own way'.


Sheep! I call my sheep! Listen! Listen for Me! Become quiet, and in silence you will hear Me. I will call you. I am your Shepherd. You know My voice.

I care for My sheep. I will lead you to where I am ... to My pastures. I love My sheep and (have) laid down My life for them (My sheep).

(The) sheep follow their shepherd. He leads them in to a safe place. He guides them by night and feeds them by day. He is at watch in the night and on alert for any danger. He 'runs off' the wolves: the enemies and predators.

The Good Shepherd can recognize His sheep and a false sheep He will expose and eject from His fold. (For many wolves wear sheep's clothing and try to 'get in' to the fold to destroy.)


Yes, I lead My flocks to higher ground...to walled fortresses...to strong towers. I defend them and I care for them. They are Mine."

***Continued ...

"I nurse them back to health when they are sick. I stay near the ones who are suffering and are weak. I feed the starving sheep. I direct the steps of My flock. I show them the safe routes and the places of hiding.

If needed ... I hide them ... until the danger has passed. They are under My protection.

Yes, the sheep (may) cost Me My life ... but I willingly lay down My body for the flock. This is the life of a true shepherd.

A hireling will run in sight of danger. He will leave the sheep defenseless ... without a leader. Sheep with no shepherd. This is not good.

Once left vulnerable, the sheep becomes easy prey for (the) ravening wolves and beasts. The ones first attacked are the weak ones ... (and) the older ones ... the sickly ones ... the young, fragile ones. With no strong shepherd to cover (protect) them, they are 'open targets'. SO IT IS WITH MY HUMAN CHURCH!

The shepherds leave their flocks defenseless, open to attack, trembling with anxiety...alone.

Neglected, abandoned flocks are all over. Shepherds are (mere) 'figure heads'. Many have the title (of shepherd) ... but lack the heart. To be a true shepherd, a man needs My heart  ... My love ... My mercy ... My strength ... My wisdom ... My discerning eye ... My power ... My compassion.

The false shepherds (pastors, prophets, teachers) will leave the flocks. They are only there for a paycheck; for the money ... and the 'prestige'. Most false shepherds are controlling, liars, sinful; full of lusts - greedy lusts; empty words, flashy (and/or condemning) personas (appearances).

Their idea of 'church' is a show. They put on a show every week and collect 'ticket' money.

The false shepherds fear the enemy. They have no power over the enemy. They cower in fear when real danger approaches. These frauds will be exposed for what they are.


The negligent, evil, false shepherds will receive (the) greater condemnation. They are liars, frauds, angels of darkness disguised as ministers ... they are most evil.

They will receive according to their evil deeds. Unless repentance is evidenced, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for the false shepherds among you. Repent." ©

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in Him was life

in Him was life