April 11, 2014

Alive - Adelitas Way (Lyric Video)

RED ---- Perfect Life

August Burns Red "Count It All As Lost" Lyric Video

The Overseer - Fragile Wings

"be still my weary soul / its time to let go / rid me of this torture - awake me from this dream / or rid me of my own breath / if you cant mend these wings...GLORY THINK OF ME"

The Overseer - Scarlet Wool

Demon Hunter - I Will Fail You (Lyrics)

Wolves At The Gate - Sleepwalking (Blindside Cover)

Demon Hunter - I Will Fail You

Audio Adrenaline - Some Kind Of Zombie

Tremble - Audio Adrenaline

The Alarm - Strength (with lyrics)

The Alarm - The Day The Ravens Left The Tower

Could Nevada Ranch Standoff be the next Waco Tragedy? | Police Beat

in Him was life

in Him was life