January 1, 2014

"Pull Me Out" by Bebo Norman

The 700 Club - Jan. 1, 2014

a ghost hunter, medium, witch gets scared by a demon, starting at the 16:55 mark


these guys are reaching out to a lot of people

MESSAGE "Let's Talk"

3:10am  1/1/2014

"Glorious things are coming .... glorious times are coming. I see it ... I see it coming, says the Lord. I am your miracle maker, your healer for all time.  I am the ancient of days ... the all-knowing, all-seeing God. I am YOUR God. I am FOR you, My people, My children.

Let's go for a walk together.  Let's talk. Let's relax as friends. Let's communicate. Let's be on an intimate level of communication. Let's talk!

I can show you things you've never dreamed of.  I can take you places you've never known, never heard of. I can give you ideas. I can make you laugh ... and cry.  I can lift you up ... and bring you down.  I can show you love ... and let you feel loneliness. I am all of that ...  and, I am  everything you need.


Friends tell each other secrets. I can tell you My secrets.  I can give you My hidden knowledge. I can open your eyes, to see unimagined sights.  I can show you spiritual truths you've yet to conceive.

I can open your ears to hear. I can open your hearing ... so that you may hear things of the Spirit.  I can show you places, things ... that matter to Me.  


We will move forward together, as one unit.  IF My followers, My seekers, My dear ones ...  will just let themselves be open to Me .. .we can (could) go far.  I have much to tell, to show, to teach.


Consider.  Think.  Meditate.  Ponder.  Search. Question.  Study.  Hunger. Thirst.  Pray. Talk to Me. Listen.  Wait.  


Yes, it is a new day, a new dawn, a new year ... upon the earth.  I see it.  I know it.  I am well aware of your times.


? Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but I will help you through them all.  This year will be a new walk, a new look, a new adventure.  But, with all the glorious happenings, there will be troubles as well. No one is exempt from affliction, nor persecution, if they follow Me.  My way is fraught (full) of dangers, perils, pit-falls, hurdles, diversions, obstacles, hidden plots, satanic interference, hindrances, sabotage, attacks of every kind, and ... discouragement.

Discouragement is the worst evil. It breeds despair, hopelessness, futility of mind and body.  It wearies, it kills the soul.  It drains of energies, of emotive power. It brings you down.  It takes away your confidence, your hope, your motivations.  It is an assault of mind, body and spirit. It is extremely destructive.  

Hope is essential to faith.  Discouragement seeks to kill faith.  Be aware of this.  Fight it off! Resist it! Refuse to entertain it. Give it NO PLACE!  

I understand there will times of 'woe' ... of sorrow, of grief, of depression.  These are part of life. (I know, I know ... I was called the 'man of sorrows'.)

I am trying to show you how this strong means of attack operates:  it's 'modus operandi'.  It tries to sap your life force away.  It attempts to remove all your hopes, dreams, goals, impetus.  It is a killer. It is fatal, if followed. Learn to drive it out of your minds!


? Build up each other in Holy fear.  When you are in My presence you may sense this 'fear' ... this 'awe' ... this 'holy terror'. It is not a fear of man, it is an awe-inducing emotion,  resulting from My Godliness, My ultimate holiness, and My  inexplicable Splendor and Majesty.  it is indescribable in human terms. You know it when you feel it ... when you are in my immediate proximity, in My 'Holy of Holies' domain of Spirit!

The fear of God, of Me ... is the beginning of wisdom.  You will be wiser if you indeed  'fear'  Me ... if you -respect and honor and appreciate - My power, My glory .... My deep, deep love for all mankind!

My 'fear' is not as yours .... and it is not as the devil's. The devil comes to destroy, to kill, to hurt for his own sadistic pleasure. He loves to maim, torture, wound, confuse, terrify, mock, ridicule, condemn, gloat, deride, show malice, reject, abandon, lie to, slander, harass, abuse, use, exploit, harm, scare, and bully -- all human beings. It is his 'work'... and he 'enjoys' it. He thrives on hurting you.  He loves to hurt Me .... so he hurts Me ...  by harming you.


So what is the point of this message, you say?  It is meant to give you hope  ...  hope with Me, for I indeed have your best interests in My heart.  It is also to remind you that I have a beneficial 'fear' ... and your enemy has a detrimental, satanic fear.  We are polar opposites.

So, let this be another time to remember (that) I  love you. I do. I am here for you, anytime.  I am on your side.  If God is for you, then who can be against you? I am your Victor.  I will win the race, and you will be with Me.  We will share the spoils, the rewards, the prizes;   of our sweet victory. 

Walk on.  Walk with Me."

#####end of message

modus operandi =   method of operating or functioning
inexplicable = difficult or impossible to be explained or understood


Isaiah 53:3a   "He is despised and rejected of men:  a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief..."

in Him was life

in Him was life