April 11, 2013

MESSAGE "No One Available"

~~~ from 11/2/2007 @ 4:17am ...Words of the prophetic Holy Spirit of Jesus

"I have searched high and low and have not found a man to stand in the gap.

The laborers truly are few ... are scattered ... are under- trained;  even untrained.

Few will cry.  Few will cry out to Me.  Few care.  Hearts have grown cold, calloused, hardened.

Such is the time .... a time of cold hearts;  hardened hearts.  This is a season of love grown cold, of compasssion wearing thin.

The lack of love concerns Me.  I need love to express Myself fully.

(For)) I AM love.  My faith works by love.  My signature, as it were, is love.  My people need My love, and the world thirsts for this love.


Whom will I send (to tell My good news) if no one cares?  If there is no love, no empathy, no compassion; then how can My people represent Me?

 (For) without love you are nothing.

If you have giftings, talents, skills, honors, degrees, educations, wealth and such;  yet lack love, then it is all in vain.  It is all worthless.  Rubble.  Trash.  Of no consequence. 

4:27am  -pause-

So, seek out My love, if you are so inclined.  I will be found of those with honest hearts.  I will show My love to (the) hungry hearts.


Desperation.  Are you DESPERATE to find Me?


Are you diligent?  Are you persistent?  Are you tired  of empty religion;  of *status quo*?

Are you ready for change;  for revolution?
{Writer's note:  "revolution" implies a change ... NOT violence}


Who do you say that I am?  Who am I to you?  Am I merchandise?  A cute baby?  A dead Saviour on the cross?  A weak, powerless puff of a man?  A great teacher?  A mild poet?

(Again I say) WHO am I to you?


Who am I in your life?

Who am I to you?  Do you know?  Do you truly know Me?  Do you care?  Do you really care?

My love is from above.  I am from Above.  I am NOT of this world.  I am eternal.  I live beyond time.

-pause- 4:35am

Stand back and re-think your perception of Me ... of the Trinity.  I am MORE than you know.


Infinity describes Me.   I am infinite.  I am PAST finding out.  My ways and thoughts are higher than the earthly.  My kingdom is not of the temporal:  not of time.

I am eternal, and inhabit My own time sequences.  I see history played out before Me ... yet I (also) know the ending.

 I see the panorama of time;  of history.


Before *time* ever was, I am.  (I WAS.)  I *invented* times, seasons, days, nights.  My creation demands time.  It is vital to growth;  to order;  to acomplish;  to record and count.

But in the eternal phere, time (as you perceive it) is irrelevant.

Heaven's *time* will be of no consequence:  it will be unlike anything ever experienced!  My times will be orchestrated as I will, for My great pleasure.  My people will revel - will relish -  My time.

Time with Me will be delightful, even fanciful.  We will thoroughly enjoy ourselves and will be renewed... refreshed .... reinvigorated beyond belief.


Heaven's scent is one of pure life ... of Holy purity ... of freshness and cleansing.  The Heavenly aroma is unlike all others:  Holy and pungent.  My fragrance is life-giving;  life-evoking.


The glory of My abode is unparalleled.  Nothing compares.  All earthly structures pale in comparison.

My temple is awe-inspiring ... majestic.  It is full of light, for I am light.  It is dazzling, resplendent, glorious,  No darkness dwells within My gates.

The walls emanate (My) glory.  Sparkling, dazzling, glittering, bright, supreme."

#######  Message ended @ 4:54am

in Him was life

in Him was life