February 21, 2013

MESSAGE "Dance/Dance/Dance"

~~~ from 5/3/2000 

{These words came into my mind and I wrote them down...}
>>>He (God) didn't mean to just dance for five minutes on Sunday morning...Dance all the time!  Praise him in the dance! Be a fool for Christ!  Be free in his love and freedom!  ENJOY your salvation!  Enjoy your new life!


Psalm 149:3  "Let them praise His Name in the dance..."


"The devil would rob you of your joy ... but I have given you joy ... My gift of joy!  Joy that is unspeakable  and full of glory!  (* unspeakable = inexpressible, devoid of human description)

 Who cares what man says?  Who cares what your thoughts say?  Who cares what the devil says?  (That stupid old thing...he'll be OUT-OF-THE-PICTURE soon!)

Get ready ... I am coming on the scene in a BIG-TIME way ... to instill joy in God's people.  (And, in yourself..!)


For the enemy plans to destroy you.  He loves to hurt.  He is a thief and a killer and a destroyer...and most of all:  a liar.

 HE is the one who mocks you and humiliates you:  in your mind, and through the lips of others ... especially church people.  He loves to work through your brothers and sisters.


I speak your language.  I am in the music.  I am in the dance.  I am in the sky.  I am in the wind.  I am in the rain.  I am in the trees.  I am in the animals.  And... I am in the people who've known Me...and tried to find Me.

I am found.  You have found Me.  You have found Me AGAIN ... And I WILL be here for you.  I am not a God that is afar off... I am near.

You will recognize and hear My voice in many ways.  Do NOT limit Me .. for it will limit YOU.

 Read My Word, My words;  for yourself.  Seek My heart.  I am still a God of mercy, truth, and lovingkindness.

You KNOW when you are near Me.  You sense My Presence and My joy and excitement.  (That is why the distractions are so strong.  But MY life for you is much more fun than the enemy's plan.")



 John  10:10     "The thief comes not but to steal and to kill and to destroy. I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."

Psalm 149:3   "Praise... Him... in the dance."

video~ (" Dance ") - David Crowder Band


MESSAGE "Live In My Love"

~~~ from 6/3/2000 @ 1:10am

"Listen, My child, and I will speak.

You are anxious and fretful over many things.  (This is your nature.)  Do not be anxious. LIVE IN MY LOVE.

My love casts out (gets rid of, softens the effects of) all fear.  Did I not give you My Spirit?  My Spirit is your counselor.  He is your Comforter.  (It is He that speaks to you now.)  He will lead you into all truth:  the truth of My love that sets you free!  He will also show you things to come.


I do not hate you when you sin.  I hate the way the sin controls and destroys your trust.  I hate seperation between us because of sin.  By My Spirit, sin will be abolished in your life.  As you yield more and more to Me, the *draw and pull* of sin and worldly atractions wiill grow less and less.  (Of course the enemy will try his hardest now and then, but I will be victorious for you!)


Relax and let My Spirit dance in you!{within your spirit}. Laugh, as you have been. (In My Spirit)  Create.  Learn, learn more of Me.... for the more you know (of My Truth), the more you'll know that I love you deeply.


Picture yourself sticking (as) close to Me as you can.  That way the enemy can't get between us.

I know you  usually can only picture love as (with) a little puppy or a dog or a kitten or your baby son... or a little bird or a baby animal or your infant nieces.  Yes, this is love ... but I am MORE.


 The world, church, (and even yourself), will misunderstand Me and My methodry.  I work differently in different people.  Did I not create individuals?  Yet, this is not an excuse to sin and put up stumbling blocks to others.

Use  your freedom wisely.  don't cast pearls before swine ... those who've yet to know me and My freedom.  Be cautious of religiousity and *mainstream* (so-called) christianity.  I am looking for LOST sheep ... not those who staunchly believe thaey are *righteous* (and are not!)  Beware of pharisaical *family values*."


{Writer's thoughts:

This warns of *religious* people who know nothing of God's true nature, and are not born of His Spirit. You will know His followers by their LOVE and their love for the truth.  Yhey will be humble, self-depreciative, voluntarily obedient, generous, joyful, patient, kindhearted,  (and) will admit when they are wrong, will be forgiving, and will try to be like Jesus Christ.

They will flee (run) from man-made religions that don't line up with the Word (Bible) and the Spirit of God. The Holy Ghost is liberty...freedom!

They (true believers) will also suffer, be persecuted, , nd will have times of sorrow, rejection, and intense loneliness.  They may sin at times, but-  will then experience some degree of conviction, remorse, and repentance.

A floower of Jesus Christ will be NOT OF THIS WORLD:  and will often appear *foolish* to society.  Most will be mocked and often ostracized for their beliefs.

It is difficult to live in the Light and in the Truth!  It is easy to live in sin and darkness.  The entire world may believe differently...but a Spirit-led believer of the Messiah will KNOW the truth of God ... by the witness of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible says that where the Spirit of the Lord is...there is liberty!  Look for that liberty.  Worship Him in freedom and in His love, truth, and righteousness.

P/.S.  WE are not perfect ... but HE is! We pray that he will make us more kllike Him! We love him, because He first loved us!}

MESSAGE " On a Cloud"

~~~ from 5/28/2000 @ 11:54am

"I sat on a cloud.  I looked down at the earth.  I looked for a righteous man, but found none.  I looked for an intercessor ... and I found none.  I looked for one to love Me totally, and I found none.

I did see sin.  I saw that man was BUSY.  He was busy loving others and other things.....instead of Me. I saw him loving his sin... and loving his world.  I saw his children as he was.

There was no one to pray ... no one to read My Word ... and no one to love Me.    I was lonely.  I cried.  I called and I called, but no one answered.

The voices of their world overpowered My voice.  I couldn't find My children.

They were lost."

-from the Father


MESSAGE "Oracle"

~~~ from 2/15/1998

"Open your mouth and I will fill it ... I will give you My words to speak.  SPEAK FORTH THE ORACLES OF GOD.  Speak forth the words of life.  Let the joy of the Lord flow through you.  Let others see your testimony.  Let My light shine brightly through your earthen vessel.  Don't hide My light, My candle;   under a bushel.


Creation is My doing.  I am Creator.  Nothing is too difficult for Me.  I am the great I Am.  My Word is pure.  My Word is true.  I speak, and creation begins.  I perform My Word.  I finish all that I began.  I am the Author and the Finisher.  I am Alpha and Omega:  first and last.


My name is Jesus.  I and the Father are one.  Those who have seen Me have seen the Father.  My Spirit is Me.  My Spirit bears witness with your spirit that you are My child.  Welcome My Spirit.  Welcome Him!


Answer not a man according to his folly.  In doing so, you fall into the same pit ... the same snare ... he is in.  Keep your speech of few words.  Be wise with your conversations.

Edify your mouth(s).  Let your language build up the hearer.  Refuse to entertain slander, gossip, angry quarrelling, and so forth.

Resist the enemy and he will flee.  SUBMIT TO ME. Submit your mouth to Me.  I WILL MAKE YOU GENTLE AS YOUNG LAMBS, AND OTHER TIMES;  BOLD AS LIONS.

I yearn to hear your praise to Me.  I listen and wait for your praise.  I know it is for your edification, your protection, and, mostly;  to draw you nearer to Me.


Pray, pray.  Speak, speak.  Speak to Me.  Pray to Me.  Let your prayer language flow unhindered by earthly diversions.  Your prayer closet is for you.  It is for you to know Me, to see Me as I am ... to realize I am your Friend.

Begin your life of praise and prayer AGAIN.  I will bless your effort.  I will reward you.  I will visit you with My presence.  This is My promise to you ... and to all My children."


MESSAGE "Not Alone"

~~~ from10/10/2002

"My ways are not your ways, and My thoughts are not your thoughts... for as the heavens are high above the earth, so are My thoughts concerning you."  (paraphrase from Isaiah 55:8,9)


"My plans, My desires for you far exceed your own expectations.  I AM able to do exceeding, abundantly ABOVE all that you could (ever) ask or think!

Genuine faith demands a genuine God.  Don't believe the lies of all the false *gods* and the world's misconceptions.  Don't listen to your own mind .... for it will readily deceive you over and over.

Did I not say  to *cast down  ALL vain, useless imaginations* and thoughts?  Each thought that is not consitent with My Word and My character must be refused.  Block it from entering your mind. Fight (those) lying thought patterns with a NEW pattern:  THE PATTERN OF MY WORD WRITTEN IN YOUR HEART.

You are not alone in this venture.  My Holy Spirit is available to assist you at all times.  My Word is powerful:  USE IT!  Cleanse your mind regularly with My Word.  Purify your heart continually, with My promises to you."


video ~ "Background " - Lecrae (featuring C-Lite)

"I'm not that impressive...matter of fact, I'm who I are...A trail of stardust leading to the Superstar"

video~ "Better Than Drugs" - Skillet

The Holy Spirit can get you higher than any drug

in Him was life

in Him was life