January 23, 2013

"Don't Stop Believing"

{I keep 'hearing' in my mind/spirit:  You will always face opposition.}


"You will always face opposition.  Opposition comes in many forms.  You know who your main opponent is. { Satan }  He will one day be a forgotten memory.  His days are numbered...by Me.


Opposition often becomes persecution.  As I { Jesus, apparently } was persecuted, so will My followers.  If they hated Me, they will also hate you.  Do  not be amazed by this fact.  It is a fact of discipleship under Me.  A hard truth.

Opposition may be blatant or subtle.  It may be obvious, or disguised.

Open attacks hurt as much as stealth:  the damage is the same.

Doubt and unbelief are opponents to your faith.  (Fear and worry also.)


When you make a public stand for Me, you WILL be attacked.  When you repent and turn from a sin, you WILL be attacked.  When you love, hatred will try to intervene.

When you give,  fear will come.  When you testify, circumstances will try { test } you.

When you study My Word { Bible }, distractions WILL arise.    When you determine to stay focused, your thoughts WILL drift..  Such is the battle of all My disciples.

-pause-  5:54am

Development of character takes time, patience, endurance, determination, and living with hard truth(s).  Be assured, intense opposition will surface ... in ongoing attempts at character assasination.  The enemy { devil } knows his target.  He is out to steal your credibility ... and to kill your reputation ... and to destroy your integrity.
  He is a professional *hit man*.   He loves to bring down My name and My people.


{ Now speaking in *second Person* }

Despite brutal opposition, your Father { Father God } has it all in His control.  He will subdue the evil one.  His purposes will NOT prosper.  He will be defeated eternally.  His doomed fate awaits.

The battle belongs to the Lord.  He is your strong tower, your refuge, your cleft in the rock, your shield, your fortress.


God is greater than the devil.  He is Most High, King of kings, Lord of lords...Almighty.  To Him belongs ALL:  all power, all authority, all dominion.  He is the King Eternal, King of Glory.  Majesty and honour belong to Him.


Truth deters the enemy's lies.  Wisdom blocks confusion.  From heartfelt prayer, comes clarity and renewed strength.  Assurance and hope repel fear and worry.  Anointing breaks strongholds.  Love covers a multitude of sins.  Forgiveness quells (stops) bitterness.

Praise lifts melancholia and depression.  Prophecy gives direction and stamina (endurance).


Joy will set you free.  Mercy calms storms of dissent.  (dissension)  Peace is the road to glory.  Salvation rescues from damnation, separation, and despair.

Patience is a most potent weapon.  With patience, one possesses (has control of) their very soul.

Generosity cures selfish greediness.


(The) fear of God, Most High;  is a weapon  against all sin, all carnality.  Reverence of YAHWEH (G-D) dispels flippant disregard of Him.  Awe and wonder destroy mediocrity and tedium.
  Signs, wonders, and marvels are the answer to pride, arrogancy, disbelief, and religiousity (traditions of men).

-pause- 5:14am

A soft answer turns away wrath.  A gift pacifies hostility.  Kindness repels hostility.  A quiet and gentle spirit will ward off great anger.  Hatred cannot stand before humility and compassion. 

Grace defies sin.  (Where sin did abound, grace did MUCH MORE abound.)

Holiness displays the nature of Father God.  Righteousness attracts power and might.  Justice overshadows crime, cruelty, and violence.  God's favor cures rejection and abandonment.


Holy Spirit quiets the restless mind.  His Holy Word displaces disordered psyches (mindsets, emotions).

His Holy Presence scatters His foes.  The darkness flees from the light.

Gentleness rids harshness.  Self-control overcomes lusts of (the) flesh.  Spirit of God replaces spirits of devils.  (Death is swallowed up in victory.)

In Him is life.  (In Jesus is life.)  Life destroys death.  Eternal life does away with death's sting.  (Jesus removes fear of death from us.)


Envy is overtaken by empathy.  Jealousy falls down before agape love of others. (Agape love = God's unconditional love.)

Pride dies before meekness and surrender.  Obedience (with trust) defies rebellion and witchcraft. Before honour comes, there must be humility.  A broken spirit vanquishes (ends, extinquishes)  arrogancy and selfish ambition.

Wisdom and knowledge from (the) Most High will protect from foolishness.  Diligence is the solution to idleness.  Determination gets rid of detraction, distraction, and straying . (Set your face like flint.)

Good works leave no time for evil works.  Worship opens closed doors.


Prayer shuts the mouths of lions...of naysayers, of skeptics, of agnostics, of hardcore atheists, of hardened criminals, of hard-hearted humanists, of pagans, of heathen, of false teachers ...and of all deceivers.  (Prayer WITH faith.)

Miracles, spectacles, Godly astonishments, feats of strength, exploits, phenomena, mighty displays of God's power...(all) are weapons of warfare.  The Creator's supernatural  supply of *Holy barrage* are no match for the enemy's TOOLS.  (There is no comparison.)

The Almighty has many Heavenly weapons available to Him.  His weaponry is top-notch:  well suited to designated battles.

His cadre is full.  His sword has been shined, furbished, sharpened.  It is glistening and tempered.


(The) #1 battle implement is the Word of God.  It is quick (alive), powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword.

The Word is sent as needed, and as called for.  Angels hearken (listen for) to the Word from their General (God).  The Word runs very swiftly and does whatever it is purposed for.  It does not return void (empty, useless.)
The Word cuts through hard and dark places. The Word severs demonic ties.  The Word brings renewed lives, enlightened minds, and refreshed bodies.

The Word gives strength.  And hope.  And correction.


The Word warns.  God uses His Word to teach us about Him.  He is in the Word...in the words.  Jesus IS The Word...the Living, alive Word of God.  (The) Holy Spirit quickens (makes alive) the Holy Word.

The letter (law) kills (condemns)...but the Spirit brings (gives) life (hope/revelation/salvation.)

***** 5:59am

God's spiritual armor is vital to warding off the dark attacks.

Be aware of the armor (protective provisions) your Father in Heaven has provided.

***Put on (use, believe, appropriate):

*Helmet of salvation  =  Be saved and be assured you are saved;   don't let devil condemn you

*Loins girded with truth  =  Truth brings freedom and power;  the devil (liar) loves to twist the truth.  Seek truth with mercy.

*Feet shod with (the) preparation of the Gospel  =  Know the Gospel:  the *good news* of Jesus...He saves, heals, and delivers.  He died so we can live forever with Him.

*Shield of faith =  Faith based on Word, obedience.

*Sword of Spirit =  The Word of God, quickened by the Holy Spirit;  most powerful.

***** 5:57am

Trust.  Yield.  Believe.  Persist.  Endure.  Try again.  Forgive.  Never stop.  Be diligent.  Fight.  Run.
Walk.  Rest.  Show mercy.  Love.  Lead.  Follow.  Submit to God.  Study.  Help others.  Give.

Sing.  Dance.  Praise.  Give Him your true worship.  Dare to obey.  Have patience.  Test the spirits.  Hold fast to truth.  Show mercy.

Have the compassion of the Messiah.  Be a real Samaritan.  Be a Nazarene.  Be humble.  Be radical, within God's will.

Hear His voice.  Learn His Word.  Be filled, filled, filled...with His Holy Spirit of grace.  Seek forgiveness.  Seek His favor.

Seek HIM.  Seek Jesus.  When you seek Him, you will find Him.  The battle is essentially His."


Transcribed spiritually;   writing for 1 hour, 17 minutes (4:43am - 6:02 am)


blatant = completely obvious, conspicuous, or obtrusive

subtle = so slight as to be difficult to detect or describe; elusive

melancholia =  mental disorder characterized by severe depression, guilt, hopelessness, and withdrawal

dissent  = to differ in opinion or feeling; disagree

tedium = boredom;  weariness

mediocre =  ordinary;  average

marvel  =  something that causes wonder, admiration, or astonishment; a wonderful thing; a wonder or prodigy

detraction  = t he act of detracting or taking away;  derogatory or damaging comment on a person's character or reputation

naysayer =  to oppose, deny, or take a pessimistic or negative view of;  refusal; denial

spectacle  =   something that can be seen or viewed, especially something of  remarkable or impressive nature;   a public performance or display, especially one on a large or lavish scale

barrage =  a heavy barrier of artillery fire to protect one's own advancing or retreating troops or to stop the advance of enemy troops

cadre =  a nucleus of trained personnel around which a larger organization can be built and trained

sever  =  cut; separate

loins = womb; the region of the hips, groin, and lower abdomen

gird = to equip or endow;  to prepare (oneself) for action;  to fasten a belt

furbish =  to brighten by cleaning or rubbing;  polish

glistening =  to reflect a sparkling light or a faint intermittent glow; shine lustrously;  sparkling


Ephesians 6:12  "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

~~~from 1/9/2007 @ 4:43am

in Him was life

in Him was life