January 3, 2013

"Like Lightning" Part 4 (Finale)


"He may send out a signal... a sign ... to lead you in... to direct your path toward Him.  He may surprise you. You may hear Him, or see Him, or see His power.....at a time you (may) least expect.  Watch for it.  Watch for Him.

  He is moving upon this earth.  He is not *dead*.  He is not a crazy myth.  He is not a fable, or a children's story.  He isn't a *fairy tale*.  NO!  He is alive.  He is the LIVING GOD who made *you*.   HE MADE YOU.


This God, this Man.... is JESUS.  He walks among us today.... He moves in our midst.

He washes over us as a spring mist, and a wintry breeze.  He thoroughly washes us and gives us new lives, as He renews us with His sparkling effervescent power!

He is like (unto) a fresh mountain stream, gushing forth with mighty force.  He is like a strong, cleansing wind....that powerfully filters out the polluting factors.

  He is a pure God, who (also) makes us pure.  We can be pure again... even the most vile of sinners!  His BLOOD was shed to cleanse us.  It is His way, His doing.  It is His great mystery.

By His power, He causes us to become pure and Holy and forgiven.  It is by His Blood...it is His method.  He is sovereign... above all things.  He has made this way for us... it is our choice to accept His offer or not.  He can make us all HOLY... in His eyes.  This is His plan.


5:52am -pause-

Are you lonely tonight?  Bored?  Tempted?  Frustrated?  Try a new thing.  Turn it all over to the One who made you.  Turn it to Him. Cast all your cares upon Him, because He really cares for YOU.  He really does.  He will work it out.  You and Him.  Together.

Some may mock (you).....others will hate and/or ignore you now.  So be it.  If you desire *another* way... a different path in life... what is it to them?  to anyone else?  This is YOUR life, not theirs.  Let each work out their own salvation (life with Jesus), with fear and trembling...with respect and awe of GOD... and (of) shaking (!) in His presence.


 Yes, there may be some shaking going on.  Many will fall in the close presence of the Almighty.  Some may weep, some may appear as dead men.  Some may shriek (as demons recognize the Saviour)....others  may seem dumb, mute... stupified or paralyzed.  This is not new... it is reaction to My power.... MY BEING.

(My) enemies fall in My presence.  Mountains melt before Me... the skies bark and howl ... the clouds swirl and dash about.  Animals recognize Me... they (may) scurry (jump) aboout  and whine or yelp with excitement.  The weather may be affected by My entrance (into) your atmosphere.  The earth may shake... may tremble... may quake.


When you begin to look for Me, you will begin to see Me.  When you begin to trust Me, you will begin to feel My peace.  When you start to to know Me... you will start to love Me.  As you know more and more... you will love Me more and more.


A caution:  do not suppose (presume) that you know all about Me, about your Lord.  I am "past finding out"... I *am that I am*.   I am above all.... that includes My humans.  That is My order... My way.  Do not fret yourselves over things you cannot control. Put all into My Hands... for, indeed, I truly do have the "whole world in My hands."


5:47am....message ending


effervescent =  frenzy, disorder, disturbance, spasms, bubbling, agitation, ( Holy frenzy!)

frenzy =  excitement, enthusiam, delirum, raving, fury, furor

furor =  craze, mania, hullaballoo, commotion

Toby Mac - Get Back Up (Lyrics)

We all make mistakes...some serious! But...we can all get back up again! Love this song by Toby Mac!

"Like Lightning" Part 3


"Sex should not be *dirty*....nor should it be violent.  Sex is not for abuse, and not for rape.  Sex is not to hurt children, nor to harm anyone at all!  The sexual aspect of your lives has gotten out of control....out of My loving boundaries....out of My will.

The sex act is meant for great rapturous joy.  It is designed specifically for intense feeelings:  both physical and emotional;.  There is also a strong spiritual element.  The two spirits involved become as one body-- one spirit - during the *connection*.

As becoming one person, one spirit....this is serious.  It is a melding (meshing) together.

When one is joined sexually to another, the(their) spiritual selves interconnect and become as a single substance (organism).  That is why  it is important to have only one for your *mate*.

When several people have beeen intimately sexual, then there are soul and spirit connections....this is potentiallly dangerous.  A peron can be affected adversely by their sexual partner's spiritual make-up.

Lust comes in.  Spirits of perversion.  Adultery.  Deviance.  Rape spirits.  Incubus... Succubus.  Many devilish works *come in* as a matter of sexual activity. Be wise.  Beware.  Be careful.


If you have had many of these intimate encounters, be advised to *repent*....to turn away from this.  I say it not to condemn, but to help and to rescue.

 The Devil  loves to hurt you....loves to kill your sexual life... your marriage(s)..... your true love.... your families.  He delights in strong allurements....unbearable urges and tempting visions.  He offers constant *samples* of fleshly desires.... all meant to destroy you.

He will ruin you, if he hasn't already.  It (lust ) is one of  his primary * modus operandis*... a top tool (of his sick methodry of ruination).


Sin is *fun*.... for a time, for a season.  But...it is an illusion, a delusion;  a deceptive, blinding FARCE of life.  It (lust) mocks marriage.  It makes fools of its victims  It leaves (you) empty and hollow.  It breaks up families.  Lives are destroyed in a matter of seconds.

One look. One look of lust can lead to a collapse of a life.  It can corrupt, and it can kill.


  5:05am  {New speaker here}

So, are *we* (humans) hopeless paupers  (beggars) for lust and illlicit (unmarried) sex?  Are we destined for failure....for unending heartbreak?

Is there (any) hope beyond adultery?  Beyond multiple sexual afairs?  Can a prostitute be *saved*? Can a *pimp* know God?  Can a philanderer (a playboy) be set free?  Can a lust-filled man become pure in thought? Can a highly-sexual woman turn to (into/become) a stable, controlled, loving mate to one man?

The answers are *yes*....(with help!)


All things are possible to them that believe. God can make a way in the wilderness.  He can turn dark to light.  He can clean the dirtiest mind!  He can take the *old man* and make him a new creature... a new man.

Anyone can be forgiven of anything. The *amount* of sin is not important.  God can cleanse you.  He loves you.

He can change anyone, anytime... no matter what you've done, or are doing.

 He can help erase years of shame, of embarassment, of *filthy* actions and thinking.

 He knows (that) behind it all is a war... a war in the soul. It causes youn to fall.  The *unclean* spirits make allurements much more enticing...almost unbearable to resist sometimes.

BUT...God is truly stronger than those things.  With Him, you can rise above it all.


{Writer's note:  These things may take time:  years even...or, it could be soon....everyone is different... we all fall and we all are learning.}


The good news is that JESUS came to *set the captives free* , and then...you are *free indeed*!  You become really free... for real.  And, *if* you fall, Jesus is your Mediator.  He will help you to try again and to get back up.  He is your Deliverer.



The power of the HOLY SPIRIT is like dynamite... it will knock down long-established blockages and bondages.  It will destroy evil trappings and demonic holds.

It is the LORD's anointing that makes the difference.  It is a tangible (can be felt)   thing.  It is powerful and It is unmistakable.  When you feel the power of God, you will know it.

 He will be very real to you.  He wants you to know Him... to know He is real... to know He is *for* you.  If God is for you, who can be against you?


Stretch forth your hands, your arms.  Reach up to Him.... He  is waiting for you.  Now is the time.  Now.  He is calling *you* now....today.... tonight. Look for the lightning.  It may be Him....looking for you."


To be continued (long message!)


in Him was life

in Him was life