October 18, 2012



"Follow Me, says the Lord. Follow hard after Me...for it will be worth it. I will reward you. I see your effort and your curiousity. I know your heart, your mind...all your thoughts. I know what you think before it enters your mind. I know what you will say before you think it.  I am *one step*- always- ahead of you.


Do I have your attention yet? Are you angry? Apathetic? Worn out? Overwhelmed? Nervous? Scared? Petrified? 

I say to you, 'Fear not...don't be afraid. I am with you.'  I will hold your right hand and (will) comfort you. I am your Comforter. I am in the Person of (the) Holy Spirit...or the Holy Ghost. I am your "friendly Ghost". I am not out to harm or hurt (you)...but to save, heal, restore, deliver, restore, reconcile, console, affirm, rescue, enlighten.  I am HERE to bring you hope...(even) amidst your tears.

Yes, I have seen your tears...and.... Yes, yes...I have seen your sleepless nights. I HAVE heard your prayers. I am willing to bring My hope to you NOW.



Greater love has no man, than to lay down his life for another...and I have 'lain down' My life for you. I have become a living Sacrifice for YOU.  My death has brought you life. I died...(so) that you may live.  Eternity is not to be feared any longer. Death...has indeed lost its sting. Death is 'swallowed up in victory' by Me. I have overcome the gates of hell...for you...for each of you.

But...you must come to Me. I am calling you. You have been 'drawn' to Me. My purpose is to save. I am come that they (YOU) may have life, and that more abundantly. I am here to offer you My eternal life, as well as a special kind of life here (on earth).

To be 'born again', one must 'repent'...that is, to turn away from their own way(s) ...and then turn TO ME.  TURN TO ME. 

Some of you may need to RE-TURN to Me.  Some have left Me, some have never known Me. I love each of you, with an 'everlasting love'.  I am not willing that any of you should perish. I desire ALL men (humans) to be saved...to be in My eternal *flock*.

Yes, I am the *Good Shepherd*...I lay down my life for My sheep.  I am that Door...the Way into the 'eternal sheepfold'.

You are My 'sheep'.  I am your loving Guide...your Sheep herder!  I am calling you out...to find Me...to come to me...to enter My rest.



Tribulations will come. Troubles will occur. Perilous times are upon you all. But...I have overcome the world. I say, 'Fear not. Fear not. Fear not!'  I WILL help you. I am not a man, that I should lie! I am (of) truth. My spirit is The Spirit of Truth. 

The devil is a liar. Don't listen to him. He will kill you, either in mind...or body...or spirit. He delights to cause destruction....mischief that maims...turmoil that destroys. He is a formidable foe to the human race. He hates you, as he hates Me. He hates My creation...which is you, My world, My creatures.
He is hatred. He is NOT love. He will trick you until the end of your life.  Do not give him your life. See him for what he is. He is a murderer...a liar...a thief... a liar...a the king of all liars. He loves to make a lie and to flaunt it. He makes you to believe him and his lies; which are many, varied stories and teachings. He is the master of confusion.

I am the Author of peace. I bring My peace into the midst of turmoil. I provide ways out. I am THAT PEACE that 'passes understanding'. My peace I give to you....it is not as the world gives. My peace is not of this world! It is supernatually known and received. Ask of Me, ask for My peace. Ask often. Learn of Me, and I will give you My rest.



Surely you want answers,. Some things are not to be known. Some are unknowable.To Me belong the *secret things*. One must give up their torment and hurt...give it to Me...I am waiting. I am a lifelong Companion to those with a broken heart.

Fly with Me on eagle's wings...fly above the fray. Rise up on wings as eagle's. Fly. fly, fly.  Soar above it all. Come away with Me. I am going to fill your empty heart(s) with exhiliration...with life...with My life force! I have strengths and powers (as) yet unknown to man. "


4:13am  End of this message...10/18/2012


in Him was life

in Him was life