September 13, 2012

"A Time Such as This"


"For such a time as this.


"You were born for this time...for this hour. This is your time..your hour...your moment. I am here with you. We are in this together.

Let all creation *look up*...gaze heavenward...(for) soon you shall see Me...I will be within the clouds...coming into your atmosphere.

All flesh shall see Me on that day...even those who pierced Me. All the world will wail and mourn...for it will be a dreadful time. My Day is a day of darkness. It is not a day of frivolity and merry making. My day is one of destruction...of plague...of is My judging.

I will see My creation face-to-face. It wil be a time of unrest, of turmoil. Storms will swirl...lightning will flash mercilessly across the sky. Weep and howl, you richmen, for your richs will not save you in that hour.


Your leaders, kings, dignitaries - will cry out to the rocks to fall upon their heads, to hide them. There will be NO hiding place. I will find you. I will be your enemy. My vengeance has arrived {at this time upon (the) earth.}

No one will help you...none can will be alone....(and) there will be nowhere to run. I will bring you to justice...(to) My table...My bidding..My accountability.


Let the redeemed of the Lord say so...let all who have taken Him as Saviour stand firm in this hour of dread. The dark skies will surround (you)...but His (God's) light will remain. They will occur simultaneously.

My light shines in the darkness.


I will prepare a place for you, My ransomed...My elect..My bride. Come to Me, even now...and be in My care, for you will be unable to care for yourself (any longer). Trust...put full trust onto Me...(for) I will show you (the) way of escape...of release.


A day of howling...of jackals...of comorrants...of (the) screech owl. A time of pain, pressure, distress...(of) troubles yet unknown to man. Yes.

For My Word has told of these times. There is discontent in the the the skies. There is evil intensification...harshness (that) has never yet been imagined, nor seen. Violence. Madness. Cruel reports.


(Again)...let the redeemed of the Lord say so...those who have been rescued from the power of darkness. Let them cling to their Shepherd...the shepherd of their souls...that is I.

I am your Good Shepherd...I will lead (you) through danger, pitfall, diseases, swirling tides, fire storms, thick mists; perilous, dark, evil times. I will be there...I will not forsake (you).


My times are not your times...are not man's times. My clock is ticking...but I record time differently. My hour is nearing, when ALL the world will KNOW (that) I am *Lord of ALL*...when My glory willl be seen, amidst the savagery and pestilence (diseases/destruction). Look up, for your redemption...your rescuing...draws near. It is close now.

Find Me in the prayer your place of communion with Me...I am there...I am is a special place for each of you. Let our times..our moments...our cherished. Let your ears listen. Let your eyes close and see Me...let your words be sprinkled w/My thoughts. I am speaking to your your spirits...and I WILL be heard.

My sheep know Me...they *should* know My voice. Let all who call upon Me discard -turn from- their ways of wickedness...of debauchery (lusts)...of apathetic mental states.

When the enemy comes against you like a flood...I WILL list up a standard against him. In the end, it is I who will proceed is I who will bring you out of the lion's is I who will guard you in the fiery furnace is I who will keep you afloat in the waves...and I will be with you, even unto death.

I am your Guide...even unto death. To your old age, to your grey hairs. I will hold you...I will carry you. You will sit with me in My nest...My place of protection. (like the eagle's aerie, far above the danger.)


You will know when it comes...when the storms begin...when the troubles are mounting...and is the time to ...____________________.

(ended with no word.)"

####### (Message from 9/13/12, ending writing @ 2:01am)


savagery = violent cruelty; savage behavior or nature; barbarity.

debauchery = wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity;
drunken revelry; bacchanalia; saturnalia; orgy; riot;
revelry; unrestrained merrymaking

cormorant = any of various dark-colored web-footed waterbirds that have a long neck, hooked bill, and distensible throat pouch

jackal = Old World nocturnal canine mammal closely related to the dog; smaller than a wolf; sometimes hunts in a pack but usually singly or as a member of a pair

frivolity = giddiness, silliness; an impulsive/scatterbrained manner;
levity; lacking seriousness; something of little value or significance;
fluff; trivial; trifle; something of small importance; acting like a clown; buffoonry; clowning, foolery, tomfoolery, lunacy, craziness, folly, indulgence; foolish or senseless behavior

pestilence = epidemic outbreak of a deadly and highly infectious disease; plague

in Him was life

in Him was life