August 9, 2012

"A Lonely Saviour"

"I am coming to you in a new and glorious way." Scripture reference: "Behold, I will do a new thing..." from Isaiah 43:19


"I am coming to you in a new and glorious way.

Just as seeds sprout and bring forth new bloom, and as fresh water emerges from a (well) spring, and as ...
...the sun rises anew each morning,always with a new view (a brand new outlook)...
so am I coming to you (and to My other children).

Cease from (your) fretful worrying,confusing analogies,and endless inquiry.

Some things lend only to strife,division,conflict,unease.

Set yourself apart with Me...come often to My table.
Dine, as it were, with Me...your loving Host...for I am ever knocking.


Oh, that My children would welcome Me into their daily lives and their celebrations!

Often, I am a lonely Saviour.

Are you puzzled at this statement?
Indeed, I have emotions.I weep, I grieve. I laugh.


I rejoice.

Often I watch My creation as it goes about it's hustle and bustle of daily activity.

Oh, how wonderful if they would think of Me and My love for them...and that they would see Me
as I am.

Send them My love, My child.
Be a vessel, as you are enabled, of My love...My pure love for them...
See them as I see them:
sheep without a Shepherd...wandering and following the crowd.


Many stumble in the darkness of the world. Many fall.
Many weep secret. (Yet, I see and hear: every tear.)

Tell them I see their pain and I hear their weeping.
I am very mindful of their affliction.

Soon I will do a new work. Stand fast and see My glory.
Surrender to Me and to My purposes and you will experience joy unspeakable
(joy beyond words!).


More of Me, less of you. Surrender your sin. Give it over to Me, for I am the One who can set you free completely.

Yes, I am doing a new work: it is soon approaching in it's fullness.


Spirituality will replace sensuality (in MY yielded vessels).
Yes, it is true.


(Note: It's now 12 midnight, Saturday night, Father's Day 6/19/05)


Cast ALL your cares upon Me,for indeed,I do care for you,My child,My children.

Blessed is he who is not offended in Me.

Yet a little while, and I will come to you.

Watch for Me...for My signs.

Yes, I am doing a new thing,and no one will be able to stop it.

I, the Lord, have spoken,and I WILL perform My Word.


Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men. I will show you where to *fish*. I will give you *bait* and *lures*.

You will go into the deep waters: there I will tell you when to *drop your nets*.

Your *catch* will be enormous...when you fish with Me...for I am the Great Fisherman.

I am Lord of the *seas*,the *lakes*, the *streams*.

I cause the *fish* to come to the *nets*.

Let's go *fishing*."

####### Message transcribed via Spirit on June 18 & 19, 2005, by Amlen

in Him was life

in Him was life