April 14, 2017

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Petra - In the Likeness of You

MESSAGE "His Time"

{I got the idea of God/Jesus with a huge clock or watch .... and He was standing near it ... and, looking down at all of us humans ... each of us frantically running about, looking often at our tiny watches, cell phones clocks, etc.}


"There is a time for Me ... and a time for you.
You have your own times, schedules, appointments, etc; ... and I have My own. 
My times are NOT your times. 
I am beyond your comprehension of times.

Look away. 
Look away, unto the horizon.
That is indicative of ME and My times.
It is infinite, ever-reaching, ever-expanding.

It is glorious ... it is Heavenly.

My time is NO time ... in My kingdom, there is no essential, no necessary time. 
I live beyond the outskirts of time ... far over the earthly ... past the limitations of space ... and of time


Step into My presence ... you will see ... you will feel .... you will sense.... you will know.....that there is NO TIME in My presence, in My kingdom...

Time is a man-made necessity ... a way to measure the hours, a way to control, to regulate, to be master of the day. 
My times, My seasons are for dividing dark from light, day from night, season from season, and minute by minute. 
Yet, My methods vary from yours.

I offer limitless time ... as you are in My proximity. 
I allow your earthly time to be absorbed into My celestial time!
I let you feel the freedom, the exhilaration, the repose (rest) ... of My presence upon you. 
Come and be as one with Me, My people, My children, My creation.

Come and rest awhile ... come and be added into My glory ... added into My anointed world ... into My pleasure for evermore!


I, the Lord, offer you peace ...when there is NO PEACE.

I, your Lord, offer you joy, when there is no joy ... and I offer all My fruits,

My gifts, My peace ... My love
... My provision
... My grace 
... mercy, self-control, etc 
... I offer them freely to WHOSOEVER.


(So) let your 'yes' be yes, and let your 'no' be no!
Don't waver ... just take a bold step! 
Take a big leap towards Me ...  fall right into Me ... jump into My glory! 
Jump, run, leap, fall, go, keep going .... head toward me ... (for) I am waiting for you ... I've been waiting all along.

I am your *ABBA*... your Father ...your friend ... your Forever Friend ... who is also your Saviour ... the One who has come, who has been created ... to come and to save you.  

Yes, YOU.

I have come to save that which was lost ... and to destroy the works of the evil one(s). 
I offer up My salvation. 
Yes, salvation. (It is not spoken of, not as much as is needful.)

I offer My sweet salvation ...  My good, good news ... to ALL ...to  every person who has ever lived, who has EVER lived ... and those yet to come (yet to be born).


I see the world's events.
I am aware. 
I am watching, My moves will be apparent at the designated times.

(For) you see, My times  are My own .... I have purpose(s) unknown to earthly governments.
I see the beginning .... to the end.

I will speak to My servants.
I will speak to the 'heathen'. 
I will speak to the winds. 
I will speak to the waves, the thunders.  
I will speak  --- and it will be.

My word IS powerful ... yes, sharper than ANY two-edge sword. My Word, sharpened in My mouth, will be (as) FIRE ... it will run swiftly, rapid-fire.
It will accomplish the THING that I have divinely purposed ... what I have secretly planned.

-pause- 5:58am

When you are in trouble, call out.

When you are in the midst of chaos, destruction, misery, war, terror, bombings
hell-fire (upon earth / fires), wars, uprisings, tumults,

storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, famines, diseases, 

plagues, assassins, riotings, gangs, pillaging, sexual attacks, near-death, frail, elderly, weakened, worn-out, frustrated, in chronic pain, in mental anquish, 

in the throes of a broken heart, in confusion, in shock, in piling debts, in tornadoes,

 in destruction and complete and UTTER RUIN;  ... then ... STILL CALL OUT TO ME.

I am there.
I will be there.

I will not leave you comfortless.
I am a very present help, in time of trouble.

Call upon Me and I WILL answer you.

I will rescue, I will send My angel armies.
I will stand close by the grieving widow ... the abandoned baby, the lost child on the street. 
I will comfort the attacked woman, the brutalized man, the bleeding war soldier. 
I will attend to them. 
I will be as one of them, walking with the ranks ... I will be among you, says the Lord.



Send forth the banner ... the banner of love, of truth of mercy. Love, Mercy, Truth! 
Love! Mercy! Truth! 
These are strong, strong words! 
Their power is unmatchable.

When My power is united with your power ...  it is to be admired, respected, honored! 
We will build an army among the humble.

This is (of) My doing ... it is My time table.
I am arranging the ranks, the troops, the leaders (servants). 
The first shall now be last ... and the last shall be first. 
The humble ones will be exalted :   into  My places, set aside for them.

They will feel the *fit*... (for) they will be in the proper place, of My design.



Consider it all joy, when you are afflicted. 
It is to be used for My glory ... later on down-the-road. 
My road is (also) different from your road (s).


I sing a different tune ... I walk a different walk. 
I run a a different race.  
(For) you see, My ways are not (as) your ways.

You must seek out My WAYS to be successful in My plan, in My kingdom, in My purpose(s). 

It is My will for each of you to discover, to find out ---what My specific plans are for you, for your particular life. 
I see this in My own sight, whereas you see only from limits. 
I see the possible, you (often ) see the impossible.


Walk with Me.

Listen for Me ... yes, I am speaking louder now, above the din (the noise) ... I will speak, I will speak. 
Will any listen? 
Will they hear Me? 
Will YOU hear Me?"


2-20-2014 @ 5:39am EST/USA
....words ended @ 6:11am

Jeremiah 33:3  "Call unto me, and I will answer 

you, and show you great and mighty things, 

which you know not."

St. Luke 19:10   "For the Son of man is come to 

seek and to save that which was lost."

I John 3:8b  "...For this purpose the Son of God 

was manifested, that he might destroy the works

of the devil."

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in Him was life