April 6, 2017

MESSAGE "Marked Ones"

(Keep hearing the first sentence, over and over ... for 2 days.  This message -as most- are meant for many people.)

"You have attracted heavenly attention."


"You have attracted heavenly attention. 
 You have been noticed.
 Your faith has shined.

(But) you have also attracted devilish attention.  You are a marked woman. (or man.) 
You are a target, in the enemy's cross hairs.

So it is with My people, as they shine bright like a *supernova*. 
They are reflecting My shining glory.

The brighter My *stars* become, the more evident is their trail throughout the darkness. 

The light shines brightest in the darkest atmospheres.

Granted, My light always exceeds even the seemingly *bright* false stars. 
They are merely a cheap imitation of Me;  a *paste* instead of true diamond.

The devil ... (notice his name? (*d-evil*).
So is My name.  
I am God.  
I am g(o)od.


Forever so shall My stars shine beside Me.   
We will never burn out.  
We will not be black stars.  
Our position is fixed.  
You are in Divine position with Me.


Send forth the trumpets.  
Bring in the loud cymbals, the mighty drums. the strings, the percussion and the winds. 
 (wind instruments)

Play forth a melody unto your LORD.  
Play forth a song, a melody:  fitting for a King.  
Play the most simple, honest tribute.

Play to Me as to a lover ... to a lost love ...and to a found love.  
Sing forth your best efforts of love to Me.  
I desire more and more praise.


Praise the Almighty King of kings.  
Praise My Son.  
Praise, for My Spirit enables this unto Me.  
My Spirit offers up praise through open vessels ... through (willing) channels of My Spirit.

Let My Spirit sing through you. 
Sing in the Spirit.  
And, pray in the Spirit.)  
But, also pray with your understanding, and sing with your understanding.

Understand, and know, that I am a loving God and an adoring Father ... and My Son is your gate to Me.

He is your Holy Gatekeeper, and He is singing a song to draw in His lost sheep.


The song of the LORD is grand.  
The song of Jesus is lovely.  
The Song of My Spirit is HOLY.  
My song is sweet, and it is high.

It is high above the earth;  it reaches into the heavens.

My song is excellent and it is produced in its fullest by the young.  
The young (children, infants) perfect My praise.  
They still (quiet, silence) the sound of the enemy.

As the little ones lift their tiny voices unto Me,  I raise up standards of My grace.  
I send mercy.  
I send truth.  
I send justice.  
I send salvation.  
And I send repentance.


Before any battle, the battle cry is heard.  
It echoes over the land.  
It brings forth My Divine guard.  
The song of the LORD emits a signal to My Heavenly host.  
They stand at attention. 
They listen with rapt, attentive hearing.  
They await orders from Me.  
They go as sent.

Praise Me."

> from 9/29/2008 @ 3:16am /ended message 4:34am

Heavenly host = angelic armies

Paranormal State S01E03 The Devil in Syracuse

i am not in with all the wealthy 'popular apostles'...

> i am not involved with the american 'church industry'....i am not interested in all the 'big name 'prophets' and celebrity 'apostles'...i am a dirt poor, chronically sick, socially awkward 'loner'...i am alone most of my life

and--i am a 'backslider'...i have MANY sins i still have not been 'delivered' of...etc

... i do not 'fit in' with society at all...OR 'church'...i am not 'normal'...i have emotional damage from past abuse / rejection / abandonment / hatred / sexual abuse/ rape / gang-rape/ church rejection / mind control / abandonment / rejection / beatings / neglect...etc... &much hurt has come from church people...ughh....

(i am very wary of ALL USA churches...they hurt me -and others- many times & then pretend it never happened...they r in denial...like a huge mind-controlled cult...)

SO...tonight  i read about some big-time american 'prophetic conference'...it just makes me feel so bored/angry/disgusted...it is of no consequence to me whatsoever 


...it all just seems like some controlling, arrogant, cult-acting, power-hungry, mutually-flattering, ultra-wealthy, pampered, often-racist, delusional, hateful/bitter, politically-charged group of billionaires...flattering each other...UGHHH

...and they all seem to have abandoned their first love...JESUS/HOLY SPIRIT.....and have found a new "saviour"...none other than the uber-arrogant / sexual predator/unrepentant pervert extraordinaire: trump45

.......they now idolize and worship 'el trumpo'...MORE than God....so evil, so sick, so wrong....nothing like JESUS whatsoever..and neither are they

Lester Sumrall on Demon Possession (1988)

T-Bone (feat. Marcos Witt) - Volaré

in Him was life

in Him was life