March 28, 2017

sexual bondage of USA church people

>SEX is king w/all american "christians"
1) "A" outspoken 'christian' rock musician... who regularly posts christian items on facebook--many with the cross prominently displayed--today had a post about oral the couple was going to 'eat' each other how is this anything good or christian at all....??

2) "B"...wife of a famous healing celebrity evangelist ...loves to watch the 'batchelor'.....BUT...that show features couples having SEX in hotel rooms...the 'batchelor' guy has open sex with several young women... then he decides WHO will be the 'lucky' one--- (and--i must note that many, many church women LOVE  this show...and have no concept of how wrong it is..little girls in church think this is perfectly go have sex with some guy to hope he will pick them to "marry"...after he has had sex with several OTHER girls..on national television....WHAT???

 3) "C"..... a girl promoting a christian rock radio station...does a video on you tube..... while showing her CLEAVAGE...she is proudly showing her win people to christ...wait...WHAT---???

>> so HOW is all that 'ok' in the christian world?????...i don't get it...i am not 'judging...i have my own sins i am dealing general..the american church is in a big huge included....i only hope in God's mercy

in Him was life

in Him was life