January 4, 2017

MESSAGE "Like Lightning"


"Like a bolt of lightning, I am. 
My power is electric, electrifying. 
I dazzle, I shine, I send power.
I electrify the sky, the earth, the people. 
I charge up the atmosphere:  both physically and spiritually.


When I hit, you see Me.
You know I have arrived.
No doubt.  
You will wonder no longer.
When I am there, in your midst, all doubts will dissolve. 
Unbelief will melt away. 
Faith will arise.  
I will be there.

My power is My glory.
It is also known as My anointing.
I am in this glory, this anointing.
The power is Me.
I am the energy, the force, the might, the glory.

I will shake you. 
I will touch your body.
I will chill you, thrill you, knock you off your feet (at times.)
I may send My heat, or My trembling upon you.
I am known by many ways.
You cannot predict My movements, nor My words, nor My motives.

I am the LORD and I will be sovereign.
(I will do as I deem fit and applicable to each event or person or situation.) 
I make the final choice(s).
I know the best plan for each event or circumstance.
Trust and learn (of) My ways in your individual lives.
I plan and direct happenings for each specific soul on the earth.  

What may be *correct* for one person, will not always be suitable for another. 
Some may do certain things in specifically-prepared methods, whereas others will not.  

Each of you is special and unique to Me. 
I play no favourates...yet I deal differently with each and every one of you.


-pause-  4:28am

Some are laborers, others are writers.
Some are artists, while others are cooks, or mothers or fathers. 
I have My lawyers and My animal lovers. 
There are those who sew and design clothing and others (who sell the apparel.)

Some may not be able to work a *usual* job, so I (will) fit a life plan for them. 
Do not fret over (your) vocation. (your job/career)



Questions may arise in your hearts. 
Ask of Me. 
Ask Me. 
Speak to Me. 
I am here. 
I am listening.



Situations may arise where you will feel at a crossroads....a place of decision.
At those times, please ask Me for wisdom.
Do not hastily jump into a  relationship, or a profession.

Do not rashly say *yes* to every request you get.
It is okay and prudent (wise) to allow a waiting period, or a simple *no* is sufficient (to many requests.)

Be quick to hear, slow to answer.
Have patience... Wait. 
It is ok. 
It will be okay. 
You will see.

Wait on Me.
Wait on the Lord, YOUR Lord!
 (*If* I be Lord...)  
My times are not (as) the world's.
I see it all from a *higher* perspective.
Too many rush into choices. 
This is (often) detrimental."


 {Writer's note: 
 If God/Jesus/Holy Spirit wants to do something, He will provide a way to do it.  He doesn't say to do a thing, and then make it impossible to carry out.  If he wants us to comply - to obey-  He will make us ABLE to do so.}

*from January 2, 2013

in Him was life

in Him was life