November 14, 2016

????? is it happening again?????

"ALARM, ALARM, ALARM! If you don't think this is reason for ALARM, you are just as crazy as TRUMP. 

I've been reading on people that took action when Hitler started his campaign of hate just like Trump.

 It is uncanny and very much the same.

 Many people then could see where Hitler was leading the country, they decided to leave and take their families to safety, at least until there was certainty that they would not be in danger.

 For some families it was a good move, for those who stayed, they perished under Hitler, because friends and family told them, pray, calm down, and relax, things will get better, so they stayed.

 MY advice to people who WILL BE IN DANGER IS GO, if you can. 

MY advice to "Undocumented Immigrants, Muslims and yes even Gays you are in DANGER! 

When Hitler took power, the signs were there, many believed in him to Make Germany Great Again! 


We are on that route today too. Here is my ALARM!!!!

 I will continue to warn everyone as much as possible! 

Call me crazy, delusional and mental, but I know enough to know we are heading into dark territory."

in Him was life

in Him was life