September 1, 2016

The Classic Crime "Beautiful Darkside" w/ Lyrics

MESSAGE "Cutting Edge"

"No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against you in judgement .... you shall condemn.  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me ... says the Lord."  -- Isaiah 54:17


"Great is Thy faithfulness ... Thy mercies fail not ... Thy compassions are new every morning....You daily load us with benefits...Great, yes great; is Your faithfulness!


What is faith? Faith is believing, yes.   Faith is seeing, yes. Faith is believing and seeing.  Seeing what? Believing what?

Faith is believing and seeing the unseen, the yet-to-come, the future, the result of prayers spoken in faithfulness. Yes, faith is a work of unseen hands. Faith is belief in change, in hope, in expectation, in anticipation, in trust ... trusting the One who is the completer of your faith.

Faith is action, as well as belief. Faith is taking some action, as conducive to what was prayed and believed for. Immediate action is best. especially concerning healing. If one has been prayed for, in respect to a healing or a miracle, oftentimes the *action* is immediate, visible and dramatic. These are the *easy-to-believe* spectacles ... demonstrations of faith.  These are the *crowd-pleasers* ... !

These are the *signs*... the *wonders*... the *spectacles*... the *shows of power*... the *glory*... the *anointing*.  These events -- these happenings -- are the things that draw in the crowds. Many multitudes followed Me ... Messiah ... as I healed and I drew quite a following! It is to be expected.

(Spirit sigh)

Many times My works, My powers, My ministry acts .... are cause of controversy. of debate, of jealousies unleashed, of power, and control trips by zealous leaders and performers.


Genuine faith does not need, does not require; a grand show. I am not a carnival. I am not a traveling medicine show, nor am I a circus. I am not a concert, nor am I a magic act. I am not an illusionist, nor am I an actor on a stage.

My will be done. My will is My Father's will. My will be done, as it IS in Heaven; as it is in My eternal Kingdom.

Show. I will show you My ways, My methodry, My Ministry, My modes of wisdom, My secrets, My hidden wisdom , My dark knowledge, My glory, My glorious way(s)   ....Yes.


To whom much is given, much is to be expected! Do not covet a gift, a ministry work ... if you are not generous in giving it ALL back!  As you give (of yourself, your wealth, your gifts, your servant-hood. ... it will be given back to you, albeit not in the form or shape as you may have expected!)

I desire a people who will follow Me at all costs ... at ANY cost .. .this is where the adventures begin! ... My Holy adventures...!

For you see, I am not a dull 'god' ... {Spirit laugh} ...  and I am not a 'dull boy' .. .I am not a 'dull man' ... nor am I a 'dull God'.   No, I am quite the opposite. I see danger, I see the edge, I see the future unfolding, I see the skies turning, I see mountains falling, I see clouds billowing into form, I see rain clouds LONG before they are near, I see genuine, child-like faith ... I see YOU.

Yes, I see you. I see your struggles, your doubts, your weaknesses, your overt sins, your hateful rebellions(s),  your rage against Me, your futile attempts, your failures, your successes, your lying down and your arising(s).  Yes, I am ever present.



Few understand Me. They claim to "know" all about Me, but they are deceived! They cannot know Me, for I am *past finding out*! I am higher than the earth, for I am from above. I am not as one of you. I am from Above, you are from beneath. I am of Heavenly  nature, you (humans) are of mortal flesh.

You are but mud, dirt, sand. I give you life.  I. GIVE. YOU. LIFE.

Consider this: without Me, you would wither away and die. I give you the very breath you inhale. I provide the water to keep your bodies  alive,. I ultimately control the beating of your heart(s).

I am the Life-Giver. I am Life.


Give unto Me the honor due My name. Call unto Me, and I will show your great and mighty things, which you know not. I will make a way, where there seems to be *no way*. I will make rivers in the desert ... for you.  I will provide, as needed. I will show you My delights, My pleasures, My joys, My freedoms.

I am your Life. I am your Breath. I am your God. I am the object of your faith, I hope. I hope (that) I am also the object of your love.

I created you (all) to love Me ... you were made to love Me.  I want to walk among you as your Loving Savior ... walk and ~whoosh past~ you, as the Wind ... as a Loving Wind .... as a LOVING SPIRITUAL WIND.


All it takes ... is a little faith.  "


from 5:31am 2/10/14
....message 'heard' in the spiritual realm

Journey - Send Her My Love (Audio)

MESSAGE "Send Them My Love"


"Send My love.....send forth My love....tell them.....tell them of My love.

For you see, they don't know (of) My love.....they do not know Me, nor My love for them.  I have great, great love for them for you.  I AM love.

I came to set the captives feel my know Me.

i did no come to establish *house rules* and impossible regulations.  I am free, I am freedom.

My Spirit goes where there is freedom.....freedom to express Himself, despite the circumstances.  He is FREE......(and) you will be free, as you follow him, and seek His liberty & refreshing freedoms.

I came to earth to give life...abundant, full, happy life.  Man rejected Me, as then, he does now; as they (people) do.  I am still the *Man of Sorrows*.....I am yet rejected, despised, well-acquainted with grief.

I love you.

I love you more than you could ever comprehend.


Generations have refused Me, have denied Me, have diluted and tried to extinquish My messages.  They have attempted to drown out My voice.  They have tried to replace Me with their dull, constrictive religions.

BAH! I will have none of it! I am NOT part of their *sequence*....their *program*....I am NOT!


Just as the apple fell from the tree in the Garden, so has the world fallen from My paradise. My hope for them, for the world; was for peace, for love, for prosperity, for great fellowship amongst the nations.  Yet, it is not so, no, not at all!

I grieve over you, My children, My peoples of the worlds.  I grieve, I sigh, I cry,.. I want to hold you, to hold you close to My ever;lasting  arms of love and protection.....yet you will will not come to Me!

I call forth all who are needy.....all who need love. It is simple. if you need love, you need Me.  I am your dwelling place, your shadow of refuge, your refuge . I am that place for you.

I have a special, secret place for each of you......for each soul.  I see each of you, as you are.

My peace is not of the world, no.  My love and My peace are a supernatural thing. I am from above, and I bring down My love from that high place......I bring it for YOU.

Cast your cares and worries upon  Me......I will help you *carry* them, as it were.


Listen. You might hear Me."


message ended @ 5:19am
 5:08am  4/19/14

i am a mess

>i am in some very deep "sin(s)"...addictions...returned to alcohol...need attention over my head...i have no right to have this blog at all...i don't have much faith any more...i am in DEEP trouble...i am VERY sick. VERY weak, family really...totally dysfunctional family/ one to love one to confide one who understands anything i am talking about...i am in debt...i am disabled...basically where to go...i am VERY down-trodden...i have had a lifetime of misery...tragedies...deep, evil generational "curses"... strong, disabling FEARS, social anxiety, total shame/embarrassment...emotional illness/distress...chronic/compounded physical illnesses/afflictions/mystery health issues..."familiar spirits'...'hauntings'...'poltegeists'...possible military/scientific experimentation...strange marks on skin...torment...dissociation...strange/bizarre 'signs'/objects/dead animals put in yard...severe one to help me/ help one believes anything i EVER say.....i have been completely 'forsaken'...forgotten...isolated...neglected...ignored..hated...darkness...shame...many 'sins'/bondages/ strongholds...i am under 'attack' VERY much...i cannot fight this...i am COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED...SO, PLEASE DON'T LET MY PERSONAL LIFE DETER YOU...OR DISCOURAGE YOU...WHOEVER YOU ARE, WHOEVER  MAY BE READING THIS...I AM BEING painfully honest...TELLING my TRUTHS...I AM A "LOSER" IN LIFE...I CANNOT DO IT...SO, IF I DIE, I DIE...ONLY  TO HOPE IN THE mercy AND kindness OF GOD...

Seether-Save Today (lyric video)

The Wind Has Shifted!

so awesome...i love it....all of it!!!!!

in Him was life

in Him was life