May 26, 2016

Gary Allan - Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain) (AOL Sessions)

Oh so your standing in the middle of the thunder and lightning
I know you're feeling like you just can't win, but you're trying
It's hard to keep on keepin' on, when you're being pushed around
Don't even know which way is up, you just keep spinning down, 'round, down...

Every storm runs, runs out of rain
Just like every dark night turns into day
Every heartache will fade away
Just like every storm runs, runs out of rain

So hold your head up and tell yourself that there's something more
And walk out that door,
Go find a new rose, don't be afraid of the thorns
'Cause we all have thorns
Just put your feet up to the edge, put your face in the wind
And when you fall back down, keep on rememberin'

Every storm runs, runs out of rain
Just like every dark night turns into day
Every heartache will fade away
Just like every storm runs, runs out of rain

It's gonna run out of pain
It's gonna run out of sting
It's gonna leave you alone
It's gonna set you free
Set you free

Every storm runs, runs out of rain
Just like every dark night turns into day
Every heartache will fade away
Just like every storm runs, runs out of rain

It's gonna set you free,
It's gonna run out of pain,
And set you free

May 25, 2016

The Fire

ugh....the sad music just drags on and on and on, over and over... and over...bleh....,WAY too long, IMO....but i still like it, in small doses....just being honest

Fireflight - Unbreakable (lyrics)

May 23, 2016

U2 - Walk On

what you got, they cannot steal it;

they can't even feel it...walk on...

May 20, 2016

Strong Tower - Kutless (Live from Portland)

The Lord Heals Deaf Ears / Jerame Nelson of Living At His Feet Ministries

MESSAGE "They Still Will Tremble"

~~~ {Heard upon awakening: "You were never meant to be confined to a church."
 Meant for ALL... and for the writer.}

"You were never meant to be confined to a church.
 A church is not prison.
 Nor is it a cell in a jail. 
It is not My plan to confine you.
 I gave you freedom, not bondage.
 Some pastors suffocate their sheep. 
They are suffocating pastors. 
{suffocating = harshly controlling, inhibiting, oppressing} 
They are preaching to a dead flock. 
The life has gone out of them.


Other (shepherds) go too far in the opposite extreme.
They allow their sheep to run free ... often into the clutches of devouring wolves. 
These are the careless, heartless pastors.
They do not care for their charges. {their congregants} 
They are hirelings with personal agendas. 
So, what then? 
What is the healthy balance of liberty? 
To have the very life choked out, or to allow (to be) running blindly about: neither is desirable to Me.


I am seeking leaders.
Leaders with My love.
My protective instincts.
My awareness. 
My followers. 
Ones with My Spirit guiding (their) every step. 
Ones who really hear My voice... and try to follow Me. 
They need not be *letter perfect*, but heart perfect. 
They will go where -and when- I send them, and not pre-judge.

These Spirit-shepherds will be My own.
They will truly represent Me.
They will not be *keeping up appearances*. 
They will not care about status, prestige, worldly influence, personal vendettas, celebrity, power trips, attention from (the) media, political gain, monetary rewards or fleeting fame. 
The shepherds that follow Me whole-heartedly will be a meek, humble lot. 
They will be broken before Me, and will honestly fear Me.
They will still tremble. 
They will quake in My presence.

These contrite, broken ones will lead victoriously.
They will recognize their own utter weakness, and will rely on Me. They will honestly admit their human frailty; their obvious sinfulness and their carnal nature. 
They will not feign (not pretend) righteousness.


Those who walk in truth must know Me in My truth. 
Those that strive to walk in My ways, must first know Me. 
They must allow Me to ferret out the religious-ness from their souls. They must despise empty platitudes and hollow sayings of mankind. You see, I am *above* all the fray.


As you have read, "My ways are not your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts."
For most, if not all, this is a hard saying. 
Admit it.
You (all of you!) want the direct opposite.
You want YOUR ways to be Mine. 
You want YOUR thoughts to be Mine. 
Alas, this is not so. 
This is not how it works! I created YOU. 
YOU did not create Me.
I am the life-giver. 
I designed your minds.
I give you the very breath of air to keep you alive.


Many are called. I call many, many to be My shepherds.
Through the ages, many have heard.
Few have followed. 
My call is NOT man's call.
My call is distinct. 
Cuts to the core: to the very depths of (your) hearts. 
My call is not a weak, flimsy, whim of man.

My calling comes with a price. 
The price is your very lives. 
Your life, for My life. 
To be offered to Me as a living sacrifice. 
This transaction involves *dying to yourself*. 
This requires humility and a free will. 
This is not a thing to be forced. 
I do not coerce. 
I do not force. 
I do not confine.
I call freely and I lead freely. 
My path is a free path. 
It is one of choice, not force.


When MY heart is beating within you, you will know it. 
You will (begin to) feel My stirrings, My whispers, My words. 
You will (then) be able to feel My (unearthly) compassion for those upon the earth
You will sense My leadings.

Sometimes you will be overwhelmed with My presence.

You will be free, yet guided.
You will be in peace, even in the midst of turmoil.
When you are scared, you will feel My security.
When you are sick, you will know I am with you. 
When you are alone, you will be aware of Me beside you... 
You will be learning My truths, My ways, My directions.


For, indeed, My sheep know My voice ... and where I am, they WILL follow."

#######from a message heard 1/18/2009 @ 6:15am
....message ended @ 6:47 (approx. 32 minutes long)

vendatta = an often prolonged series of retaliatory, vengeful, or hostile acts or exchange of such acts ;  blood feud

Matisyahu - Time of your Song (Lyrics)

"†Let That Thang Go†" (((ChristianRap)))

May 2, 2016

The Fire

MESSAGE "Greater, Stronger"


Greater things are coming.

Yes, greater, stronger, bolder, happier, better.  Things will change for you.  Things will change for many.

My Blood is upon the horizon ... My Blood and My love ... are upon the hills.   My love is singing ... yes, it is singing now--do you hear it?


Listen, listen, listen ... for He is calling ... He is whispering gently... and He is calling out.  He calls, he whispers ... He utters forth His breath ... He is calling for you.


Come near, come near, come, come close ... for I am here now.  Yes, it is I, your *lost saviour*---(for) you have lost Me, and now I am found by you.

We are together, are we not?  We are as one, as one love ... you and I.  No one else can shake this union, as we have between us.  It is a sacred thing;  a thing of great beauty;  of great excellent worth.

You ... and Me.  Us.  We are one together.  Yes!  Rejoice, be happy!  Let your *light shine* out as you are feeling this new surge of joy electric! ... electric in My Spirit;  electrifying--in My love!


Stand forth now and watch ... watch as I orchestrate events ... weather patterns ... men's lives ...*your* life! ... yes, I will do it; yes, you will see it happen.

I am here now.

I am *on the scene*.

I talk to you in riddles, in code(s), in patterns, in prophecies, in dreams, in daily conversation (such as now).  I speak, I speak ...  will you listen?


As you let your *good works* -- your gifts, your talents--be seen before men:  before the world---you will (then) reap benefits, rewards, favor, wages, gifts, callings (*calling-forths*), advancements and recognition.


Yes, your gifts will *bring you before great men*---men (and women) of great power, of great authority:  of great influence.

Your *gift* has come with a great price ... a great burden ... a heavy, heavy burden.  It has brought you to the edge of despair, to the brink of sanity, to the edge of reality.

It has been a difficult, intense, painful, harrowing life experience for you ... (and for all who heed the high callings of My Spirit.)

Yes, it is a great thing to be called, to be *set apart* for such a duty, for such a joy, for such a privilege.

Yet, it is also a great responsibility, a great learning experience (from Me).

I call, but few will heed My callings.  I lead, but few will follow Me.  I speak, but few will listen for Me.

You (My child, and all who strive to hear Me) have *tested the waters* and have found Me in your emptiness.  You have sought Me:  many, many, many times ... and I am well aware of your hardships in seeking Me.

I see ALL the struggle, the tears, the loneliness--the wretched loneliness--the rejection by many, the misunderstandings, the ridicule, the *shunning* by religions, the abandoning by family and lovers, the loss of all things, the financial heaviness, the loss of health; of employment, of friendships, of security, (and) of Me.

Yes, the loss of Me.  You have lost Me.  You have been submerged in your own endeavors, your own pursuits, your own pleasures.

You have sufficiently *drowned out* My voice multiple times.  You have *shut Me out* completely at times...



But I am still here.  I'm here. I. AM. HERE.

I'm speaking to you, as before.  I am your Best Friend.  Yes, I am.

{now I'm crying}

I've watched you wander and fall and fall again and again--I've wept for you. I weep still (for I see you are not totally back with Me as yet).

{note: this is for ALL who have been away from Him}


~continued in next posting

MGK - Lead You On (Music Video)

addiction in all's a killer....

*graphic language

To Bring You Back

MESSAGE "I Whisper & I Shout"

 "I Whisper and I Shout"

"I have power to give life ... and to take it away.
I create storms ... and (I) calm storms.

I open the mouth of the dumb (the mute)  ...  and I make the wise talker silent.
I condemn and I justify.


I still (quiet) the raging sea  ... and I send tempests. (tumultuous upheavals)

I save and I destroy.
I whisper and I shout.


I hasten (hurry) ... and I wait.

I am in all (all in all),  above  all,  and am all.  I am that I am.  I am.

I bring comfort ... and I bring distress.  I make diviners mad ... and I restore sanity (to the repentant.)
(diviners = mediums, psychics, sorcerers, etc.)

I send locusts ... and I send doves.  I bring the sweet spring rain ... and I bring the floods.

I give (you) songs in the night ... and I bring the death rattle.

(^ self-explanatory)

{Note:  I just write what I "hear" in my mind/spirit)


Consider the fowls of the air.  Now think about the rhinoceros.  Did I not create both?
Both are products of My invention.


Spiders.  Snakes.  Ladybugs.  Butterflies.  (I like variety in My creation.)

Juniper trees.  Chestnut trees.  Begonias.  Dandelions.  (More variety ...)

Black skin.  White skin.  Asian.  Indian.  (My people are varied also!)


Fauna and flora.

Stars, planets, galaxies.

Sandy beaches, barren vistas.
(vista = view, scene, landscape, scenery)


Jagged mountain ranges.

Serene countryside meadows.

Rushing rapid waterways.

Still, calm, trickling streams.

Tropical, lush, rain forests.

Arid desert lands.
(See? More and more variety...)

The more you learn of Me, the more your vision will be enlarged.
The Creator cares for His Creation.  The Creator cares for you.


Do not fear eternity.  It will be wonderful for you.  It is  wonderful now.
It is timeless.
There is no death in My Heaven.  No sorrow, no pain, no loneliness.
It is Paradise."


####### from a message 'heard' on 10/16/2004

(justify = to pronounce judgement upon, to bring justice to, to defend)

in Him was life

in Him was life