December 27, 2015

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MESSAGE "Not In The Manger Anymore"

I John 4:13  "Here we know that we dwell in Him, and He in us, because He has given us of
His Spirit."


"I am more than a cliche.  I am not a myth, or a fairy tale.  I am not a cute little children's fable.  I am not an imaginary 'man upstairs'.    I am not an evil punisher up in the sky.  I am not a weakling.  I am not a fantasy or super hero.   I am not a television show.

I am not the baby in the manger anymore.

I am not a glassy-eyed flake.  I am not a conservative, right-wing politician.  I am not a hate group.  I am not racist.

I am not a woman.  I am not a goddess.  I am not even a man.  I am God.

I am  Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who was born supernaturally into the earth, lived in the form of a human, died, rose from the dead.  I  was God in human flesh:  Emmanuel.

I am the Almighty God, the  Ancient of Days, the Most High God, the Holy Father. I am the Trinity:  Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

I am Spirit.  I am the Mighty Counselor.  I Am.  I am the first and the last:  the Alpha and the Omega. I was, I am, and I am to come.  I am from the beginning, and have always been.

I am the good Shepherd, who lays down his life for the sheep.  I am life eternal.  I am the way, the truth, and the life.

I am love."

MESSAGE "I Alone Love You"

"Do not lean (rely on) the arm of (the) flesh.  Do not put (your) trust in men.  I alone am your God.
There is no other God besides Me.  There is no other name given among men, whereby they may be saved.  That name is Jesus. (Yeshua)

The name ABOVE ALL names.  At the name of Jesus EVERY knee shall bow ...(and) every tongue - every mouth - shall proclaim I am (the) Lord.

Yes, I AM the King.  The eternal King.  THE King of kings.  My Word stands.  I send My Word to accomplish My will.


You do not need *qualifying* grace from men.  *I* am your qualifier.  *I* am your source.  *I* AM the eternal power.  I AM the fountain of all life.  I AM the rivers of living waters.  I AM the glory.  I AM the peace of mankind.  I AM the way ... the truth ... (and) the life.


*Somebody call a doctor*.  I AM The doctor.  I AM the cure for all (your) life.  I AM (your) *ultimate destination*.  I AM both beyond reach ... and most readily (easily) accessible.  I AM the Lord.


So, do not worry for (about) tomorrow.  I hold tomorrow for you.  I hold eternity.  I hold (up) the stars in the night sky.  Yet, will you not trust Me?  As you find Me more and more, your trust will expand.

You have seen the shaking(s), (the *vibrations*).  You have felt this source, this power.  Oh, My power is what (has) created the world, the atmospheres, the planetary systems.

Oh, world, let Me be.  Let Me show Myself.  Let Me be your Father, as I had planned.  Let Me move among you.

Yes, world;  yes church;  you DO INDEED HINDER ME,  says your Lord.  Your neglect and hatred for Me is evident.  Your disgust in (for) My Word is plainly seen.  You shut Me down in your lives, in your church services.  I LONG to move and to be your loving Father, YET you (do) quench Me!  This is a rebuke, a reproof, a *warning*.

I am not able to do many works - many miracles- ... due to your UNBELIEF.  You squeeze Me into your little, cramped, tight, small, confining, life-killing, Spirit-quenching scenarios.


But, but, but ... I am *one-step-ahead-of-you*!  I am not a *jack-in-the-box* at all!  I am NOT subject to your whims.  I AM not relegated to man's orders.  I will be as I am (I am that I am).

I am well able to see that My Word takes flight.  I send MY Word ... My messengers take it.  I give (out) My Word is (then) written, spoken, digested -as it were.  I stir up My Word to those who seek Me.{writers = scribes}


My glory I will not share with another.  My Glory is Me.  My glory is My presence ... My power ... My fear ... My awe ... My holiness.  It is visible, tangible, life-giving, awe-inspiring, Holy bread.

It is Jesus among you.  It is My Holy Spirit come to give you My gifts.  It is My Holy Being shown (to you).

My glory is extravagance.  It is Divine.  It is Holy.  It is Heavenly.  It is Life, and it is good.  It is *God*.  (Give the Lord the glory due (to) His name.)"


###### from words  *heard in the Spirit* on 4/15/29009 @ 7:43pm

The Winans: A Friend

The Winans - It's Time

well it's time to make that change,
people of the world today are fading;
all of us have our ups and downs,
you better think about it or you won't be around.
what we need is a little bit of love,
sent by one from heaven up above,
take it from "T.", it's simple and plain,
this ain't no game, you know what I'm saying?
it's time, time to make a change,
we are the people who can do it.
It's time, time to make a change,
we are His people, we can do it.
what is the world coming to,
seems like everyone is running from the truth;
we must stand up and fight,
walk into the light,
we're the people, we can do it, if we try.
i know we can do it,
somebody asked me why 
do we have to go through it?
it's just a test of our faith,
what we're living day to day,
we don't know where, we don't know when,
but He's coming back again.
jesus is spreading mighty fast,
earthquakes are moving through the land;
it ain't nothing but a sign,
gotta make up my mind,
we're the people, we can do it, if we try.

in Him was life

in Him was life