December 7, 2015

Understand - Jeremy Camp

MESSAGE "Full Of Goats" (their pride is their god)

2:57am 12/7/15

"the churches are full of goats
yes, i have made the distinction of the sheep...and the goats...
 the sheep are mine...the goats are not
 the sheep may be 'dumb'...yet they follow
 the goats appear 'smart'...but their rebellion is costly

goats want their own way...they kick, they are belligerent
sheep are also selfish...but they eventually go back to their flock..their pastures..their shepherds

you may wonder what the main difference is this:
 goats=symbolic for evil, proud, selfish
sheep=weak, vulnerable, need rescuing

if one does not see the *need* for salvation...for rescue...for healing...for safety...then, there is no need for a savoir...a shepherd...a rescuer

if the self-reliant *goats* have no needs, then why would they look for a helper//for a savior..for a deliverer?

it is the sick that seek a doctor, not the well

many think they are *okay*...they see no need for any such savior

they (mistakenly) think they are *ok*


such is the church
such are the ones who call themselves by My name

they assume My identity within them, but i am not there
their pride is their god
as was their leader ...satan

many shall say to Me, 'lord, lord'--but i will say ' i never knew you'

such are the false ones
 the ones in churches
 the ones who proclaim MY name...yet deny it

their ways are NOT My ways at all, says the Lord

--- come out of them
 come out of the dead
 come out of the death camps..the yards of the dying

a so-called *church* is not My home, says the Lord

i live in the individual hearts
 the souls
 the spirits

 where the love is, i am there

i dwell among the love
 among the kind ones
 among the compassionate

 i resist the proud ones
 i turn away from the arrogant
 the self-sufficient
 the ones who have no need of Me

yes, they may claim My name
but they are not Mine, says the Lord

my spirit is one of liberty
of love
 of undying kindness
 of drastic compassion
of deliverance
 of hope
of justice
 of loving
 of truth

i do NOT dwell among the angry ones
 the ones of hate
 i abhor their words, used in My name

 i am NOT among them, says the Lord

 yes, they may grow strong
 and they will be loud
 YET i am not amongst them

---  so where will you find Me

i am in the winds
& among the river banks
beside *still waters*

 i am in the song(s) of the bird

i am here, NOW

 i am in your heart
 in your soul
 i hear the seeking heart
 i never turn away
 the seeker

i will love you
i am LOVE

yes, you may not ever find Me in a *church*

sometimes i am there
yet, mostly....
 i am in the stillness
and in the thunders
in the clouds
 and in your deep hearts

for I am your deep Love
remember Me

MESSAGE "Lead Me On"

Matthew 28:20b  "...lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."


"When one is accustomed to rejection, abandonment, and loneliness, (then) true loyalty is extremely difficult to accept and believe.
This is where trust and faith come in.
When one has never felt lasting devotion and love, (then) the reality of loyalty is often initially disbelieved (unbelieved).


When one has been regularly betrayed and offended by a brother, (then) they are prone to become hardened in their emotions.
(brother = either familial relative or spiritual)


When one has been (the) subject of cruel, malicious, lies and gossip, (then) they are less apt to receive warm, considerate, displays of concern and compassion.

When one has been consistently neglected, ignored, and left out ... (then)  they have special trauma and anxiety in social settings ... and any relational situations.
Many who are hurt viciously withdraw -- and will accept no love.

(Writer's note:  They may *withdraw* into alcohol, drugs, food, isolation, anger, over-working, non-personal sexual acts, promiscuity, pornography, etc.)


But!  Have you not heard? I AM the Friend that sticks closer than a brother!  I am the Friend of the friendless!
I am the One who will listen ... who is your confidante.
I am never too busy for you ... I am more than able to care for each of My children individually.

I am all-seeing:  omniscient.  I am intricately involved in each of your lives!
I will NEVER leave you! I will NEVER abandon you!
I love you! I love you!


You need not feel ashamed or guilty to be happy!
So many of you have been put down by family, peers, churches, and society.

Many of you have been dragged through the mud ... and have been left to die.
In response, some have died.
(To die =  in various ways ... physically, spiritually, emotionally)

Many have adopted defensive personalities, and destructive lifestyles .... but many have just shut down.
Their minds have been ripped apart by Satan, the world's coldness, and (then, ultimately) ... their own deception.)

But! I have come to seek and to save that which was lost ... that which is lost!  I seek My lost sheep ... I'm calling out for My little hurt lambs ... my once-tender children , that have (been) brutally attacked and maimed.

Listen, My precious lambs ... my cherished ones ... I am leading you out!  I am creating a narrow path for you ... to escape (from) the snares of destruction.  I am pulling you up and out of the miry clay!


I am untangling the ropes and chains that have been strangling you.  I am healing eyesight ... for you to see your way out (more) clearly.

I am sharpening your hearing ... so that you can (more) easily identify My voice!
(For there are many voices, many 'shepherds' -- that desire to destroy you ... and to destroy Me.)

I am (also) strengthening legs and feet ... so that you may walk and run skillfully and ably ... you will be enabled to confidently follow Me as I lead!

Most important:  I am giving new hearts ... that you may more readily accept and feel My love!  My heart will become your heart!


As you continue to follow Me ... I will become more and more familiar and real to you ... to EACH of you!  I am the Chief Shepherd:  the shepherd of your souls!

A true, devoted, loving Shepherd will never, NEVER, leave His sheep;  His flock.  He will give his life for the flock.  He will put Himself between the wolf, the beast, the enemy ... and the sheep.  He leads them ... and constantly sees to their safety.  They are well-fed, watered, and sheltered from  harm.

Come in to My fold ... if you are straying ... come back to Me and My fold ... your fold!"

####### from a message 'heard' in Spirit on 12/13/2002

confidante =one trusted with secrets
brutally= in extremely harsh, cruel manner
maimed = cruelly, violently hurt, wounded, attacked
omniscient = knowing all things;   having infinite knowledge

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in Him was life