August 21, 2015

Mat Kearney - Air I Breathe (Lyric Video)

Wolves At The Gate - Slaves

I saw these chains locked on my wrists
Around my neck no shackles missed
I'd try to shake them off and flee
No where to go without a key

Awoke my eyes drew the first breath
New to the world but not to death
This plan devised in secrecy
May take my life or set me free
No more to work this simple life
To toil only met with strife
The evening still and passed the sun
The night crept in my chance to run

I wait for dark! I wait for dark!
No looking back I'm running
I'm running out of sight
No looking back I'm running

Running into the night

My feet be quick for this racing heart
Come morning's light will the chasing start
With the fear of pursuit comes a fear of the flight
And if I stop they will shoot so I continue to hide
In the cover of the night

At morning's light the darkness gone
I see the distance fade
I take to flight my fears withdrawn
my heart is now betrayed
Not a slave to man! Not a slave to...

Set me free! Set me free!
Hammer these chains and set me free!
Break these chains! Break these chains!
Unbind my hands and pardon me!
Ran all this way with the hope this pain would now
release, finally cease
What is this freedom if I haven't peace?

Serpent you lied and you told me to run
I haven't found repose for I still am undone
This isn't life! This can't be it!
I've run so far away yet none of the pieces will fit
I couldn't see, I should have known!
This peace abounds at my Master's home
Now my heart be still or these feet will fall
All for the will of the Master's call

The morning bright all darkness gone
and not afraid
Shown the true light against the dawn
my debt has now been paid
I was lost to save
For I'm the Master's slave

No looking back I'm running
Running with all my might
No looking back I'm running
Running to the true Light

I saw these chains fall to my feet
I stand amazed at this work complete
These chains not Yours they were my own
"Now run no more my son, come home"

Message>"Feels the Wounds"

{I 'heard':  "You have neglected the physical."}


"You have neglected the physical.  Yes, you have developed the spiritual, even the mental;  but not the physical.

Attend to the needs of the body.  Change your ways.  Nourish your heart.  Flex your muscles.  *Air out* your lungs.  Detox if necessary.  I will help you to do this.

Do not worry.  Do not worry. Do not worry.

Rid your soul of anxious thoughts and burdensome heaviness.  Be free of yokes, entanglements and hindrances. {As much as you are much as is under your control and within decisionary limits.}


I will help you with the *unfixable* (things).  The *impossible* and the *improbable*.

I am the master of solutions.   I find ways to work things out.  I shall help you and all who call upon Me.

I am near to the brokenhearted, the sick and dying, the frail, the weak, the rejected, the prisoner.

I feel the wounds of the soldier.  I weep for all the fallen heroes.

Yes, my eyes are wet with tears.  I see the intense, grueling pain so many have endured.

I see the result(s) of sin.  Of war.  Of selfish ambition.  Of controlling forces.

I see and I hear. I see the hurts of My wounded.

I am with you, (oh) wounded and weary warrior. I willl heal your heart, your shattered persona, your twisted limbs, your broken dreams.  I will restore.  I will heal.  I will have My way in the earth.

 I am sending My power and My Spirit.


Prepare the way(s) for MY SPIRIT! How? you ask.

By humility.

By praying simply to Me.

By fasting as I enable ...  and (as) you seek to obey/serve Me.

I see those in desperation;  in desperate situation(s).

I see those without hope .... without emotion .... without faith.  I see the dark clouds over you.  I see the darkness of the enemy.

I see the forces (that are) arrayed against you.  (For you ARE in a battle:  it is a REAL (spirit world) struggle.)


So, cast (give over) your cares to Me.  Let Me into your world.  Let Me be part of your life equation.

I will perfect (complete, bring to fruition) those things that concern and worry you.  I will be a *bridge builder*.

There is a time for doctors and a time for (the) supernatural.  My times will be (fully) apparent:  will be well-known.

I shall have the last word."

####### message ended @ 6:30am/ ~~~from message heard 11/3/2008 @ 6:16am

Shawn McDonald - Closer (Lyric Video)

Tree63 a million lights

Gravity by Shawn Mcdonald (Lyrics)

in Him was life

in Him was life