April 4, 2015

Benny Hester - When God Ran

MESSAGE "Pity The Fool"

"The fool has said in his heart there is no God. '  -- Psalm 14:1a; Psalm 53: 1a


"The fool has said in his heart there is no God.
Only a fool would not believe in God.

Only a fool would risk his eternal destination.
Only a fool would ignore God's plan for salvation.
Only a fool would ignore Jesus.  Only a fool would disregard Holy Spirit.


Listen to your hearts, people.  I am calling you right now.
I am speaking to your hearts. 
Tomorrow may be too late. 
No one is guaranteed another day ... another minute.

I AM the air that you breathe.

I control your heartbeat.
I am in charge of your brain:  your mind.
I can allow madness to enter your soul ... (to) go into your mind.
I can allow confusion, and utter despair to permeate the depths of your inner being.

Do you yet question Me?
Do you dare to defy Me, and sin against Me?
Why would you fight your God? Only a fool would attempt such nonsense.

I say again, only a complete fool would risk his eternal salvation.
Why gamble with your eternal life?
Why fool with forever?

Man presumes to be in control of all his life.
He is full of pride, ugly arrogance, and totally stupid reasoning and logic.
Man cannot see beyond his own self ... his own temporary situation.
This is disastrous.


Each one of you must look past your present circumstances and your own lives full of activity.
You must consider your eternal dwelling place.
Will you be in MY Heaven, or in the darkness of hell?

Will you continue to mock Me until your last dying breath?
Will you remain in your foolish state (condition) ... and ignore what lies ahead for you?


Death and the grave come to all.
There is an appointed time for your death ... for your demise ..... for your final passing.

Picture your body in the casket.  

Picture the funeral.  
See yourself laying there.  
Watch the pallbearers carry you out in the dark coffin. 
See the dark hearse make its way to the cemetery.

Watch as your box is lowered into the ground. 

See the dirt fall over it. You are buried.  It is over.


So ... where are you now? 
Do you know where you will be?
Will you be in Heaven or in Hell?
Will you be in bliss or torment?
Will you be with Jesus  ... or alone in the darkest pit imagined?

Will you cry out ... as you realize death is final ... and hell is (a) reality?
Will you (then) beg God Almighty to let you out ... from your tortured future?
Will you at last believe Jesus is  - or was - your Saviour?


Again, I say to you:  why gamble your eternal life?
Why be a fool?
The Devil is a fool ... and he will be in the eternal flame.
Don't follow Satan:  follow Me.  I have the pathway for you.
I lead you into My marvelous light.  I am a Beacon in the darkest pitch of evil darkness.
I am *shining* My Spirit into your souls right now, as you hear this message.

I plead with you, My creation, My beloved ones ... Come unto Me and you will find true eternal rest.
You will discover lasting, real peace and love and joy:  not of this world.

In Me, in Christ;  you will find purpose, truth, and deliverance.
You will find mending of broken hearts.
You will find lives being put back together after being ravaged by sin.

You will see Me in My glory ... and you will realize I am the promised Messiah.
 I gave My life for you on the Cross at Calvary.
I died so that you may live:  eternally with Me.


So, come to Me, just as you are.
I will clean you .. I will repair you ... I will chasten you ... and I will truly love you.
No devil, no demon, can offer such love.

The world is searching for peace and I am here ... for all the world to receive.
I bring peace that passes human understanding .
I offer peace now and in the future.

 Don't be a fool:  follow Me."

####### from words heard in spiritual on 7/11/2003@ 11:47pm

ravaged = nearly destroyed, brutally attacked
mending = repairing, fixing, healing, making whole/complete


>>>Related scriptures

Isaiah 55:6    "Seek the Lord while He may be found;  call upon Him while He is near."

Psalm 86:13    "For great is Your mercy toward me:  and You have delivered my soul from the lowest hell."

Psalm 89:11   "The heavens are Yours, the earth also is Yours:  as for the world and the fullness thereof, You have founded them."

Psalm 107:14a   "He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death ..."

Psalm 147:5  "Great is our Lord, and of great power:  His understanding is infinite."

>>Re the severe testing of *Job*...which can come to all, or any of us:

Job 30:15    "Terrors are turned upon me:  they pursue my soul as the wind:  and my welfare passes away as a cloud."

Job 30:19    "He (God) has cast me into the mire, and i am become like dust and ashes."

Job 30:20   "I cry unto You, and You do not hear me:  I stand up, and You regard me not."  (He is temporarily abandoned by God.)

Job 30:26   "When I looked for good, then evil came unto me:  and when I waited for light, there came darkness."

Job 34:28b   "... He hears the cry of the afflicted."


Romans 10:13   "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

John 14:6   Jesus said,   "I am the way, the truth, and the life:  no man comes to the Father, but by Me."

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