February 16, 2015

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MESSAGE "Grand Finale"

"Yes, after all is 'said and done'....I will have My say ... I will have My grand finale.

It will be My day ... My time... My way ...


Such as the world has never seen, so shall it be!  I will show wonders ... extreme wonders ... wonders in the skies ...sign upon (the) earth .... it will be a magnificent showing!

These 'coming' attractions are some of My best (works) ...


I will design ... I will build ... I will destroy ... I will plunder!  My power(s) will be apparent ... and fierce!  I am the strong one ... you will see, you will see.

I am (also) coming in great joy ... in great, unheralded peace.  I love My joy.  I love My peace.  And you will too.  (Those who experience it.)

Yes, yes, I am coming back -- I have NOT forsaken My earth...

Remember those who follow Me shall face GREAT rejection, great sorrow(s), great attacks of persecution ... in all forms:  mental, financial, social, physical, et al.  --and-- they will also experience My great love! ...My great reward(s) ... My presence (apparent with them) ...and My favor --My *Mark* upon them!


I share My 'wealth' with those who love Me ... but My wealth is not (the same as) *your* wealth.

My *riches* are not of this world ... they are spirit, spiritual.   You will know me in the Spirit ...in the spiritual realm.  That is My domain, My environment, My 'element'.. I am There.


To you, most (of your life) is physical ... seen, felt, heard.  I am above that realm .. I am in the *outer limits*, so to say.

I am above, as you are below.  Yet, I send My self to you --- down to you.

I release Myself, as SPIRIT, unto you.  I come to you.  I *AM* among you, says the LORD.  I *WILL* be made known .. I will be made (as) apparent ... as known .... as sometimes 'seen', 'felt' and 'heard'.

I am able to transcend time(s) ...

I am *timeless* ... I am eternal, yet very contemporary.

Yes, i am a 'very present help' in time(s) of trouble.  Let your requests be made known unto Me.


Conquer the foes.  Conquer the foes that try to destroy you.  Cast them down, cast them away!  In My name you shall cast OUT demons.  They are NOT your friends ... they are enemies of your soul .

Make no friendship (s), no pact(s), no contract(s) with them ...(for) they will kill you.


There are ways to overcome the vile excesses of the world.  the way to life is though Me ... your Lord.  I am able to do exceeding(ly), abundantly above all that you ask or think ... I am your 'strong tower'.  I am your 'shield of defense'.  I will 'raise up a standard' against the demonic onslaught that you face.

I *WILL* be victorious!

I *WILL* show My power(s)!

I will be your MIGHTY CONQUEROR, says the LORD ALMIGHTY!"


message heard in spirit, on 11/30/2014 @ 6;50-7:07am

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