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MorningStar WW3 - He's Alive - Suzy Yaraei

Worship in Spirit by Suzy Yaraei

MESSAGE "He Is My Knight" (repost)


"The time has come for war. War in the spirit. War between good and evil, between God and Satan. This is real. This is real life.

Get ready. Get your armor ready. Polish it up. Put it on.

Let Me be your Leader...your General...your Commander. I will give you strategy. I will lead, if you will follow. I know all the secrets...all the inside information....I know it before it happens. Come to Me...listen....breathe Me in...let My power envelope you...let Me *be* you...let Me transform your weakness into strength. Arm yourselves with My arsenal...My battery...My fuselage...My powerful weaponry. I am stronger, smarter, wiser, more capable and more able than your enemies.


So, who are your foes, your opponents? Do you know who your enemy is?

Satan, or the Devil, is real. He is your mortal enemy. He is also your supernatural, spiritual enemy. But he makes his mark on the physical, too. He is well able to hurt your bodies. He is an expert at destroying minds. He hates all humans, as he hates Me. He is NOT your friend, no matter how alluring he is.

He works by deceit, by lies. He appears as an "angel of light"...or a "good angel". He says all the right things at the right time. He is a master of coincidence. He is smooth, slick, handsome (if need be), clever, ultra-intelligent and a winner-it-seems.

The devil is not a myth, not a cute story. He has made the world laugh... and to think of him as a harmless cartoon. This is a grave mistake; to believe he is harmless and funny. He is no comedien...he in pure evil, total degradation and filth.
He will drag you through the mud, through the slime and putrid alleys of his manure and stench. He thrives on lies, fantasy, errors, half-truths, apathy, cruelty, apprehension, fright, panic, etc. He is no one to pal around with. Better to be alone than to have him as your friend.


Other enemies of your soul are ego, pride, greed, sloth, laziness, apathy, gluttony, hate, etc;....the things that bear heavy burdens upon you. They may start out as "neutral" things in your lives, but (they) end up as controlling and shackling. No on wants to be in slavery, in bondage, held captive.
No one wants to be captured by something or someone. Sins, destructive habits, addictions, etc;...all control and enslave your every waking moment. Fear is the worst offender. Fear paralyzes. Lies. Destroys. Cripples. Fear is one of the very worst of the human being's opponents in life.


I, your Lord and your Rescue ...will help. I will help. I am here to help you....all of you...anyone who asks...I will help.

Call upon Me and I will answer you...I will be your help in time of need...I will be your strong and high tower...your shield...your Armor. I will be your Knight, your prince, your strong Saviour, your ally, your war lord...I am He."

####### Heard on August 21st, 2012


fuselage = the main body of an aircraft, excluding the wings, tailplane, and fin

arsenal = a store for arms, ammunition, and other military items;
a workshop or factory that produces munitions;
a store of anything regarded as weapons

battery = ( military) two or more pieces of artillery used for combined action; a tactical unit of artillery

knight = a man, usually of noble birth, who -after an apprenticeship as page and squire- was raised to honorable military rank and bound to chivalrous conduct

You Me at Six - Forgive and Forget Lyrics

in Him was life

in Him was life