January 23, 2015

Anberlin - The Unwinding Cable Car

MESSAGE "Come Near (Again)"

*message to those away from Him

"My presence is your reward.


Oh come near, come to Me ...once again ... as you did in days past.

Let us have our *times* together -- let us dance  ... and sing ... and rest, as before.

Rest in My love ... rest in My rich mercy.  Let My voice drown out all other voices.


You have tried to 'blend in' with the world ...  with an army of people , of 'like-minded' ones ... yet you see that you do not belong.  You do not belong with them ... you are not 'of them', for they are of the 'world' ...and they are dead-in-spirit.

No , no, no ... you are not one of theirs ... (for) you are Mine.

You belong to Me.  You have born of My Spirit.  You are founded upon the *Rock* !  I am your Father.  I have *begotten * you.


You are born of MY SPIRIT.  You have anew spirit within you.  You are not (just) flesh and blood ..you are spirit.

You are a spiritual being ... a thing of the spirit.  You walk (live) in the spiritual realm(s).

You live and move among the spirits.  They know you.  *I* know you ... for I am the Great Spirit -- the one who creates, who breathes life into flesh.

I am the life-giver ... I hold the keys to Heaven ... and to Hell.


Worship Me.  Worship Me in (the) SPIRIT ...and in truth ... in the honesty of your soul, in the basicness of your heart.

Empty your heart before Me ... let it all out!  *Pour out your complain(s) before Me!

Call upon Me ... call Me!  Call Me .. (for) I  will answer you ... you will see ... it is a truth.


I am forever yours.  I will always be *on your side*.  I am with you, even unto the end.  I am your guide, even unto death.  I will carry you, even unto your old age.

I am the Alpha and the Omega ... the first and the last ... the beginning and the end.

I am the *author and the finisher* of your faith.

Lift Me up!  Exalt Me!  Exalt My Name!  I enter in, from the portals of glory!


Feel Me!  Feel My presence!  Enjoy, love, cherish My tangible presence!  It is a time of excitement, of great joy, of un-known peace !  Cast all your cares (worries) upon Me!  Let My peace flood your souls!


Stand still  and experience the presence ot your LORD!  I will yet be your Lord ... I will yet be your Comforter ... and I will yet be your Friend."


##### end of message, from 4:05- 4:38am, 11/23/2014

begotten = birthed, created

worship = adore, love deeply, show admiration/genuine redpect/love to

P.O.D. - Goodbye for Now

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in Him was life