January 29, 2015

MESSAGE "Still On His List" {Whosoever}

"I have not written you off.  The world, the church, your family -- may have written you off, but I have not.

The 'church ' (self-appointed) has boldly written off most.  They have written off rock stars, all gays, the unchurched, the artists, the musicians, the poor ones, the mentally sick, the prisoners, the 'weird' ones, the outcasts, the rebels, the 'losers', the social 'failures', the 'ugly', the lesser ones.

But I have not.

They have their own man-made codes, rules, laws, decisions, judgements.  I have none such (as those).  I am none of that.    >Holy laugh<

I am much more forgiving (!)   I am the Forgiver.  I am YOUR hope, your forgiver, your love, your best love ever.  Yes, it is true.

They (churches, religions, cults) have it all wrong -- for I am NOT as them.  They presume to speak for Me ... Ha! Ha!, I say. I am the ultimate in forgiveness.


I forgive ALL.  I love ALL.  I give ALL a chance -- many, many chances -- to know Me... to come to Me ... to find Me.  Many try, but give up -- why?

They abandon their search for Me because of the *churches*.  Yes, it is true.  Ask people.  Ask what has turned them away 'from God'.  It is the same answer.  People acting as My 'representatives' are improperly, wrongly, falsely MIS-representing Me and My truths.

This cruel, false thing is NOT of Me ... I am MORE ... much MORE.


Seek -- look for Me -- seek Me without limitations, without religion, without confines of man."

{Writer's note:  I don't think refers to ALL churches or believers... it means , in general, abuses and misrepresentation of the Gospel, coming from all different places:  churches , individuals, society, media, religious abuse, cults,etc }


Romans 10:13  " For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

Joel 2:32 a   "And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered:.."

Acts 2:21  "And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."

II Peter 3:9  "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."

I John 4:9  "In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent His only begotten Son {Jesus} into the world, that we might live through Him."

I John 4:16  "And we have known and believed the love that God has to (toward, for us) us. God is love; and he that dwells in love dwells in God, and God in him." {dwells = lives}

and --

I Corinthians 1:27  "But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty..."

Aaron Shust - Gloria (Official Audio)

January 27, 2015

Ask the Exorcist: Can an alternative personality be inherited generation...

Miriam’s mother was raped by a pastor. Miriam was molested by a pastor. ...

MorningStar WW3 - He's Alive - Suzy Yaraei

Worship in Spirit by Suzy Yaraei

MESSAGE "He Is My Knight" (repost)


"The time has come for war. War in the spirit. War between good and evil, between God and Satan. This is real. This is real life.

Get ready. Get your armor ready. Polish it up. Put it on.

Let Me be your Leader...your General...your Commander. I will give you strategy. I will lead, if you will follow. I know all the secrets...all the inside information....I know it before it happens. Come to Me...listen....breathe Me in...let My power envelope you...let Me *be* you...let Me transform your weakness into strength. Arm yourselves with My arsenal...My battery...My fuselage...My powerful weaponry. I am stronger, smarter, wiser, more capable and more able than your enemies.


So, who are your foes, your opponents? Do you know who your enemy is?

Satan, or the Devil, is real. He is your mortal enemy. He is also your supernatural, spiritual enemy. But he makes his mark on the physical, too. He is well able to hurt your bodies. He is an expert at destroying minds. He hates all humans, as he hates Me. He is NOT your friend, no matter how alluring he is.

He works by deceit, by lies. He appears as an "angel of light"...or a "good angel". He says all the right things at the right time. He is a master of coincidence. He is smooth, slick, handsome (if need be), clever, ultra-intelligent and a winner-it-seems.

The devil is not a myth, not a cute story. He has made the world laugh... and to think of him as a harmless cartoon. This is a grave mistake; to believe he is harmless and funny. He is no comedien...he in pure evil, total degradation and filth.
He will drag you through the mud, through the slime and putrid alleys of his manure and stench. He thrives on lies, fantasy, errors, half-truths, apathy, cruelty, apprehension, fright, panic, etc. He is no one to pal around with. Better to be alone than to have him as your friend.


Other enemies of your soul are ego, pride, greed, sloth, laziness, apathy, gluttony, hate, etc;....the things that bear heavy burdens upon you. They may start out as "neutral" things in your lives, but (they) end up as controlling and shackling. No on wants to be in slavery, in bondage, held captive.
No one wants to be captured by something or someone. Sins, destructive habits, addictions, etc;...all control and enslave your every waking moment. Fear is the worst offender. Fear paralyzes. Lies. Destroys. Cripples. Fear is one of the very worst of the human being's opponents in life.


I, your Lord and your Rescue ...will help. I will help. I am here to help you....all of you...anyone who asks...I will help.

Call upon Me and I will answer you...I will be your help in time of need...I will be your strong and high tower...your shield...your Armor. I will be your Knight, your prince, your strong Saviour, your ally, your war lord...I am He."

####### Heard on August 21st, 2012


fuselage = the main body of an aircraft, excluding the wings, tailplane, and fin

arsenal = a store for arms, ammunition, and other military items;
a workshop or factory that produces munitions;
a store of anything regarded as weapons

battery = ( military) two or more pieces of artillery used for combined action; a tactical unit of artillery

knight = a man, usually of noble birth, who -after an apprenticeship as page and squire- was raised to honorable military rank and bound to chivalrous conduct

You Me at Six - Forgive and Forget Lyrics

January 23, 2015

Anberlin - The Unwinding Cable Car

MESSAGE "Come Near (Again)"

*message to those away from Him

"My presence is your reward.


Oh come near, come to Me ...once again ... as you did in days past.

Let us have our *times* together -- let us dance  ... and sing ... and rest, as before.

Rest in My love ... rest in My rich mercy.  Let My voice drown out all other voices.


You have tried to 'blend in' with the world ...  with an army of people , of 'like-minded' ones ... yet you see that you do not belong.  You do not belong with them ... you are not 'of them', for they are of the 'world' ...and they are dead-in-spirit.

No , no, no ... you are not one of theirs ... (for) you are Mine.

You belong to Me.  You have born of My Spirit.  You are founded upon the *Rock* !  I am your Father.  I have *begotten * you.


You are born of MY SPIRIT.  You have anew spirit within you.  You are not (just) flesh and blood ..you are spirit.

You are a spiritual being ... a thing of the spirit.  You walk (live) in the spiritual realm(s).

You live and move among the spirits.  They know you.  *I* know you ... for I am the Great Spirit -- the one who creates, who breathes life into flesh.

I am the life-giver ... I hold the keys to Heaven ... and to Hell.


Worship Me.  Worship Me in (the) SPIRIT ...and in truth ... in the honesty of your soul, in the basicness of your heart.

Empty your heart before Me ... let it all out!  *Pour out your complain(s) before Me!

Call upon Me ... call Me!  Call Me .. (for) I  will answer you ... you will see ... it is a truth.


I am forever yours.  I will always be *on your side*.  I am with you, even unto the end.  I am your guide, even unto death.  I will carry you, even unto your old age.

I am the Alpha and the Omega ... the first and the last ... the beginning and the end.

I am the *author and the finisher* of your faith.

Lift Me up!  Exalt Me!  Exalt My Name!  I enter in, from the portals of glory!


Feel Me!  Feel My presence!  Enjoy, love, cherish My tangible presence!  It is a time of excitement, of great joy, of un-known peace !  Cast all your cares (worries) upon Me!  Let My peace flood your souls!


Stand still  and experience the presence ot your LORD!  I will yet be your Lord ... I will yet be your Comforter ... and I will yet be your Friend."


##### end of message, from 4:05- 4:38am, 11/23/2014

begotten = birthed, created

worship = adore, love deeply, show admiration/genuine redpect/love to

P.O.D. - Goodbye for Now

The Prayer Chain - 3 - Fifty-Eight - Shawl (1993)

take my rage  bury my pain

why won't you love me

January 16, 2015

Never For Nothing

Illustrator - Love's Not Your Enemy

MESSAGE "A Vanguard'

"I am raising it up ... a vanguard ... a frontline .. .a forerunner group. It will consist of seasoned - and brand new - soldiers of My Cross. My saints-in-training have been put through their steps, have gone through extensive preparation for this work.
They will be *advance* troops...a pre-cursor to what will ensue....what will follow (them).

This vanguard (frontline ) will be heard before they are seen. They will move stealthily in advance of Me. They will be attuned to My very whisper(s)... and they will hearken (listen attentively) to My orders. We will work as a team...as a common unit....as an anointed , moving vessel.


This newly-established grouping will be a powerful one...one made strong by (their) weaknesses. For, you see, I use those whom the world (and the church) has rejected. I will work through broken, torn, maimed vessels. These are My potter's jewels ... My most valued fragments of life-force. My very tears have dropped upon them.
They bear the scars of My healings, coming through devastating circumstances. These fragile - yet- strong disciples have indeed *paid the price* of following the Saviour.
They have not followed the crowd(s) ... they have chosen the hard way, the difficult path(s).

They did not relax and bask in luxury,  or fanciful comfort. These have suffered long and wide  ... over decades (sometimes) and years upon years of hurt, pain, loneliness, sicknesses never-ending, losses, merciless abuses, and  many dangerous routes.
Their lives have been ripped apart, torn wide open, shredded to bits and pieces. They have been dragged through the mire, nearly drowned in despair (many-a-time)... and have had their security pulled right out from under them, time and again.

These are my star warriors...and my fledgling scouts. I know their hearts,,..I've tried them...tested them consistantly...took them through their *paces* many times...I see how they respond.

I know those who are Mine...many say they are of Me...yet I never knew them.. These are confident (that) I am in their midst...yet I do not know them.  {Do I *know* you...dear reader? }


Yes, many, many will say *Lord, Lord!*...and will presume to be with Me in the eternal...YET I never *met* them in their lifetimes. They  are strangers to Me, as it were. I know those humble ones -- those shattered souls...those empty shells of humans...THESE I know!

The proud I turn away(from)...My eyes pass over the arrogant...I am not concerned with pride, selfish hearts, nor vanity. I look to the contrite, broken ones...those who indeed suffered...in raw emotion and in cutting, brutal, physical affliction...many for endless hours, months, years, decades.
Yes, many still suffer and cry to Me every second of your day.

Their cries do not go unnoticed. I will make things right in due time. The pain, the sorrow, the turmoil, the vexation, the evil...will one day be no more. It will be in the far past...away, gone, banished for ever.

There will be a day of vindication, of defense ...for those who suffer. I AM YOUR DEFENSE...  Man's help is limited...I...I.alone...am your rescue...your redeemer...your Friend.


My vanguard will be free...it will be blanketed by My presence, My love, My power. I will be in the very midst...the *eye* of this Holy storm troopers. We will forge our way...gathering in places of My choosing....areas not (always) known to man...and not conducive tho travel...etc. It will be as I see fit in My decisions.



Don't let your heart be troubled...neither let it be afraid. I am with you, even unto the end. I am in charge of time...of history as you know it. It will be a mighty work...as a machine...as a generator of power. We will know one another  in the spiritual sense...we will know how the others have (also) suffered and lived by patience.
The waiting will be well worth every tear, every pain, every insult....every rejection (or) abandonment.

Those who are first now, shall one day be the last...the ones in the back. Have I not told you (that) if you "humble yourself in My sight, I will lift you up'? That is what is happening. I see those with true mercy and compassion....they are dear to My heart. I will reward...I will lead them to green pastures....I will be in their midst. My presence will be apparent.

Keep a watch, and a listening ear - for My signs, My cues, My signals...My *hints*. I will lead you. Great is our journey."

~~ from 1/29/13  @ about 6:56am

MESSAGE "Heavy Artillery" {repost}

"When the darkness is at it's worst; at it's apex:  then it is time to bring out the *Heavy Artillery*.
What does this mean? (You ask)

This means the *Strongest Weapons* of My *arsenal*.
Specifically, this refers to:

1)   Unbending and unwavering faith, in the midst of despair and death ...

2)   MY HOLY EVER-LIVING WORD:  My Word spoken, and My Word believed! ...

3)  The High praises!  Praises from a Pure heart, full of adoration.  Praises to squelch
the worst enemy of your soul!  Praises to build up the *reinforcements* (re Angelic bulwarks) ...

4)   Joy.  The joy that I give is beyond any device;  any tactic, any *missile* (fiery dart) ...
that the enemy may throw at you.
Joy releases My presence in your midst.
Joy refreshes the weary soldier.
Joy and faith are inseparable ...

5)  Peace.  The peace I give is NOT of this dark world!  My peace passes all understanding.
My Holy Peace is far, far, above all of this world's ways.  My peace rules over the earth's
wickedness.  (Vileness, vulgarity, unrest, rage, etc.)

6)  Did I mention praise ?  (Just testing you!)

7)  Dance.  To dance before Me is to (also) dance, in spite of your enemies!
This creates (utter) havoc in the satanic realm.
(Note:  Must be true worshipful dance and movement before Me:  NOT before men.  NOT as men-pleasing, but ONLY for Me!)

Dance incorporates My Word, My joy, My peace, and My praise.  It takes (requires) faith to dance in times of complete ruin and overwhelming darkness.

My Spirit will leap and will dance amazingly in your earthen vessels!


My Glory is released in the dance of praise!
I am restoring and renewing My praise and My dance within My people.

The *Tabernacle of David* will be newer  ... and mightier than the old.  David (King David) danced and leapt before Me and was mocked.  Expect the same (and more) in this generation.

Whenever My Body begins to function as purposed ... the world, and the world's *leader*, begins to retaliate.

As I enable you:  Jump for joy!  Laugh!  Be released for greater things!
Fight the darkness with all I give you!"



bulwark  =   protective defense, fortification

the 'world's  leader'  =   Satan  (the 'god of this world'; ruler of  evil world system

artillery  =   weaponry (in this sense); especially large-caliber weapons

havoc  =   widespread destruction, devastation; chaos

utter  =   complete, absolute

apex  =   highest point; top; point of culmination

squelch  =   to crush; put down, to silence;  suppress, inhibit, trample down

arsenal  =   collection of weapons

enemy  =   here: Devil, Satan, Lucifer

tactic =    planned action; strategy

vessels =   bodies (specifically, human bodies)

leapt =   jumped to great height, or with great force

The Who-See Me Feel Me(Listening To You)

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me

God's Healing Power, Part 2

John Waite - Missing You

John Waite - Missing You

my son's father used to like this

January 9, 2015

NEEDTOBREATHE - "Keep Your Eyes Open" (Official Video)

Something Beautiful NeedToBreathe

Crazy Beautiful - Chasen lyrics

The Waiting - Israel

Call me Israel
Since some years ago, it's been my fate to sail November seas,
And this I know.
No sailor was I born, no seaman was I bred
Still, the sea has carved an eye for sinking ships and floating dead.

Call me Israel
I sail a sea of sand, and at the journey's close,
Will you suppose a man is still a man
Who would turn against the wind, who would barrel out his chest
Sail his vessel to the brink and think the fall will give him rest?

I wrestle with the wind, I wrestle with the waves
And ropes tear in my skin and still, within the storm...

Call me Israel
Since some years ago, it's been my fate to sail November seas
Inside my soul

And I wrestle with the wind, and I wrestle with the waves
And ropes tear in my skin and still, within the storm, within the sea,
Within the rage
I can see You...

Call me Israel
I sail a sea of sand
I'm the very soul my Father holds forever in His hand

The Waiting - Israel

Lykke Li - Gunshot (Official Video)

she's like a human shield....angel...

January 4, 2015

Dennis’ ancestors were murdered. Bob confronts the personality of the Mu...

MESSAGE "Mind Wars" {repost}

"Guard your heart.
Put a shield upon it, around it.
Guard your emotions.


There is a war, a battle; for your minds.
 It is the darkest, most vicious, most entangling, most complex, most hurtful, most effectively wounding; battle ever fought. It is mostly an unseen battle ... an invisible struggle, but still - VERY, VERY -  REAL.
It is the worst of all battles.

This war has your soul at stake. It has your peace, your joy, your happiness ... as it's spoils.  It does not play fair. It has evil intentions, always.

The war of which I am speaking is a spiritual war. It is fought in the air, up in the air;   as well as on the ground ... and in your very minds.  It is where many fall.

Many die in this war. Many are living, yet dead. Many are walking corpses, with brain death .. .and emotional death.


I say to you, 'Come to Me and I will give you rest ... My rest.'

I am well acquainted with grief, with sorrow, with depression, with heart-ache, with raw and brutal rejection. ALL of My followers forsook Me, at one point. I was left, abandoned, forsaken. I know how it feels.


Remember this ... I am with you always. I am near to you now. As you call upon Me, I will come to you. I come near to the broken, the brokenhearted, the lost ones, the lonely, the hurt, the wounded, the wounded warriors of all kinds.

I can offer you My peace NOW.
Take it, accept it, ask Me for it, cry to Me ... I will hear. I am willing to help. I am not a god that is afar off ... for I am as near as your beating heart, and as your breath of life.

I shower you daily with My mercies ... they are new every morning, including today.

I will bring good to  you, but you must be looking for it, and wait for it, sometimes-- .... for sometimes the good things ARE delayed for various reasons.


Wait for Me ... wait  for Me, says the Lord.
  I will come to you and rain down My grand and glorious treasures upon you, My people, My children, My followers, My creation.

I rain mercy upon the just, and the unjust ... the good and the bad. ALL will feel My healing rains ... My rain of love, My rains of mercy, of grace, of power, of truth, of delivering power!

I will repay evil, says the Lord. Do not fret, do not fear ... but be brave and of a good courage ... I will do that thing I have promised (you).

Seek Me while I may be found, for there is a time, a time of utter despair and thick darkness, when no one will be able to find Me, and  the door(s) will be shut.


Cease not in your pursuit of Me, yet take time to STOP and listen and wait upon Me ... for then I will have space, have room, have a window, a platform ... to "show off" !

I love to publicly show My 'wares' ... My 'tricks' ... My feats, My glorious works, My demonstrations of pure power,  My wonders untold, My miraculous abilities, My love, My kindness, My generosity, My skills, My giftings, My compassion ... and My Presence.

Yes, I like to be among My people in power.

 Let Me be myself, and I will show you all great and mighty things."

message 'heard' on 8:00am 2/9/14...& ending @ 8:13am

Skillet - One RealThing

Skillet- A Little More (with lyrics)

Skillet - Falling Inside The Black |Lyrics|

Falling Up - Broken Heart

Kutless - Strong Tower

In the middle of my darkness, In the midst of all my fear..You're refuge and my hope...When the storm of life is raging And the thunders all I hear..You speak softly to my soul..You are my strong tower shelter over me..beautiful and mighty...Everlasting King 

Oh, Sleeper - "Children Of Fire"

Oh, Sleeper - Hush Yael

in Him was life

in Him was life