August 28, 2014

Corpse Starts to Move In Body Bag - Valdelucio Goncalves

Never Be The Same - Red

my #1 song ever i think, so far

To Bring You Back By Paul Alan

one of my all-time faves

"Freedom" by Run Kid Run (with lyrics)

love it, majestic!

I Am In Love With You Video Song

a heartfelt masterpiece

Missing Person- Michael W, Smith

love this song

Rich Mullins - Wounds Of Love

MESSAGE "Feels The Wounds" {repost}

{I 'heard':  "You have neglected the physical."}


"You have neglected the physical.  Yes, you have developed the spiritual, even the mental;  but not the physical.

Attend to the needs of the body.  Change your ways.  Nourish your heart.  Flex your muscles.  *Air out* your lungs.  Detox if necessary.  I will help you to do this.

Do not worry.  Do not worry. Do not worry.

Rid your soul of anxious thoughts and burdensome heaviness.  Be free of yokes, entanglements and hindrances. {As much as you are much as is under your control and within decisionary limits.}


I will help you with the *unfixable* (things).  The *impossible* and the *improbable*.

I am the master of solutions.   I find ways to work things out.  I shall help you and all who call upon Me.

I am near to the brokenhearted, the sick and dying, the frail, the weak, the rejected, the prisoner.

I feel the wounds of the soldier.  I weep for all the fallen heroes.

Yes, my eyes are wet with tears.  I see the intense, grueling pain so many have endured.

I see the result(s) of sin.  Of war.  Of selfish ambition.  Of controlling forces.

I see and I hear. I see the hurts of My wounded.

I am with you, (oh) wounded and weary warrior. I willl heal your heart, your shattered persona, your twisted limbs, your broken dreams.  I will restore.  I will heal.  I will have My way in the earth.

 I am sending My power and My Spirit.


Prepare the way(s) for MY SPIRIT! How? you ask.

By humility.

By praying simply to Me.

By fasting as I enable ...  and (as) you seek to obey/serve Me.

I see those in desperation;  in desperate situation(s).

I see those without hope .... without emotion .... without faith.  I see the dark clouds over you.  I see the darkness of the enemy.

I see the forces (that are) arrayed against you.  (For you ARE in a battle:  it is a REAL (spirit world) struggle.)


So, cast (give over) your cares to Me.  Let Me into your world.  Let Me be part of your life equation.

I will perfect (complete, bring to fruition) those things that concern and worry you.  I will be a *bridge builder*.

There is a time for doctors and a time for (the) supernatural.  My times will be (fully) apparent:  will be well-known.

I shall have the last word."

####### message ended @ 6:30am/ ~~~from message heard 11/3/2008 @ 6:16am

MESSAGE "Heavy Artillery" {repost}

"When the darkness is at it's worst; at it's apex:  then it is time to bring out the *Heavy Artillery*.
What does this mean? (You ask)

This means the *Strongest Weapons* of My *arsenal*.
Specifically, this refers to:

1)   Unbending and unwavering faith, in the midst of despair and death ...

2)   MY HOLY EVER-LIVING WORD:  My Word spoken, and My Word believed! ...

3)  The High praises!  Praises from a Pure heart, full of adoration.  Praises to squelch
the worst enemy of your soul!  Praises to build up the *reinforcements* (re Angelic bulwarks) ...

4)   Joy.  The joy that I give is beyond any device;  any tactic, any *missile* (fiery dart) ...
that the enemy may throw at you.
Joy releases My presence in your midst.
Joy refreshes the weary soldier.
Joy and faith are inseparable ...

5)  Peace.  The peace I give is NOT of this dark world!  My peace passes all understanding.
My Holy Peace is far, far, above all of this world's ways.  My peace rules over the earth's
wickedness.  (Vileness, vulgarity, unrest, rage, etc.)

6)  Did I mention praise ?  (Just testing you!)

7)  Dance.  To dance before Me is to (also) dance, in spite of your enemies!
This creates (utter) havoc in the satanic realm.
(Note:  Must be true worshipful dance and movement before Me:  NOT before men.  NOT as men-pleasing, but ONLY for Me!)

Dance incorporates My Word, My joy, My peace, and My praise.  It takes (requires) faith to dance in times of complete ruin and overwhelming darkness.

My Spirit will leap and will dance amazingly in your earthen vessels!


My Glory is released in the dance of praise!
I am restoring and renewing My praise and My dance within My people.

The *Tabernacle of David* will be newer  ... and mightier than the old.  David (King David) danced and leapt before Me and was mocked.  Expect the same (and more) in this generation.

Whenever My Body begins to function as purposed ... the world, and the world's *leader*, begins to retaliate.

As I enable you:  Jump for joy!  Laugh!  Be released for greater things!
Fight the darkness with all I give you!"



bulwark  =   protective defense, fortification

the 'world's  leader'  =   Satan  (the 'god of this world'; ruler of  evil world system

artillery  =   weaponry (in this sense); especially large-caliber weapons

havoc  =   widespread destruction, devastation; chaos

utter  =   complete, absolute

apex  =   highest point; top; point of culmination

squelch  =   to crush; put down, to silence;  suppress, inhibit, trample down

arsenal  =   collection of weapons

enemy  =   here: Devil, Satan, Lucifer

tactic =    planned action; strategy

vessels =   bodies (specifically, human bodies)

leapt =   jumped to great height, or with great force

Brazil Man Declared Dead Rescued From Body Bag Hours Later

in Him was life

in Him was life