June 23, 2014

I Am In Love With You Video Song


8am  6-23-14
"I am come to give you life...and life more abundantly.  I can give you NEW life....and I can renew your life, renew your mind, renew your thoughts. I can make ALL things new to you. You will be able to see (perceive) things in a whole new light;   in  an entirely new & different manner.  Your entire thought  process  can be made new, can be made more clear, & can be made more peace-filled.

Yes, I see your sin.  I see your hard struggle....I  know:   I  know all about it...I am able to see lives from pre-birth to post-death. I know, I see, I am the Creator after all. (lol, holy laugh, haha)
My ways are NOT your ways..but My ways are better for you....I know how to deliver you from the darkest of all prisons....the traps you find yourself in....the deep darkness that enshrouds you: time after time. I can get you out of it all.

Time will tell....you will come to know Me..and you will (hopefully) come to the point of surrendering ALLto Me...for that is best for you & I am your best friend....(i'm crying now)

I am your "BBF".....hah..yes, I love you so much....I hurt when I see the pain you are in....I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU .


Since the beginning of time -as you know it on the earth...man has strived to find Me....and to know Me....and to find love.  It is the same now. All human beings seek a 'god'....a 'higher power'....a 'saviour' of some sort.  Idols of wood, of stone, of steel....all are seeking after this 'god'....these 'gods' & ' goddesses'. Humans need something stronger than shemselves....they need someone bigger, stronger, to help them;   to rescue them, to give them hope.

I am that 'god'....I am that 'spirit'....I am that 'spirit of god' they seek.  I am He.  I am that I am.


When the enemy comes in like a flood, I will lift up a standard against him.....yes, when the floods of destruction, of despair, of disease----come upon you---let it all out before Me.....give it over to Me...just say it...'I give this all over to you God'......'god'....I will hear you &  I wlll honor & accept your plea...I will show mercy where none is expected, where none is given. I will be that MERCY in your life.

I show love to the love-less, to the empty, aching souls. I am love. I am love. I am love.

My  love is not of this world.  Catch it, catch it like a fever...a fever of the fire, the fire of My love:   the holy, wild fire of the Most High.....it burns deep & hot for you....yes, for you, the reader of this message.

I come to give you LIFE, not death. I am the life giver;   I give life NOW & I give life in eternity.

Seek Me & live!"

####### end of message..@ 8:12am

Sleeping With Sirens - Alone featuring MGK (Official Music Video)

in Him was life

in Him was life