May 2, 2014

kitty is back from dead?

YAY>>>>happy kitty resurrection!

i thought FOR SURE this feral cat had been hit by a car.....there was blood on the street, in front of our house.....and we found a bit of a cat's tail by the side of the road.......

sooooooo........who do i see outside tonight??  you got it.....MR FERAL himself!!!!!!.

.i was so was like he (was) resurrected from the dead!!! 

i am taking this as as a "SIGN" hope  that even seemingly-dead thing as can (still) be brought back to life.........

{*feral = wild, stray}

{*not actuaL kitty, this was one of his kittens}

The Who - Love reign over me

 ~/~ ♥love...rain/reign over me ~/~

Switchfoot -"This is Home" - THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA

"Crazy Beautiful" Music Video (HQ)

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in Him was life

in Him was life