April 8, 2014

MESSAGE "The King and I" (repost)

"Don't squander, don't waste, don't ignore, don't neglect, don't mis-use .....
don't deny, don't delay, don't forget
 ....your gift, your gifts, your giftings!''

I have given My gifts, and I am still distributing them, as I see needs and desires.
I match gifts with willing, needy recipients
It can be a *supply and demand* equation, or -- a simple plea to Me.


As you desire, so I heed (that request).  Let your requests be made known to Me.

I see your needs, yes, I do. I see, I see what needs to be done, in your lives.
I see the wants, the excesses, the wasting(s), the indulgences, the luxuries, the needless costs.
I see the spending(s), the debts, the bills owed, the collection operations. (collecting of debts)

I am mindful of your earthly necessities. I am a practical God, as well as a Heavenly father.
I am Here and I am there (upon the earth.)
And ... I am in the *between* atmosphere. I am omnipresent:  present everywhere!


I am a masterful science project for you ... to ponder, to question, to "figure out". (hah, Spirit laugh)

I am *beyond* finding out! (You'll never catch Me!)


I slink around the horizon. I tread on those serpents. I dance in the desert. I lounge beside those *still waters*.

I dine with you, albeit unbeknownst! I sit at your table(s). I observe. I smile. I listen (in).

I am that *fly on the wall*.  (haha, another Spirit laugh)

Breaking news! On the forefront of your lives, you will need a Leader.
A Saviour.
A Guide.
A Spiritual mentor, as it were; a Love, a Lover, a Friend, A *BFF*.
(That would be Me.)

To all of those, I fit the bill.

*** 6:28am

Stand with Me, My people, My followers ... even those who scamper along, from a distance ... those who watch from afar.  I see your curiosity, your wonderings. I see the empty, dry, plodding heats ... the dull, wizened emotions.

 I feel the dearth of emotion, the stagnant waters of your soul ... the endless myriad of questions, of more questions ... and of real, honest doubt(s).

I am not a cold-hearted man of a God.  I am not a heartless, cruel ruler. I am not a murdering dictator, nor a bloodthirsty despot. No! No! No!


 I am the bright ... the bright one ...  the bright and morning Star. I shine ... I shine in your midst. I am with you as you look out your windows ... looking and wondering. i am there, yes, I am right there with you.

Cease not in well-doing(s).  Be that one who *goes the second mile*! Be a hero today ...  to somebody who least expects it! Be a light to them!



Measure not as man by his money, by his earning potential. Let his true character be seen. It is best evidenced during hardships .... during bouts of sickness, weakness, and *misfortune*.  When a proud man has been suffiently humbled  ... broken down .. .even crushed ...  then, his true identity will emerge.

You will know ... you will see...


So, let your broken selves come crawling ...  come crying. Come, as you are .. . into My palaces of grace, of mercy, of truth, of un-encumbered, unhindered acceptance ... into My Holy arms, arms of deepest loving and guardianship. I will be your God, if you *let* Me ... if you want Me.

Call Me ... I am here ... I'll be waiting .. .Finish."

####### heard in the Spirit on @ 6:19am 2/2/14

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