March 1, 2014

The Lord's Prayer in Hebrew

The Disciples Prayer... Tefilah ha Talmidim
(In Hebrew)

Who is in Heaven- Sheh ba Shamayim
Holy is your name- Yeet-Kadahsh sh'meh-cha
Holy- Kadahsh
Your Kingdom come- Tavoe mahlchoo techcha
Your will be done- Yay-ahseh r'tzon-cha
In earth be done now- ba ahretz Ka-ahsher na
As it is in Heaven- ahsah ba shamayim
Give us this day our daily bread- Ten la noo ha yom lehchem chookayno
Father- Aveenu
And forgive us our trespasses- oo-s'lach la'noo et ahsh mahtayno
As we forgive those- Ka ahsher solecheem ahnachnoo
Who trespass against us- la-ahsher ahshmoo lahnoo
And lead us not into the hands of Masah- temptation- v'ahl tuh-vee-ay-noo leeday Mash
But deliver us from the evil one- Key eem ha-tzee-lay-noo meen ha-rah
Father- Aveenu
Who is in Heaven- Sheh ba Shamayim
For yours is the Kingdom- Key l'cha ha-mahmlacha
and the Power- v'ha teer ehret
forever- lolmay olameem
Blessed are You, LORD- Melech ha Olam

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 i wanna be a good man... i wanna see god

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*  HOLD ON HAILEY!!!...dedicated to a coma, since a car accident...hold onto life, sweetheart Hailey Sue....♥  (in Syracuse, NY hospital...3/1/2014)

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MESSAGE "We Will Dance" (a love letter) --repost

St. John  10:10b  "...I have come to give you life, and life more abundantly."  {words of Jesus}


"I will lift you up out of your distress.  In time, you will be free of the heavy, oppressive hindrances.  All the weight of the enemy will be gone!

You will be free to worship Me in (the) freedom of the Spirit.  You will dance.  You will shout.  You will rejoice!  I desire My people to rejoice and be glad!

I am THE Lifegiver.  I AM joy.  I am gladness.  I am peace.  I am love.  I am light.  I am truth.  I am mercy. I am grace.  I am life.

Seek Me first, before all (other) things.  Put ME first and I will do exceedingly, abundantly, more than you can ever ask or think.

Don't look to the natural.  Look to Me:  to the supernatural in Me.  The things of this world are passing away, but I (will) remain forever.
Look not to the things which are seen, but look to the eternal, unseen things.

Don't labor for the meat (things) that perish, but labor for My Kingdom.  Don't put your trust in treasures of this earth, for they will rust and rot away.

Put your trust in MY treasure ... treasures of Heaven ...treasures of My Kingdom ... treasures of My heart. (For where your heart is ... there is your treasure.  Let your heart be united with My heart.)

Don't become weary in doing well.  Every action done in My love has not gone unnoticed.  I will remember your loving ways (and words) ... and will reward you.


Share.  Give.  Love ... Forgive.  As I have given to you, so love others.  As I have forgiven you, also forgive others.  And, as I have shared Myself with you, also share Me with others.  Don't be ashamed.

It's okay to cry.  It's okay to show emotion..  Man would shut you down, but I (will) open you up.  The world will tell you (that) you don't matter ... and (that) you are worthless ... but I hold you in great esteem .. and tell you (that) you are very precious in My sight.  (Each of you.)

I  see ALL your tears.  I have seen every tear that you've (ever) shed.  I have been with you through ALL the heartache ... and all the loneliness ... and all the fear and terror you've known.

I am closer to you than you (even) realize.


I do not despise you ... I love you.  I created you.  I put My Spirit in you (so) that you can live with Me forever.  Don't fear 'forever'.

Don't fear 'forever' ... for I will be (there) with you.

The devil would make you fear Me ... and (to) fear forever.  Eternity will be wonderful , spectacular, miraculous, beautiful, and joyous forever.  You will be with Me.  You will never fear again.

You will NEVER be lonely again.  You will NEVER be sick again.  You will NEVER be worried again.  This is My promise to you and to all My spiritual children.  (Those born by My Spirit ... those of the new birth  ... those who are born again ... and have received My love.)


I know you don't understand all I am saying , but continue to trust Me.  Look to Me continually.  Those who continue in My Word are My disciples ... My followers ... My children ... My loved ones.  (Yes, I desire ALL to come to Me ... for I died for the entire world, not just a few.)

I am come that ALL have life and life abundantly.  I am not willing that ANY should perish ... but I desire that ALL come to the saving-knowledge of Me.

Continue to tell others ... in whatever way possible.  Continue to pray that ALL would know Me.  And continue to love Me, as I have loved you."

####### from 11/7/1999

{Note:  The liar/devil/deceiver/accuser (i.e. Satan) tries to give us a wrong fear of God.  He tries to make God seem bad to us ... make us believe God is mad at us and is condemning us.  The truth is ... God/Jesus loves us more than we can imagine.  The devil (i.e. evil one/enemy) is the father of lies.  He causes humans to distrust God.  Believe the truth, and disregard the lies.  God is mercy and compassion.  God is love.}

in Him was life

in Him was life