February 25, 2014

The Prayer Chain - 3 - Fifty-Eight - Shawl (1993)

"why won't you love me?... why won't you hug me?..."(.a boy to his dad)


i  pray for  god to show his reality/love/power/tenderness to all boys/men who have no father...or their dads died ...or their dads were abusive,violent or absent , always busy or gone away somewhere.....or work-a-holics...your heavenly father is there for you

 "take my fist! ...and hold it in your hand...take my rage!... and bury my pain..." (a boy to  fathergod)

Red - Start Again (lyrics)

start again...he will forgive you...many times he gives second, third, 4th, 1000th chances,...

The Prayer Chain - 5 - Never Enough - Shawl (1993)

i can feel it, oh yes, i can feel it the blood of the redeemer

Thousand Foot Krutch-War of Change (lyrics)

we are all in a war....an invisible spirit war

Thousand Foot Krutch - Be Somebody Lyrics

we all want to matter, to be somebody..you ARE highly valued, in God's eyes, no matter what this life brings...he is on your side...he loved you, while you were yet a sinner

Skillet - American Noise (Official Video)

drink deep in the morning...drink in his life, his life, his Spirit...it's for you..he is FOR you...he is on your side ♥

Jesus Culture - You Won't Relent (Legendado)

Jesus Culture - Let it Rain - Live (HD)

jesus Culture - Heaven Is Here【HD】

in Him was life

in Him was life