February 3, 2014

Owl City - "Galaxies" Lyric Video (+playlist)

Rolling Stones Time Waits For No One In Hd w/ Lyrics

we all have an appointed time to die

"Best Is Yet To Come" by Red (with lyrics)

look forward to your week ahead... to your life...go day-by-day !

"Freedom" by Run Kid Run (with lyrics)




Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

we are children before Him .. . and, He says he loves us.

MESSAGE "Twinkle, Twinkle"



"Enter not into temptation.  How can this be possible/ you ask  Is it an impossible thing? Can it even happen? in this life? this world?

The answers are 'yes' and 'sometimes'.  One can avoid falling into temptation, but cannot escape being tempted, being lured, being teased, being attracted.

When a person is humbling themselves, the war is easier. The challenges are able to overcome, and often detoured. 

A big weapon against temptation is denial. To deny something flat-out is strong. To resist is powerful. When a destructive temptation surfaces,it is able to be tuned down ... to be resisted ... to be ignored... to be denied.

Deny it, if you must! if something is hurting you, it is not good for you. Sounds elementary, yet so many cannot (or will not) end their degrading, destroying habits .

To deny a evil is a strong tactic against the unseen forces that try to bring you down.

Seek Me, says the Lord.  I will help you.  Simple. No, not simple, but a simple command, or suggestion.  it is wise to go to One greater, to seek help in time of need.

I am your strong tower... you can run to Me and be safe ... be free ... be cleansed ... be washed ... be made new again. As many times as it takes, come to Me ... Run to Me!! ...I am here ... I AM HERE ... I am waiting for YOU ... I have My arms out-stretched ... just for YOU.

My son, My daughter ... let go ... let go of the weights that so easily beset you ... the hard things that drag you down, over and over again.

Let go of the dark spirits, the dark habits, the things that are killing you, the raunchy, the rebellious things, the strong elements, the intoxicants that choke you, the evil things that have a distinct stranglehold on you.  Be free of them! let them go! let them be a thing of the past!

Start again! start again! 

Just as you are, right NOW... is a new day for you ... a new, new, new time ... it is YOUR time! It is your day, your time to SHINE!!!

Shine for ME, says the Lord ... says YOUR Lord.  Shine on, shine bright! You are  My stars, shining in the dark skies.  

Twinkle, twinkle ... My little stars.  I LOVE YOU, I do !!"


a very cool (!) message, 'heard' in the Spirit on February3rd, 2014 @ about 6:20am

Bully-Shinedown (Lyrics)

The Letter Black Up From The Ashes Lyrics (for Hailey)

i am dedicating this to Hailey...in a coma

Air1: Brenda Price's Testimony (popular repost)

<she (Air 1 radio dj) overdosed on drugs, and lived...then went to Jesus...called out to him....in her near-death...####...
anyone w/ any addiction...u CAN be free... i (writer of this blog) ALSO am free of  heavy alcohol abuse/addiction, cigarettes, pot, some coke (cocaine), cutting (self mutilation), abuse:  verbal/physical/sexual, a lot of promiscuous sex, violence, fights, rapes, beatings, hitchhiking, occult, witchcraft, self-hatred, sex addiction (pornography/still have trouble with it sometimes), vandalism, family violence, lying, stealing, etc...i was a mess...i am alot better now/but not totally healed /still, a work-in-progress...clean, sober, celibate (haha), more calm, able to survive better without cutting/drinking/getting high/fighting/lying, etc....but i still get *flashbacks* now and then, and i still have my *down* times..and i still need more deliverance /emotional healing /freedom from lusts/anger/low self-esteem, etc....but i have HOPE now....i have struggled my whole life w/hauntings/fear/terror/porno/abuse/violence/etc......but JESUS/holy ghost! definitely changed my life...I FELT HIS SPIRIT, like liquid electricity...AWESOME, i can never forget it, and i will NEVER BE THE SAME

in Him was life

in Him was life