January 6, 2014

"By Your Side" - Tenth Avenue North

do you sense Him....is He near you...??

The Afters - "Light Up The Sky"

look up! you may see Him in the sky

-"Beautiful love" -- the Afters

a beautifiul song!!

The Afters "Never Going Back To Ok" (+playlist)

"Underdog" - Audio Adrenaline w/lyrics (+playlist)

I am so weak and I'm so tired
It's hard for me to
Find enough strength to feed the fires
That fuel my ego
And consequently all my pride has all but died
Which leaves me
Down on my knees
Back to the place I
Should have started from
Been beat up
Been broken down
Nowhere but up
When you're facedown
On the ground
I'm in last place
If I place at all
But there's hope for this underdog!
That's the way, uh-huh, we like it!
That's the way, uh-huh, we like it!
You can call me the underdo

"Leader of the Broken Hearts" (Official Music Video)

so good!1 remember...JESUS your MESSIAH //SAVIOUR //FRIEND..is the HEALER of the broken hearts♥☻

Three Days Grace - "Break"

just heard this again on the radio...reminding me , that sometimes we all need to GET AWAY....times for new starts...for rest... for meditation, for peace of mind...to find God...to fast and pray, etc  (*disclaimer...this is not necessarily a christian song, or not...just a GREAT song!!)

"Fight Inside" - Red

"Never Be The Same" - Red


PRAYER Prayer for Hailey♥

Could you all
(any one, every one)...
PLEASE ... pray for a teenage girl....who has run away ...
she is from america (NY) ... and she is now out-of-state ...gone ----
with a boy she just met.... !?

She is a sweetheart...now she has run away....left her job, her school, her family, her friends, her cat,  her Gramma...and her Mom.  Her mom is very upset. And her Sister .

Please agree together for her. Her name is Hailey. {And i am crying now.}

God please help her, wherever she is...please send your angels to protect her . Please help her to come home safe .... we pray for her right now.... in your name, please. 

Benjah - "Rainbows" ft. Blanca (@benjah @rapzilla)

fresh new song ♥☺ ...hope you all have a good week....keep yourselves in the love...in the love of god............yes, he is the inventor of all loveeeeeeeeeeeeee

Amy Grant - "You're Not Alone"

special song for a young teenage girl out on the road ...a runaway...GOD PLEASE PROTECT HER

Skillet - "Whispers in the Dark"

POEM "His Royal Elegance" (a poem)

Lord, infuse strength into me, for Your breath is the strength that I need.
I am powerless without You; yet, I am fearless within You.

Point me in directions of love.  Wash me, flood me - with Your compassion.
Let my eyes be Your eyes.  Shadow me in the palms of Your hands.

I seek Your shelter, I find Your peace.
I need deliverance, I feel (Your) release.


Boundless love is Yours, I know ... Greater love no man ever owned.
Blessing and honour come from You alone ... You rescue, each time I fall.

Perplexed and despairing, I call out to You.   Needing You, sensing You;  there is a hush.
Contrite, with a bleeding heart of pain ... I fall before You.

I surrender. I give up.
I am Yours. I hurt. I am crushed.


Clouds speak Your name.  Birdsongs are Yours.  Whispers of elegance ... a Heavenly home.
Let me into Your mansion ...Your Royal abode.

Restraining and patient ...until, at last...
I am There.

P.O.D. - "Beautiful "

The Choir - "Burning Like the Midnight Sun"


Vector - Please Stand By - "I Can't Help Falling in Love"

we can all dream of love....(even if we don't have anyone on this earth...)

"Forgiven" - Relient K (Lyrics)

we're all guilty of the same things ... we think the thoughts / whether  or not we see them through

Blindside - Cute Boring Love

band originally from sweden...."what are you so scared of, sister?"

Blindside- "Across waters again"


a love songgggggggggggg


from 1987...still sounds great, imo

Illustrator - Love´s Not Your Enemy

love, REAL LOVE, is not your enemy

Beckah Shae - Scripture Snack - Do Not Give Up

Beckah Shae - "Incorruptible"

run the race that is set before you

Beckah Shae - "TURBO STYLE"

"Shake Heaven" -- Montell Jordan and Beckah Shae

 he's back ... montell jordan!

"Highest Mountain" - Aviad Cohen

great voice, song....

Kutless- Shut Me Out

Overcoming Me-Kutless

i don't want to spend a day without You in my life... i just need to love me

MercyMe - "Bring The Rain"


MESSAGE "Abba Fathers"

"I am greatly pleased when My children take time and effort to seek Me.  Just as a natural father wants to hear from his children, so do I.

Sadly, many do not recognize Me as their Father. 

They have flatly rejected Me and My Word.  Their minds and spirits have become corrupt, blinded, and darkened. 
They are in a web of deception.  They lack knowledge of Me.  They are standing on dangerous ground.

If only hearts were receptive to My Spirit's pleading!  Would not wise men listen to wisdom?  To truth?  Am I not called *Spirit of truth*?  Am I not wisdom?

A father's love desires the best for his offspring. 
He works for them ... and (he, He) plays with them ... and (He) openly shows His love for them. 
A father listens to His children, and does all in his power to resolve, to understand concerns;  to take action ... and defend his (His) own.


Good fathers are wise.  They are patient.  They are kind. 
They are brave, courageous, and confident.  They are followers of Me ... of My Word. They are filled (and refilled) with My Spirit!

They are considerate ... and help the needy.  They are not proud ... they are humble, teachable, and broken before Me.  
They acknowledge Me and My ways.  They accept correction.  They are obedient:  to Me, and to those in authority over them.  
They walk in My ways.

As they listen obediently to Me, thy become wise ... peaceful ... loving .... skillful .... diligent;... and prosperous.

They find favor with Me."

######## from a message heard 12/14/2002 

resolve = find solutions to problems, conflicts
natural = human, earthly
proud = arrogant, self-centered
prosperous = successful, strong, vigorous, flourishing (not only financially)

Psalm 103:13    "Like a father pities his children, so the Lord pities them that fear Him."

St. John 1:12    "...as many as received Him, to them He gave power ... to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name."

Proverbs 2:6    "..the Lord gives wisdom:  out of His mouth comes knowledge and understanding."

Proverbs 3:12   "...whom the Lord loves, he corrects; even as a father (corrects) the son in whom he delights."

in Him was life

in Him was life