June 28, 2014

Nothing More "This Is The Time (Ballast)" // Octane // SiriusXM


MESSAGE "You Are Special To Him" {repost}

***** "Listen and I will give you words of wisdom. Learn of Me and My ways. Continue in My Word, for I have the secret of eternal life. I hold the keys to Heaven and to hell. I give each person a choice. Will you choose life...or death? Will you choose Me or Satan?

*** The door is open. The door is still open. Will you come in and dine with Me? Will you sit at My feet and receive My love, as a little child? Will you let Me hold you? Will you let Me love you? Why do you resist Me? I ONLY OFFER YOU LOVE.

*** Yes, I see your pain and frustration and worry. My love, My great love; washes all your sadness away. You need to be near Me at all times. You need a deep, fresh revelation of My love for you, My child. You need to know you are unique, special and precious to Me.

 *** I HAVE NOT FORSAKEN YOU AS OTHERS HAVE. I have not neglected you, nor ignored you. I am not a man, that I should lie. I am comforting you, even NOW.

 *** My anointing breaks EVERY yoke of bondage. THERE IS FREEDOM IN MY LOVE. I will restore the lost years. I will repair the broken-down walls and breaches in your life.

*** Remember, I have not given you a spirit of fear. I have given you My Spirit: to love, for power and to have a sound mind. I CREATED YOU TO LOVE, NOT TO FEAR.

*** Perfect love ... My love ... casts out all fear. My love will be perfected in you. My love will dissipate the fear...the fear that gnaws at you.

***** There is a better life for you: not only in eternity, but here on this earth ... in this lifetime.

 *** MY PURPOSE FOR YOU IS TO KNOW MY LOVE, MY JOY AND MY PEACE. So many of My children do not understand this ... therefore they put man-made laws and regulations on My people ... especially on My young lambs.

*** There is a season of joy unspeakable for you. You have endured like a good soldier. You have overcome the evil one in many areas of your life.

*** Remember, I will deliver you from every evil work. You must not let the fear of man control you. I know this is hard for you ... often-times impossible (in the natural) .. .but I will be by your side. If you keep your mind on Me, I will be more real to you.

*** DO NOT FEAR MAN. Do not fear man. Do not fear man. The fear of man is a snare. Resist this fear continually. Be aware of the devices of the evil one, for he would desire to sift you as wheat. He has no mercy. I am the opposite. I am mercy. My burden is light and My commandments are not grievous (overly difficult.)

*** Don't hide your talents under a bushel. Let your light shine before men, that I may be glorified. I will help you create. Express your creativity: it is from Me. (My gift to you.)

*** Stand fast; stand firm in what you have learned...for the enemy of your soul desires to steal your faith. Watch and pray. LISTEN FOR ME in the times I speak to you. I WILL NOT CONDEMN YOU. I will not condemn you. I will not condemn you.

*** I give you (the) security you've always wanted and needed. YOU HAVE DESIRED TO KNOW ME AND I AM MAKING MYSELF KNOWN TO YOU. THE MORE YOU SEEK ME, THE MORE I AM KNOWN. It is a simple equation.

***** You may rarely receive the approval of men or of society, but you will always have My approval. (Of course, I must chastise and discipline ... with love and mercy ... when necessary.)

*** The fruit of My love is evident: love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, self-control. Seek to know Me and the harvest will be greater - and will grow and grow ... more than imagined.

*** Pray for (the) church leaders. Pray that they are discerning the times and ways of My Spirit. Pray that they hear My voice clearly. Pray that their joy remain (full). Pray that they are blessed in every way. Pray that they look well to the needs of their flocks.

 ***** I see your concern for your sin. Yes, I will always lift you up when you fall. When your mother and father forsake you, I will lift you up. I see you are wondering what people (especially pastors) will think of you. Do not fear them. Do not let them be your judge.

***  I alone am your guide ... your provider ... your Friend.

They are subject to Me. Yes, they will teach you and help you...but ultimately, I have the final word. I am the ultimate authority.

*** Pray that they welcome My visitation and My power and My presence and My glory and My anointing.

*** Soon, some will see Me. Do not be shocked. I will appear to those who seek me with a humble contrite heart.

*** I am preparing for a harvest of souls. I am drawing many near by my Spirit. Shake off the old man: put on the new! Shake off religion: put on My Power! Burst out of the old wine skins ... put on the new ... and BE FILLED WITH MY NEW WINE! Instead of mourning and heaviness, put on a garment of praise!

***** Just like (the) Passover, apply the power of My Blood to your lives. It is significant. My Blood is your life.

*** At the mention of My Blood, the dark powers tremble. They recognize the significance of My Blood. (More so than many of My children.)

***** Many will not believe you: they will call you crazy ... as they did (to) Me. As I suffered, you will suffer. As I rejoiced, you (also) will rejoice. As I live eternally, so shall you.

*** As a groom to His Bride, I say good night. Sleep in peace."

 ******* bride = all born-again believers, the church, the body of Christ / 
harvest = result, fruit / contrite = repentant, sorry for, regretful /
 chastise = discipline, chasten, purify, to punish as to correct / 
revelation = a revealing, something disclosed /
 dissipate = lessen, to make disappear, vanish / 
 breach = opening, break, place of weakness or vulnerability / 
gnaws = eats away at, to harass or vex, to bite repeatedly, consume /
 significance = importance, value 

++Originally dictated on 12/22 in the late 1990's++

Spain Famous Bull Ring To Become Huge 40,000 Seat Mosque

The Cure:Love Song~Lyrics

a love song...god is love

Alanis Morissette "Guardian" - Official Music Video

June 26, 2014

Love song-- Youth Alive

03-I need you--Youth Alive

Youth Alive - Deeply In Love

In my life You`ve heard me say
I love you
How do I show you it`s true
hear my heart, it longs for more of you..
I`ve fallen deeply in love with you..

You have stolen my heart
I`m captivated by you
Never will you and I part
I`ve fallen deeply in love with you

You and I, together forever
Nothing can, stand in the way
My love for you, grows stronger
each new day.
I`ve fallen deeply in love with you

You have stolen my heart
I`m captivated by you
Never will you and I part
I`ve fallen deeply in love with you

You have stolen my heart
I`m captivated by you
Never will you and I part

I`ve fallen deeply in love with you

The Byrds - Turn! Turn! Turn!

Chinese Charity: Mandarin tycoon throws fancy dinner, cash to NY homeless

Sanctus Real - Everything About You

Sanctus Real - Closer

June 23, 2014

I Am In Love With You Video Song


8am  6-23-14
"I am come to give you life...and life more abundantly.  I can give you NEW life....and I can renew your life, renew your mind, renew your thoughts. I can make ALL things new to you. You will be able to see (perceive) things in a whole new light;   in  an entirely new & different manner.  Your entire thought  process  can be made new, can be made more clear, & can be made more peace-filled.

Yes, I see your sin.  I see your hard struggle....I  know:   I  know all about it...I am able to see lives from pre-birth to post-death. I know, I see, I am the Creator after all. (lol, holy laugh, haha)
My ways are NOT your ways..but My ways are better for you....I know how to deliver you from the darkest of all prisons....the traps you find yourself in....the deep darkness that enshrouds you: time after time. I can get you out of it all.

Time will tell....you will come to know Me..and you will (hopefully) come to the point of surrendering ALLto Me...for that is best for you & I am your best friend....(i'm crying now)

I am your "BBF".....hah..yes, I love you so much....I hurt when I see the pain you are in....I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU .


Since the beginning of time -as you know it on the earth...man has strived to find Me....and to know Me....and to find love.  It is the same now. All human beings seek a 'god'....a 'higher power'....a 'saviour' of some sort.  Idols of wood, of stone, of steel....all are seeking after this 'god'....these 'gods' & ' goddesses'. Humans need something stronger than shemselves....they need someone bigger, stronger, to help them;   to rescue them, to give them hope.

I am that 'god'....I am that 'spirit'....I am that 'spirit of god' they seek.  I am He.  I am that I am.


When the enemy comes in like a flood, I will lift up a standard against him.....yes, when the floods of destruction, of despair, of disease----come upon you---let it all out before Me.....give it over to Me...just say it...'I give this all over to you God'......'god'....I will hear you &  I wlll honor & accept your plea...I will show mercy where none is expected, where none is given. I will be that MERCY in your life.

I show love to the love-less, to the empty, aching souls. I am love. I am love. I am love.

My  love is not of this world.  Catch it, catch it like a fever...a fever of the fire, the fire of My love:   the holy, wild fire of the Most High.....it burns deep & hot for you....yes, for you, the reader of this message.

I come to give you LIFE, not death. I am the life giver;   I give life NOW & I give life in eternity.

Seek Me & live!"

####### end of message..@ 8:12am

Sleeping With Sirens - Alone featuring MGK (Official Music Video)

June 10, 2014

Relient K, Be my Escape

London Stud: Controversy over 'anti-homeless spikes'

MESSAGE "A Vanguard" (repost)

"I am raising it up ... a vanguard ... a frontline .. .a forerunner group. It will consist of seasoned - and brand new - soldiers of My Cross. My saints-in-training have been put through their steps, have gone through extensive preparation for this work.
They will be *advance* troops...a pre-cursor to what will ensue....what will follow (them).

This vanguard (frontline ) will be heard before they are seen. They will move stealthily in advance of Me. They will be attuned to My very whisper(s)... and they will hearken (listen attentively) to My orders. We will work as a team...as a common unit....as an anointed , moving vessel.


This newly-established grouping will be a powerful one...one made strong by (their) weaknesses. For, you see, I use those whom the world (and the church) has rejected. I will work through broken, torn, maimed vessels. These are My potter's jewels ... My most valued fragments of life-force. My very tears have dropped upon them.
They bear the scars of My healings, coming through devastating circumstances. These fragile - yet- strong disciples have indeed *paid the price* of following the Saviour.
They have not followed the crowd(s) ... they have chosen the hard way, the difficult path(s).

They did not relax and bask in luxury,  or fanciful comfort. These have suffered long and wide  ... over decades (sometimes) and years upon years of hurt, pain, loneliness, sicknesses never-ending, losses, merciless abuses, and  many dangerous routes.
Their lives have been ripped apart, torn wide open, shredded to bits and pieces. They have been dragged through the mire, nearly drowned in despair (many-a-time)... and have had their security pulled right out from under them, time and again.

These are my star warriors...and my fledgling scouts. I know their hearts,,..I've tried them...tested them consistantly...took them through their *paces* many times...I see how they respond.

I know those who are Mine...many say they are of Me...yet I never knew them.. These are confident (that) I am in their midst...yet I do not know them.  {Do I *know* you...dear reader? }


Yes, many, many will say *Lord, Lord!*...and will presume to be with Me in the eternal...YET I never *met* them in their lifetimes. They  are strangers to Me, as it were. I know those humble ones -- those shattered souls...those empty shells of humans...THESE I know!

The proud I turn away(from)...My eyes pass over the arrogant...I am not concerned with pride, selfish hearts, nor vanity. I look to the contrite, broken ones...those who indeed suffered...in raw emotion and in cutting, brutal, physical affliction...many for endless hours, months, years, decades.
Yes, many still suffer and cry to Me every second of your day.

Their cries do not go unnoticed. I will make things right in due time. The pain, the sorrow, the turmoil, the vexation, the evil...will one day be no more. It will be in the far past...away, gone, banished for ever.

There will be a day of vindication, of defense ...for those who suffer. I AM YOUR DEFENSE...  Man's help is limited...I...I.alone...am your rescue...your redeemer...your Friend.


My vanguard will be free...it will be blanketed by My presence, My love, My power. I will be in the very midst...the *eye* of this Holy storm troopers. We will forge our way...gathering in places of My choosing....areas not (always) known to man...and not conducive tho travel...etc. It will be as I see fit in My decisions.



Don't let your heart be troubled...neither let it be afraid. I am with you, even unto the end. I am in charge of time...of history as you know it. It will be a mighty work...as a machine...as a generator of power. We will know one another  in the spiritual sense...we will know how the others have (also) suffered and lived by patience.
The waiting will be well worth every tear, every pain, every insult....every rejection (or) abandonment.

Those who are first now, shall one day be the last...the ones in the back. Have I not told you (that) if you "humble yourself in My sight, I will lift you up'? That is what is happening. I see those with true mercy and compassion....they are dear to My heart. I will reward...I will lead them to green pastures....I will be in their midst. My presence will be apparent.

Keep a watch, and a listening ear - for My signs, My cues, My signals...My *hints*. I will lead you. Great is our journey."

~~ from 1/29/13  @ about 6:56am

Lightning Hits One World Trade Center As Pope Arrives In Holy Land

Interview With Ex CIA Agent "America Creates It's Own Enemies"

Top 5 Conspiracy Theories That Are True! | Think Tank

Leaving Toronto Canada / New "RFID" Bracelet For Banking

Web tunes: Spiders listen to their web's vibrations

June 8, 2014

Lets talk about peace above all, lets pray togheter

Vatican Peace And Prayer "Interfaith Service" In Rome

Linkin Park - The Catalyst (Official HD)

MESSAGE "Mystery Unleashed" (repost)

"Rest in peace.  
You don't have to follow the crowd ... you don't have to be part of any crowds, any movement, any 'revival' ... just be yourself ... with Me ..."I" am what you are needing, what you are looking for, searching for ... I alone am your peace, your rest ... your eternal mystery unleashed.

I am that rest ... that elusive love,  that *One* that knows you 'inside and out'.... I am deeply close and wlll associate with you ... I am more 'familiar' than any familiar spirit or any human spirit.

I dwell between the high and Holy angels ... the cherubim ...  I walk among the seraphim  ... I ride upon the wings of My Holy wind(s) ... I open My mouth, winds move, dance, hush ... I sweep My arm, My hand ... the storm is stilled.

I ...  yes, I (do) go to 'prepare a place for you' ... a place that 'only you & I know'... our secret place of union,  of love,  of secrets told, of mourning together, of fears discussed, of tears flowing together as one ... I am that one ... YOUR one, the one that you love.

I am the One that you seek ... I am your heartbeat;   I indeed give you the 'air that you breathe'.

I offer (My) peace, the 'other worldly' kind ...  that peace that 'passes/surpasses all other understanding'... I am your peace ... My peace I give to you.

Don't let your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid ... .press in, press on - to the mark of the high calling in Me ...
in your Lord, your friend ...  (yes, it is 'I' ... I am 'here').

I want every reader, every seeker, every lost heart ... to seek Me once again ... to those who have no might, no power, no strength ...  I say:  go again, try it again, look for Me once more ... sit in the stillness ... sit, listen,  inquire.  Cry, be at peace, be in turmoil ... whatever your situation, you will find Me there ...if you look for Me ... I will be there.

I come to you ALL ... as a friend, as a friend that knows you very well ... I know the thoughts of your mind, your soul, your heart's desires ... I know your needs, your prayers, your cries ... (even) before they are uttered, before you even THINK them...

I know the number of hairs upon your heads ... I know the exact time and rhythm of your heart beat ... I know the day you were born, conceived ... and I know the precise time of your death.

I am that I am .. I am the 'great I Am' ... I was, I am, and I will be .... I am 'ever present' and I know the beginnings as well as the endings ....

That is all for now... I  hope to hear from some of you tonight, today, this morning, this week ... I will be waiting.  Shalom, peace to you, good night ... love to all."

(Writer's note:    As I was typing this out, there were tiny specks of color, of sparkles on my hands ... awesome ... I've had these supernatural glittery specks appear numerous times before, but never so clearly on my hands when I was typing ... cool!)

Message heard, as typed, this morning, ending @ 3:07am 12/17/13

Goodbye For Now - P.O.D. [HQ]

P.O.D. - Roots In Stereo (Feat. Matisyahu)

RAW: Ukrainian soldier faints upon Poroshenko's arrival for inauguration

June 7, 2014

Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus)- Chris Rice

the end of this makes me cry..."fly to jesus"

PROPHECY ALERT: "Vatican Muslims Prayers On Pentecost"

Amy Grant - The Prodigal ( I'll be waiting )

simply beautiful...makes me cry

Amy Grant - How can we see that far

a love song & a song of great hope..from my favourate all-time female singer..Amy Grant♥...thank you Amy, for all your songs, of all types,...love them all!

Amy Grant, What About The Love

without love, your faith is useless

Sharayah - Amy Grant

Amy Grant- Carry You

The Choir - Speckled Bird (i'm already dying)

 and i'm already flying...i'm already dying

The Waiting - Israel (+playlist)

This is such an amazing song. Full of meaning on so many levels. So much better than the second grade level stuff that K-love plays!

Matisyahu - King Without A Crown

love this so much!!!

Manic Drive - Money (Lyric Video)

Manic Drive - "Halo" OFFICIAL Music Video (@manicdrive)

Sanctus Real - Closer

The Orwells - "Who Needs You"

i thought this was entertaining...ha, cool & campy & sarcastic

Vodafone reveals secret wires that allow surveillance, wiretapping

The Rep - Alive (Rock Version) Official Music Video

June 5, 2014

Anberlin - Cadence (with Lyrics)

Tree63 - Blessed be Your Name (with Lyrics)

Tree63 - King (with Lyrics)

I Can Only Imagine (with lyrics) - MercyMe

Nothing More - This Is The Time (Ballast)

So Far Gone - Thousand Foot Krutch (Lyrics)

Thousand Foot Krutch - Be Somebody Lyrics

Sanctus Real - Closer

Sanctus Real - I'm Not Alright (+playlist)

R.E.M - The One I Love (Lyrics)


June 2, 2014

P.O.D. - Beautiful (Official Music Video)

Storm Chaser Hit By Lightning - 5-27-14 Scott Sheppard

MESSAGE "Cutting Edge" {repost}

"No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against yuou in judgement .... you shall condemn.  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me ... says the Lord."  -- Isaiah 54:17


5:31am 2/10/14

"Great is Thy faithfulness ... Thy mercies fail not ... Thy compassions are new every morning....You daily load us with benefits...Great, yes great; is Your faithfulness!

What is faith? Faith is believing, yes.   Faith is seeing, yes. Faith is believing and seeing.  Seeing what? Believing what?

Faith is believing and seeing the unseen, the yet-to-come, the future, the result of prayers spoken in faithfulness. Yes, faith is a work of unseen hands. Faith is belief in change, in hope, in expectation, in anticipation, in trust ... trusting the One who is the completer of your faith.

Faith is action, as well as belief. Faith is taking some action, as conducive to what was prayed and believed for. Immediate action is best. especially concerning healing. If one has been prayed for, in respect to a healing or a miracle, oftentimes the *action* is immediate, visible and dramatic. These are the *easy-to-believe* spectacles ... demonstrations of faith.  These are the *crowd-pleasers* ... !

These are the *signs*... the *wonders*... the *spectacles*... the *shows of power*... the *glory*... the *anointing*.  These events -- these happenings -- are the things that draw in the crowds. Many multitudes followed Me ... Messiah ... as I healed and I drew quite a following! It is to be expected.

(Spirit sigh)

Many times My works, My powers, My ministry acts .... are cause of controversy. of debate, of jealousies unleashed, of power, and control trips by zealous leaders and performers.


Genuine faith does not need, does not require; a grand show. I am not a carnival. I am not a traveling medicine show, nor am I a circus. I am not a concert, nor am I a magic act. I am not an illusionist, nor am I an actor on a stage.

My will be done. My will is My Father's will. My will be done, as it IS in Heaven; as it is in My eternal Kingdom.

Show. I will show you My ways, My methodry, My Ministry, My modes of wisdom, My secrets, My hidden wisdom , My dark knowledge, My glory, My glorious way(s)   ....Yes.


To whom much is given, much is to be expected! Do not covet a gift, a ministry work ... if you are not generous in giving it ALL back!  As you give (of yourself, your wealth, your gifts, your servant-hood. ... it will be given back to you, albeit not in the form or shape as you may have expected!)

I desire a people who will follow Me at all costs ... at ANY cost .. .this is where the adventures begin! ... My Holy adventures...!

For you see, I am not a dull 'god' ... {Spirit laugh} ...  and I am not a 'dull boy' .. .I am not a 'dull man' ... nor am I a 'dull God'.   No, I am quite the opposite. I see danger, I see the edge, I see the future unfolding, I see the skies turning, I see mountains falling, I see clouds billowing into form, I see rain clouds LONG before they are near, I see genuine, child-like faith ... I see YOU.

Yes, I see you. I see your struggles, your doubts, your weaknesses, your overt sins, your hateful rebellions(s),  your rage against Me, your futile attempts, your failures, your successes, your lying down and your arising(s).  Yes, I am ever present.



Few understand Me. They claim to "know" all about Me, but they are deceived! They cannot know Me, for I am *past finding out*! I am higher than the earth, for I am from above. I am not as one of you. I am from Above, you are from beneath. I am of Heavenly  nature, you (humans) are of mortal flesh.

You are but mud, dirt, sand. I give you life.  I. GIVE. YOU. LIFE.

Consider this: without Me, you would wither away and die. I give you the very breath you inhale. I provide the water to keep your bodies  alive,. I ultimately control the beating of your heart(s).

I am the Life-Giver. I am Life.


Give unto Me the honor due My name. Call unto Me, and I will show your great and mighty things, which you know not. I will make a way, where there seems to be *no way*. I will make rivers in the desert ... for you.  I will provide, as needed. I will show you My delights, My pleasures, My joys, My freedoms.

I am your Life. I am your Breath. I am your God. I am the object of your faith, I hope. I hope (that) I am also the object of your love.

I created you (all) to love Me ... you were made to love Me.  I want to walk among you as your Loving Savior ... walk and ~whoosh past~ you, as the Wind ... as a Loving Wind .... as a LOVING SPIRITUAL WIND.


All it takes ... is a little faith.  "

Worship in Spirit by Suzy Yaraei

Larry Randolph on It's Supernatural with Sid Roth - Spirit Talk

HE SEES DEMONS ON PEOPLE. Mel Bond Discerning of Spirits on Sid Roth O...

Suzy Yaraei on It's Supernatural with Sid Roth - "Praise is Beautiful"

Suzy Yaraei "Rocket" - MorningStar Worship


in Him was life

in Him was life