December 29, 2013

Dc Talk - In the Light (Subtitulado)

it IS a fight, but it is better to be in the LIGHT

dc Talk - Heaven Bound

New rap music!!! "Introduction" by Smiley-D

Here I Go by Smiley-D

burlap to cashmere -- "treasures in heaven"

i've seen you crying

POEM {He Is Loyal To Me/To You}

When man deserts you ...
I am there

I am with you ...
when no one cares.

I help you carry ...
the burdens you bear.

I will not leave you ...
alone in despair.

Forever faithful ...
My love is true.

Precious and cherished ...
I treasure you.

My mercy and love ...
I want you to know.

To feel My presence ...
wherever you go.

I told you before ...
I am here for you.

No matter what happens ...
I AM there for you.

The trials, the pressures ...
the troubles you see ...
all become channels to bring you to Me.

So let your soul come freely ...
come freely to Me.

For there is no God greater ...
no other than Me.

When others forsake you ...
rest in Me.

Consider My salvation ...
My mercy is free.

Drink, drink of My Spirit ...
draw others to Me.

POEM "If You Want It'

"Grace is forever.

Grace lifts you up above the fray ... above ... the ordinary ... above the circumstances of life ... above the trouble.

Find Me and you will find grace.


Grace buoys (floats, carries) you along.  It is My mercy ... My love ... My favor ... My protection ... My love.  My grace is sufficient for you -- is enough -- is adequate -- for you.

It is for you  ... IF you want it.   Come to Me and call for My grace.  I will give it freely to anyone who asks.

Yes, find Me ... and you will find grace."

* from 1/15/12 @6:22am

Falling Up - Broken Heart

Anberlin - The Unwinding Cable Car

Backing away from the problem of pain.
You've been hiding in shadows.
For so very long.

YES ~ Walls

in Him was life

in Him was life