December 28, 2013

Rebecca St James - Quiet You With My Love

another version...of a comforting song for you all

Madness - One Step Beyond

just for some fun!!!!

Rebecca St. James - Quiet You

Maurice S. Rawlings, M.D. - To Hell and Back

i'm watching this right now (saturday night)...sounds scary as hell

Petra - Destiny *original music video* album : unseen power 1992

it's your go against the trend

Petra - Grave Robber

a favorate

Petra: Road to Zion (with Lyrics)

Petra - Beyond Belief

Creed by Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins Hold me Jesus

Selah - All My Tears

beautiful, heart-wrenching

Hokus Pick Manouver: I.G.Y.F.T.C.H

LOVE this gem!!! haha

in Him was life

in Him was life