December 26, 2013

Jesus is Just Alright - Doobie Brothers

another song about Jesus

DC Talk - Jesus is Just Alright (Christian Rap/Funk)

I Don't Want It - dc Talk

[Do you copy?]

S-E-X is test when I'm pressed
So back up off with less of that zest
Impress this brother with a life of virtue
The innocence that's spent is gonna hurt you
Safe is the way they say to play
Then again safe ain't safe at all today
So just wait for the mate that's straight from God
Don't have sex 'til you tie the knot

I don't want it, I don't want it, want it
I don't want it, want your sex for now
I don't want it, I don't want it, want it
I don't want it, 'til we take the vows

Say This Sooner lyrics - The Almost

Abandon - Hold On

often, eventually, the feelings will pass.....

Good Charlotte - Hold On Lyrics

Shawn Mcdonald - Gravity

Chris Cornell - The Keeper - Live on "The Late Show with David Letterman...

just a song that touches me

U2 - I will follow

this song -- and this band ... have inspired me for years!!!

***A Prayer 12/26/2013 (about 3:35am)

Dear God, God in Heaven, Jesus...

I praise and thank you Lord God .... You are the most high, you forgave me, you forgive all of us...thank you so much that you are REAL and really do love us.

I ask tonight in this prayer for your help. You said to call upon you and you will show us great & mighty things ... so I ask for your help right now ... I ask that you would send forth your love, your mercy, your healing, your deliverance, your grace, your power, your anointing, your joy, peace, wisdom, signs, wonders, glory, presence, and your voice.

I pray you will speak to those who are listening for you.  I pray that you show yourself REAL to those on their last leg, those with no hope, with no energy, with nothing to live for. I ask for special, special blessings for anyone who feels so weary, brokenhearted, empty, unloved. I ask for your love to touch them,  please show that one, those ones --- that you indeed LOVE them.

I ask for help for anyone who needs money, is in debt, is worried sick about their bills, is ashamed, is so upset, is suicidal;   I ask for a spark of hope, for some reassurance, for REAL help. I ask for supernatural intervention in the worst cases, the hardest places of  life. I ask for real help for them.

I ask for you to send your Spirit and your angels to those with no helper, those alone, those lonely beyond measure ... the ones alone for years, for decades - even.  For those alone in jail tonight, in the prisons, in the hospital floors, dying.  For those so scared and tormented in the prison systems, locked away. For the animals in the dog and cat pounds, all alone, whimpering , wailing in sheer fright and loneliness.  For those on the street, day after day, night after night;   trudging through the desolate, damp, dark streets ...  I ask for help for them:   real help, angelic help.

I ask for help and protection for ALL in ALL mental hospitals, especially. I ask for security for them, for comfort in their souls, for friends . I ask for You, God above, to reach down to EVERY single person in all hospitals, especially the veterans with post traumatic stress, and all who have been violently assaulted. I ask for extra help and emotional healing for all babies, children, women, men;   who have been raped, molested, beaten, tortured ... God , please bless them extra .... give them more blessings than they could ever imagine.

I ask for those with addictions to be able to get free, if they so desire...  for the  power of Jesus  ... the anointing;   to come upon them like a flood. I ask for REAL help from you, oh God.

I ask for help for those who are bored with life, are sick of their jobs, are tired of their lives, marriages, etc.  I ask for renewed hope, energy, inspiration, emotional impetus and financial reward for them.

I  ask for all the single people, of all ages, to find peace tonight  and in the upcoming year.  I pray for those  who might be good together will find each other. I pray for all the crushed spirits to be revived, for new attractions, for blazing hearts of love and peace:   first within  themselves and God, and then;   with another who loves them  with fervor.

I pray for all rescue workers to be protected, energized and be given wisdom ...  and for all leaders to find their true flocks, the one they are able to help. I pray for those who risk their lives for others ... will be blessed big-time.  I pray for all babies everywhere. I pray for those who are starving ... for their food to supernaturally multiply and for their water to be clear and healthy, fresh and vibrant.  I pray for them to have safe shelter, loving arms to help them, and for strength in their little bodies.  I pray for all sick children everywhere to be touched by the mighty healing power of God almighty.

In Jesus name I pray, Thy will be done ... amen & amen ...  thank you Jesus  saviour to all ....let us all call upon Him in truth .... He loves us all ... love is healing♥.

in Him was life

in Him was life