December 16, 2013

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MESSAGE "I Hear the Cry of Your Heart"

From 7/8/2004 (Especially for those alone or with social anxieties)

3 - 4 times I heard:  "I hear the cry of your heart."

*****After a long silence  ... I wonder if He will speak ... I don't want false spirits or 'flesh' to speak ... if it's not Holy Spirit, then I don't want to hear anything!
I'd rather have 'Holy silence' than audible deception ...
 and 'Holy isolation' than false fellowship ...
and eternal / 'Holy celibacy' , than (an) adulterous marriage ...
and pure / 'Holy poverty' than polluted riches ...
and 'Holy solitude' than betraying friends.
You get the picture...
***So, the waiting is a test ... to see if I wait on Him or give up ... Is this Him or not?  (I'm looking at my parakeet...)

******* "I hear the cry of your heart."

"You are like your bird. You sit in a cage ... fearful and hesitant to go out.  You take small excursions, but never leave your *safety*.  Like the bird, you can fly.
Yet, you both remain *safe* in your cages.  The bird hasn't much choice of where to go, but you do.  You can fly farther and higher than you could ever dream or imagine.

And, just like the bird loves to sing, so do you.  But who will hear you in your *cage*?  Who will be inspired, encouraged, or set free -- if they cannot hear your song(s)?"

***(Writer's note:  To *fly* means to succeed, achieve, overcome, prosper.  And, I can't sing well, but I do LOVE to sing:  singing has been a means of survival all these years.)


"And ... like your bird, you are alone and lonely.
You both sit in solitary.
In isolation.
Sometimes being by yourself is a necessary part of growth.
You become stronger in mind, soul, and spirit ... by totally relying and trusting in Me.

When (and if) you met another *lonely bird* to share a *cage* with , you will both be stronger and will have learned to depend 100% on Me.
It is often difficult to endure, but look to Me during those times ... those long months ....(and) years.

I have PROMISED to be a comfort to you ... during the lonely times of your life.

You may not FEEL My presence for time periods, but ... none-the-less, I am still there.  I am always near to you.


{If I seem afar off, or silent, it is only for a season.  Often -- sin, Satan, and  selfishness dim your hearing of My voice.)

Yes, I see your desire for a loved one.  I created love relationships.  I WANT you to know love.

But, in order to trust a person -- a man --you must first totally trust ME:  your Lord and your Saviour.  I am near to the brokenhearted.
 I AM NEAR TO THE LONELY>  I am close by to the wounded, the desolate, the rejected, the spurned, the abandoned, the outcast.


(To *marry* to try to cure a sexual NOT love! Don't settle for a *quick fix*.  Wait for the best.)"

#######end of message

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