October 24, 2013

MESSAGE "Less Torment"

"And be not conformed to this world:  but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is tahat good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." -- Romans 12:2


"I have come to bring you life:  abundant, lavish and TRULY satisfying life.  I am Life.  In Me is Life.  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT;  accept anything less than My will ... My perfect and good will for you.

You can only begin to know My will when your mind is renewed and you are seperated from the world's mindset.  Did I not say to 'come out and be seperate ... then I will receive you'?  How can I have your complete attention, devotion, and obedience when you are not living in My will?  How can the flesh and the world honour Me?  They can't.

The carnal .... fleshly, natural mind is of a much lower standard orf operation than the spiritual.  Come out of the lowly, base nature.  Enter into the newness of life:  on the spiritual plane.  Rid your life of harmful hindering objects, influence and attitudes.  (Note:  For some, this may take an extended time to achieve, but I see your hearts.)

Be convinced of My Lordship, My role as Creator and My status as loving Saviour!  My Sovereignty is most Holy and is most powerful ... yet I am gentle and kind ... and full of much more than a song in a hymnal or a Bible verse you have memorized! I am King of all.

Can you even PRESUME to BEGIN to think you can understand Me and My ways?  (And) do you believe that the WORLD has your answers?

You must shut off the noise of the world and enter into My peace.  You must be quiet to hear Me.  (To BEGIN to learn My voice.)  I AM speaking to My sheep.


Perfect love casts out fear.  What is torment?  A form of fear.  Be a seeker of  My love and you will be less fearful and less torment.  When you know My love, you will have confidence to fight fear.

Continue to humble yourself AND be humbled by me, for then, and ONLY then, can you be lifted up at all.  Remember to always *boast* about Me and NEVER yourself or others.  I do not allow ANY flesh to glory in My presence. That is My order.  I am *Boss*.

You must be strong to be a follower of Me.  This strength develops from your dependence on Me ... AND MY SUBSEQUENT LOVE for you.  I draw you to Me to love you.  I want you to have joy.

Yes, many are the afflictions of My righteous, but I DO deliver from all.  I restore.  I heal.  I put things into My plan.  You will not usually be aware of My plan, but you must   (Try to begin to.  ) trust Me.   {Where else would you go:  to the world?}

Let go of the world's pressure.  Come to Me, just as you are NOW.  I will NOT cast you off.  I am your Father, your Dad, your Abba.  I adore My offspring.  They are My delight.


Sometimes (your) relief, (your) release, and (your) freedom seems to be lost and afar off.  Be assured, I AM working on your behalf.  My angelic hosts are battling and serving:  all to put My Divine Plan into proper sequence and timing.  Wait on Me and be zealous for My visitation(s)!


Violations of My will cause delays.  When one is a disciple of the world, then their way is hard to discern.

The times are dark.  You must often fight for truth.  You must 'cast down all vain imaginations' and strive for My truth.  Be wary of excessses. Be cautious when humans are exalted, and deny My Lordship over them.

Remember who the 'god of this world' is ... and how deceitful he REALLY is.  He calls dark 'light' and light 'dark'.  He is the master of confusion."

####### end of message, from 6/12/2004

>>Scripture reference

II Corintians 4:4a  "... the god of this world has blinded the minds of them that believe not ..."


vain =  empty, useless, worthless, selfish, proud, foolish, futile
zealous =  ardently devoted, active, diligent
ardent =  burning, fervent with passion;  eager, enthusiastic
lavish = expending or bestowing profusely ; prodigal ; produced in abundance; generous;
strong = persistant; diligent; able to perservere; of great moral power, firmness, or courage; brave

MESSAGE "3-For-One"

"My plans WILL be established on the earth.

Despite (the) enemy interference, My plan WILL go on.  I am juxtaposing people, places (their places), and things (their things) into My Divine order.

juxtaposing = placing close together;  positioning side by side
--from 6/22/04 @ 11:20pm


Just as I hung the moon and the stars in the sky, so am I setting up My plan.  Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has it entered into the hearts of men ... the things I have prepared for those who love Me!

--from 6/23/04 @ 11:26pm


I and the Father are One ... {Jesus}
(Writer's note:  I am NOT sure about hearing this:  I am  not not hearing anything like I usually do ...so I wait ... and wait some more, before stopping listening.)
  from --5/14/03 @ 12:51am


The Father and I are one ... and the Spirit and I are one.  We are all together one.  We are three seperate ... but equal.



(Note:  I hear this in my subconscious::  'You have grown dull of hearing lately ... but , press in, and press in  to Me.')

Although We are three different entities . We each possess the same characteristics and personality.  We each exemplify love.  We ARE love!

entity =  being;  something of real existance

We were all together at (the) creation of the universe .... not only THIS universe, but ALL universes."


(end of message....hard to hear anything) 

in Him was life

in Him was life