October 3, 2013

MESSAGE "Fresh Oil "

~~ 10/2/2013~~

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last;  the beginning and the end.

I am the Author and the Finisher of your faith. I know the beginning to the end.


Man divides time.  He slices each day, as unto his own.  He presumes to be king over time, over seasons.  The human mind is very presumptuous.

Pride is deceptive.  Dominance is deceiving, fleeting, temporal.

Control feeds egos, fuels the felsh.  Control, dominance, manipulation:  all human cornerstones ... bastions of power;  towers of false strength.

Man uses time for his own selfish devices.   Human timeclocks are sources of much fretting, worry, and trouble.  Time, as you know it, is a way of man, of humankind. 

My time is not the same.


I am limitless.  I am beyond time.  I am not bound by man's timetable(s).

I see before time ... and after (your) time.


The future knows no such time.  Eternity is beyond this earthly measure.

Your time is ticking ... ticking away ... frittering .... pulsating ... grinding ... stressing.

Eternal 'time' is not as yours. The eternal realm is one of peace, serenity, joy, love, gladness.

The mystery of Heaven does not work on earthly terms.  That which is from *above* is vastly different from that which is from *below*.

My ways are not your ways.


The future belongs to Me.  *Your* future belongs to Me.  (If you put your trust in Me.)


Commit your way(s) to Me and I will direct your path(s).  Do not go into eternity without Me ... for I long to accompany you and be with you forever.

Time is futile in eternity ... it is meaningless.  The kingdom of God (both) transcends time and space.  It has it's own components ... it's own environment, atmosphere.  It is free of earthbound limitations.

Think of eternity as freedom ... as a springboard;  diving into (an) endless freedom and liberation of your soul, of your body.

Jump into the future ... as you decide to follow Me.  When it is your *time* to join Me in the eternal, be glad in Me.

I am your Guide, even unto death.  Death has no sting with Me.

The times you are afraid, please trust in Me.  Turn to Me, cry out to Me.  I will stand with you in your time(s) of sorrow, of fear.

I am your *shepherd*.  I care for you.  I know you. I speak to you.  I lead you.  We will be as one in the eternal.

{Writer's note:  This applies to ALL believers.}


Find Me in your *secret* closet .... your own personal place / way of reaching out to Me.

Yes, I am still *ALIVE*.  Yes, I am still the Saviour.  Yes, I am the Messiah, the Christ, the Anointed.

I am the *ANOINTED ONE*.  I still heal.  I still calm the seas. I still multiply the bread.  I still give sight to (the) blind.  I still open eyes and ears.

I will be found of those who diligently seek (after) Me.  My anointing is still valid, is still working, is still active upon this earth ... is still available.

Seek Me, find Me.

Seek the will of My Father ... of your Father.


Yes, I see your sin.  Yes, I see your struggle. Yes, I see your pain.  Yes, I see your obstacles.

But ... beyond all earthly woes ... I see *more*.  I see changes, transitions, progressions.  I see triumphs.  I see My power upon the earth, upon the people(s).

I see My SPIRIT being poured out upon *ALL* the peoples ... upon ALL FLESH.

I see healings.  Yes, I see future good.  I see light upon the dark.  I see My glory emanating (from) out of the darkest bowels of the world.  (bowels = dark/evil places)

For where sin does abound, My grace does much more abound.


I see many peoples -  many nations - coming together in My name.  I see unity.  I see My anointing blessing this unity.

I see One Spirit ... one baptism ... one God ... one people.  I see *fresh oil* being poured on the heads of the humble ones.

I see the proud being humbled.  I see powers being shaken.  I see pride being shattered.  I see fleshly pride being broken down.

Yes, My people, I see *good* for you.  I see good in your earthly meeetings ... in your solitary times ... in your prisons.


I see your streets with rejoicing, with times of unprecedented joy ... fullness and fulfillment in the Spirit.  I see some much-needed relief.

Yes, yes ... there will be times of HOLY refreshing:  open to *ALL*.  There will be avenues  (opportune times) of grace, of the glory, of My manifest presence.

There have been *tricles* of my flowing RIVER ... but not a downpour such as I have desired.

The times (your times AND My times) must be right for the River ... for the waters to flow again.

I will orchestrate all parts of this.  I am the grand overseer.  I will bring Good once again to My beloved ... to My creation.

There will be .... {-pause-}  riotous, boisterous clamor.  There will be loud, festive, rejoiceful, glad uproar(s).  This will be *no small thing*!


Sense the need(s).  Sense the change(s).  Sense the good.  Sense the power.  Sense My power(s).  Be aware, come alive once again.


To those who feel *unworthy* or too *dirty* and shamed .... I say:  Come once again to your Forgiver .... to your Friend .... to your loving Saviour.

I am not willing that any of you should perish.  I do not want any of you to walk away for Me.  If you leave, I will extend My arm to you.  I will call to you.


I am calling to you now.  I call you  -- you with the broken heart .... you, with the tortured soul.

I call out:  to those far away ... and to those nearby.



No matter how far you've gone ... you are welcomed by Me.

 I am here and I will be Here  -- forever--- for you."



St. Luke  23:43  --  "
"And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with Me in paradise. "
Psalm 56:3  --
"What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee."

Psalm 48:14  -- "
For this God is our God for ever and ever: He will be our guide even unto death."

I Corinthians 15:55  --
 "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

in Him was life

in Him was life